Slave Sissy Mouse – A Ringside Seat

I know that Sissy Mouse has always enjoyed being an observer of me in action and that he also enjoys being ignored, with that in mind I decided to use his time to film some custom fetish videos for other slaves while my slave sat helplessly bound to the bondage chair in a needy twitchy state!  Before I humiliated him with his brand new outfit!

A ringside seat.

My latest visit to Mistress at the House of Deelight arrived a luxurious 2 weeks after my last visit. This was due to my current neediness and the inability to last the usual 3 to 4 weeks without a session. Before I go into the session itself I will recap on happenings since my last visit.
A couple of days after my last session where Mistress had installed Qustodio on my shiny new phone I worked out how to remove it. This I must be honest brought me a degree of sadness because I like no escape. It’s like being locked up and then given the key, what’s the point? So, a message to Mistress to say I think I might be able to remove Qustodio and with a message returned saying ‘I doubt it but you can try’. 30 seconds later it’s gone. This brought annoyance to both of us and the messages ended with Mistress saying, ‘I will investigate that’.
The next few days are quiet apart from me requesting some session date changes and responding to Mistress’s request for some further items to enhance her serene ‘Woman cave/pet control centre’. However, this all changed on Tuesday when I received a message containing a link and a message from Mistress to inform me to install the link. I do as instructed and what I had done was allow Mistress to install Netsanity on my phone. Whilst no quite as intrusive as Qustodio I did my research and this cannot be removed without a code. I thanked Mistress for my update and after some tweaking by Mistress later in the day I was now able to use my phone but now unable to view any adult sites. Mistress also informed me I was keeping this until she had worked out Qustodio. I spent that evening reminded of many of Slave Taquin’s blogs where I felt like I was being watched from afar.

The rest of the week passes quietly apart from Mistress sending me messages that kept me in a high state of horny and neediness, including a TeamViewer visit leaving me with a video of a slave being ruthlessly caned resulting in him cowering on the floor begging for mercy. I do love Mistress’s mind and that whole scenario get me even further flustered.
On the Sunday evening Mistress had managed to make me squirm without even realising it. I had no internet access on my phone and twitter had stopped updating for around 2 hours. I messaged Mistress around 8.30pm but didn’t get a reply (well it was Sunday evening). Mistress replied in the morning to say she had taken Sunday off so there was no tinkering with my phone, ending the message in true Mistress style with ‘that I can remember lol’. I confirmed it was now working ok but it still made me squirm.

Finally, we arrive at the day of my session with Mistress. I duly message Mistress to confirm the time and Mistress replies and confirms as such and enquired if I am in a suitable submissive state? I confirm that I indeed am in such a state (I am constantly in that state now). As ever the morning drags along until it is time to leave for Newport. I arrive a little early as always and wait around the corner for the clock to tick around to 11am and duly walk through the door carrying my usual offerings. I lock the front door open the inner door to be met by Mistress looking fabulous as ever, this time wearing the lace playsuit I had bought from her wishlist, her well received shiny tights and thigh boots. Mistress knowing the state I am now constantly in did a little twirl and a teasing wiggle before instructing me to kneel in front of her there and then. Mistress enquired what I have brought in the bag and listened with great glee to some of the items. We have a lovely catch up with me barely through the door still on my knees looking up at a vision of lace enveloped beauty. Mistress then instructs me to unpack the bag, leave my phone on the kitchen worktop and present what I have brought, which is some money for advanced sessions, some stamps that Mistress wanted and something that will no doubt make me squirm later in life, my bank account secure key. I present the money in the appropriate manner, held between my lips for Mistress to remove and count. Once checked (always with my heart in my mouth) Mistress orders me upstairs to use the toilet, strip and return.

With Mistress’s orders carried out. I return and Mistress informs me that our session today is going to be very relaxed, then instructs me to unbuckle the straps on the bondage chair and invites me to sit. Whilst strapping me in Mistress informs me that she has made a video clip of what she offers with regard to pc and phone domination and that whilst I am sat in the chair Mistress will make good use of my time by catching up on custom clips. As Mistress is about to buckle the blindfold, she holds it steady by pushing her fabulous breast against the leather giving me a smell of her lovely perfume and teasing me about how close my face is to them. Once this is done and I can’t see, Mistress ties a spare strap around her pathetic cock and tightens it to ensure if it gets happy it’s going to hurt.

Mistress then goes about setting up for her first piece to camera and we share a little joke about pressing record after Mistress filmed some clips last time I was restrained and ignored upstairs and Mistress filmed both clips on pause (Mistress wasn’t best pleased at the time and whipped my cock for it I believe). Mistress then starts doing her piece to camera and as always, I am incredibly impressed how she does these clips off the cuff. Once finished Mistress goes through her list and finds one that she really wants to do in front of me, an adult baby humiliation clip. Mistress once again does her piece to camera and whilst doing so the strap around Mistress’s property clamps her growing cock with vigour due to the content of the clip. I also hear her mention a new frilly dress and hear her remove it from the bag.

Once finished Mistress returns her attention to me and notices I feel slightly cold and comments that she has something for me to wear to keep warm, Removes the blindfold and shows me the frilly dress that she mentioned in the clip and teases me on what a pwetty baby sissy I will look. Mistress then removes the straps and invites me to stand slowly and offers me the dress to put on. It fits lovely and with that Mistress catches me out by popping a dummy in my mouth and leaves me to look in the mirror at the state of me whilst she goes upstairs and gathers some other items. Mistress then returns with some satin frilly knickers, a bright pink wig and my glasses so I can look at myself clearly to really soak up the shame. Once I am wearing everything Mistress instructs me to stand still and only look at myself in the mirror whilst she enjoys some lunch. Mistress says something and I look at her to reply only to be told quite sharply ‘Did I say stop looking in the mirror’. I must say words will never describe how humiliated and aroused looking at myself in the mirror made me. Even worse once Mistress had finished her lunch she decided she should share the moment with a video via twitter pointing out in the video my state of arousal. With the video posted, Mistress takes the customary ‘leverage’ shot and invites me back in the chair and buckles me in. Whilst doing so Mistress asks me to recall the things that have happened over the last three years whilst I have been in the bondage chair. I go through a list of the stand out moments, the creation of sissy mouse, the surprise double domme session with Mistress R’eal having their kebab order written on my arms and sent out to find a shop open, Mistress once changing outfits just out of view but pointing out she was naked and the one Mistress pointed out that she particularly liked was a ruin one hot day in July 14. Oh happy days all of them.
Once Mistress has me secure once again in the chair she goes to the kitchen and collects my phone and sits down in front of me and starts going through it. I have known Mistress a long time and trust her implicitly but it still makes me nervous now she has this much access. Mistress kindly reads me a text from someone and then goes about setting up Qustodio once again. We also discuss what will happen once Mistress has my bank secure key. With this in Mistress’s possession I will have to ask her permission before I can make any new payments and why I want to make that payment. As it will be kept in Mistress’s chastity key safe at home I will have to wait for a time that is convenient for Mistress. Above all, I won’t be able to change any passwords on my own account only Mistress can do this and if she chooses can completely lock me out. Another tool Mistress has, to keep me compliant along with assigning my phone to TeamViewer so she can access it anytime she wants. With all this done Mistress heads upstairs to collect some toys and returns with the wand and the electrics case. Mistress plugs in the wand and starts working on her aroused cock and as I still have the dummy in my mouth it’s not ‘edge Mistress’ it’s of course ‘goo goo ga ga’. Once again after many goo goo ga ga’s with Mistress teasing me about this and that and me confessing that I have been looking at a lot of tease and denial femdom porn on Pornhub. This surprises Mistress because she thought I had my adult content blocked on my pc and it turns out she had forgot to reinstate and I should have asked if it was ok to watch such things oops. Mistress then tells me I am going to squirt in my satin panties, this adds further to my humiliation but also makes Mistress’s cock even more aroused. Added to that Mistress tells me to stare at her fabulous, expensive breasts when I cum. I look her in the eye and plead that this is not me but Mistress is having none of it and reminds me that she now has me so weak and needy that I will do as instructed and I stare at her lovely soft ample breasts and cum so hard it’s painful and make a terrible mess in my panties. Mistress of course mocks me immediately for soiling my panties and joy of joys takes a picture of my state. Then leaves me to ‘enjoy’ my soiled state. I just sit there looking in the mirror thinking what have I become and not only that but how will I last another 2 weeks until our next session. I also breathe a sigh of relief that there were no electrics today. Me and that fire button do not get on. Mistress whilst I am sat in my soiled state has a clear up of all the equipment needed to make her custom clips still insisting I look in the mirror which in my empty balls (clear thinking) state is very difficult and makes me feel even more humiliated.

Once Mistress is satisfied I have sat in my own mess long enough she gives me instructions to go upstairs rinse out the panties, have a shower, empty the laundry bin and return downstairs. On my return, Mistress hands me the vacuum with instructions on what needs cleaning. Once done Mistress allows me to redress and join her for a wind down and a chat before heading off into the real world with another spring in my step.

Later in the day I am looking at my phone when it opens itself up because Mistress is trying out her new access and is very pleased that she doesn’t need my permission unlike TeamViewer quick support. We have a quick chat through the memo app and then Mistress leaves me, once again in a horny and needy state. Only hours after that almighty orgasm.
Once again, I am very grateful to Mistress for providing me with another outstanding session. I would also like to add that I saw a tweet by someone on twitter saying that it would be amazing to be restrained whilst watching Mistress lock down his laptop. If you are reading this then trust me it will be, so book that session.