Slave Pupp – Chastity Blog – Week 4

G84A7905.00_02_15_16.Still007Slave Pupp returned to the House of Deelight coinciding with International Male Chastity day and so I decided to put him to good use tending to necessary chores.  One of those chores was filmed, during which I noticed that the device my pet was wearing, may be causing problems.  Thus for this slave, his physical chastity had to be ceased temporarily however his mental chastity is still firmly in place and Pupp left with instructions to further its feminisation process.

Here is the fourth chastity report of “A Very Fortunate Slave – Slave Pupp’s Chastity blog”.

Miss was in fine form upon my arrival at the HOD. Her broad smile, her grace when receiving presents and her curiosity to find out which lingerie I had chosen for the day settled me down. As always Miss combined beauty, elegance and power in her attire and poise. There were no orders or requests to kneel required from Miss now, pupp automatically knelt and scampered over on all fours to greet a highly cherished Lady.

Once Miss was ready boot worship followed and Miss casually revealed that this month no milking of my willy was required. Of course Miss actually said “…there will be no milking of My property…” and her intent was clear. For Male Chastity day was too important for the indulgence of males; Miss exercised her rights once more, deciding how this pupp would live.

In fact Miss was quite happy, satisfied that I would last the resulting six weeks of orgasm denial without any ill effects. As ever I thanked Miss for her thoughtfulness and consideration of my health; her peals of laughter confirmed that she had her toy where she wanted it to be. The feeling of making Miss happy is one of pupp’s aims in life….therefore Miss and pupp were both content for some moments.

Soon however Miss had far more useful ideas for her slave. A day of cleaning the HOD was proclaimed and I was set to work in the kitchen before being called upon to perform sundry tasks around the HOD. Of course Miss chose a lovely off the shoulders maid’s outfit for me to work in. When she saw how pupp took to the outfit Miss rapidly insisted that I purchase and bring my own outfit without fail to our next meeting.

Meanwhile Miss inspected the chastity device and decided that it was clearly causing too much discomfort to be healthy. Whilst pupp quite liked the feeling of discomfort Miss declared that being healthy and hygienic in a device was to be a paramount target. As ever Miss was right and she made a few mental notes in order to plan which way forward to take. She mentioned that there are plenty of chastity device types so that if one did not work for a slave then another device would be tried.

For pupp succeeding in stretching to achieve the goals that Miss sets is always important. Miss is trusted steadfastly and faith in her judgement is implicit in pupp’s life. So pupp is now healing up, new clothes have been ordered, new bondage kit purchased and Miss has already set another date for in person training.

Thank you Miss Deelight x

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