Slave pupp – Chastity Journal – A Very Fortunate Slave Part 11

Slave pupp is now a fully owned pet of myself, Miss Deelight. After much discussion a plan for its future has been made and a role within the House of Deelight has now been designated….

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Here is the eleventh chastity report of “A Very Fortunate Slave – Slave Pupp’s Chastity blog”.
“Miss Deelight has had a lot on her plate in recent weeks, what with recovering from marathon exertions, the HoD flourishing and finding time for herself. Yet she still made herself available to check that pupp was on track, humbling pupp accordingly from time to time, with Miss’s control working as efficiently as ever and then being increased.
pupp too has been out and about in London and Birmingham amongst other locations. At one event, with roughly 10000 people attending, pupp noted that this was the largest number of people within which pupp had been called upon to live the life that Miss has dictated. pupp demonstrated as many HoD traits and facets as possible; a number of females commented on pupp’s politeness and tame nature.
Back on home turf Miss has used pupp to help spruce up the HoD: bringing sparkle to mirrors, order to cupboards and buckets of water to bear on recalcitrant areas. pupp can only wonder at the causes of some marks, strenuously made by slaves as they serve, suffer and amuse the HoD’s finest. Miss ensured that pupp was dressed appropriately (Miniskirt, panties, sports top, rubber gloves), had brought all the “tackle” to clean with and was prepared for hard physical labour. As pupp worked on my knees Miss amused herself communicating with slaves, stopping now and again to check that the HoD level of cleanliness was being preserved, up to her high standards.
Miss declared that pupp will be used, as needed, for filming purposes (!) and she wasted no time in following up on this intention. When Miss says that something will occur it always does, whether it is a thrashing, some teasing or a slave’s obedience level being increased. pupp is already used to the camera lens being pointed towards me as Miss tells the audience what is occurring, usually to this pupp’s greater humiliation, and if Miss wants it to be so at times, pupp’s pleasure.
Ever one to improve her slave’s lifestyle and obedience Miss required that pupp started a programme of erotic hypnosis. This will help to further enforce chastity, removing male urges except those caused directly by Miss. W/we have made significant progress in only a short space of time with pupp proving very receptive to Miss’ training. pupp’s physical responses are already changing at this early stage. A willing dependence upon Miss for stimulation is developing, one that Miss will be able to control and draw on for her amusement and authority.
To sum up: Miss has continued to develop pupp, bringing pupp further along the road that is to be taken. Miss Deelight has made the challenging process fun, she has encouraged where pupp found difficult areas and Miss inspires pupp. During this month pupp won a competition and puts that effort down to the example that Miss provides and the life training that Miss expects pupp to follow.
Here’s a word: Hochle = To tumble lewdly with women in open day.
Hm, not for pupp!

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