Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 27

G84A8258.00_01_52_02.Still002Slave Sissy Mouse has returned from a temporary break and is once again experiencing the Deelights of Chasity, teasing and much more beyond. The amazing session mentioned within his journal below can be found here

Distance control journal week 27

Finally back in the saddle or in my case attached to the whipping bench.

I have not written anything for a couple of weeks due to stuff going on in my life and in my well known bumbling brain. However a week ago the sunshine finally returned for what turned out to be a most memorable week.

Over the last couple of weeks I have still enjoyed the odd group task including the slow 200 strokes which I have to say was excruciating. Self teasing yourself with those slow strokes is in my opinion much worse than an edge and then trying to stuff it all in chastity for the rest of the day whilst feeling so horny was no easy feat. What is does do is remind you of why you enjoy the distance control tasks and keeps Mistress at the front of your mind.

Anyway back to this week and for me the week starts with a message to Mistress on Monday to confirm my sunshine has returned and come what may I will be attending our cp session the next day. Mistress replied that she was glad to hear it and looked forward to dealing with me tomorrow.

Tuesday arrives and still feeling sunny I message Mistress to confirm our session and duly arrive at 11am. As always the session itself has its own write up so I will skip that bit and move to me leaving the House of Deelight later that day. I return to the real world now with my chastity key locked in the key safe and a very, very sore bum and ease myself slowly into my car seat for the journey home. I have to pick my mate up who knows about my adventures with Mistress and takes one look at me wincing as I get out of the car and just shakes his head and puts the kettle on. I do feel very lucky that I have someone vanilla who I can share my adventures with and have a laugh about the stupid things I get up to with Mistress. It’s also amusing to me that Mistress makes him cringe by proxy to the point that when Mistress shared a clip of Slave Taquin being teased about Mistress having his friends contact details in her black book, I asked my friend if he would like to go in Mistress’s black book? He almost choked on his coffee saying and I quote “Do not under any circumstances give her my details. She looks amazing but she scares the hell out of me”. Anyway back to Tuesday and on dropping my friend off at work, who has spent the entire journey just shaking his head at me. I arrive home and have nothing more planned than a quiet evening and try not to look at anything that will get me aroused, which of course thinking about not getting aroused makes the cage locked around my cock, tighten. This is a new device that doesn’t have a ring around the balls it locks on with a pin through my pa piercing so there really is no escape from this without the special security screw driver and that is locked in the key safe. As always after a session I feel very tired and decide to go to bed early. I go off to sleep quite quickly but awaken a few hours later with my cock trying to force itself out of the chastity device. I have tried the device for a few hours but never overnight so this is a new and very painful experience. It doesn’t help that I like pain so the more it hurts the more I am turned on, which continues as a vicious circle. So I get up and try to calm myself down. I have no choice but to get through the night because there is no way I am messaging Mistress at 1am to ask for the code. I read a caption written on a picture on twitter a while ago that said “Real chastity training only begins when you want it removed” well that was were I was now. I manage to calm everything down and go back to bed and sleep for about an hour until it all happens over again and continues though the night.

Wednesday morning finally arrives and I message Mistress to inform her of my night of chastity hell and how very sore my bum is. Now normally Mistress would ask if everything is ok with the device but today just asks if I am still feeling sunny. To which I reply I am and wish her a great day. This got my mind whirring a bit because Mistress knows if I had a real health issue with the device I would tell her. I don’t, it just hurts when I get an erection which happens and I need to deal with it. Wearing it during the day presents no problems at all. It’s only my sore bum that hurts.

Bedtime arrives and I am shattered from a very busy day and a lack of sleep last night and hope tonight will be better. How wrong I was! It was even worse tonight and the night was very long. What it did do was make me feel utterly helpless. It’s the middle of the night once again there is no way I would contact Mistress for the code. All I could think of was how utterly controlled I felt. Mistress via my own thoughts is punishing me without even being awake. Get rid of the erection and I could go to sleep because the cage is very comfortable otherwise but when I try this I just start thinking about my situation and back it comes in a never ending vicious circle. However when morning does arrive I feel a great sense of achievement that I made it through another night.

On Thursday I message Mistress and inform her I have had another night of chastity hell but still feeling very sunny and wish her a great day. I don’t expect to hear anything from Mistress today as it’s her day of doing her stuff. However around lunchtime I get a message from Mistress and it’s a group task message for all of her distance control pets. The task today is to come up with an interesting way of suffering for Mistress. I am at work so rack my brains on what to do and then look at a bag of oil absorbing grit. I take off my shoes and put a healthy handful into each shoe and put them back on and message Mistress my idea. This turned out to be not such a good idea for someone who spends a lot of time on their feet. After an hour my feet are burning as much as my bum so now I have given myself a predicament. It hurts to stand and it hurts to sit. I just think well done Mistress you have me over a barrel today and its self administered!

Mistress messages me later her approval of my idea. I thank Mistress and say it has been hell to stand or sit to which Mistress caringly replies “Well crawl”.

The day draws to a close and I contemplate another night of no sleep. Tonight however proved both the worst and the best night of the week. The worst being almost zero sleep however this brought with it a great sense of achievement that I was still going with it. My piercing was now very sore as my cock tried to push its way out of the cage when I got an erection. Once it went down it was fine so no grounds what so ever to request the key. At around 1am I got that frustrated that I just ended up knelt in front of a mirror looking at myself whilst chanting my mantra hoping to get some divine intervention (it didn’t come). However this did have a strange effect on me because I truly felt complete. Here I was suffering from not only the pain but a total lack of sleep for 3 nights yet I felt more alive and much better mentally that I had for months. I had reached a place of true submission. Mistress had the complete control over me that I crave so much. By leaving me to the chastity suffering and whether by luck or most probably great judgement not offering any easy way out, Mistress had taken me to a place I needed to be and it felt great to be there. I was back in that muddy field licking mud from her boots.

Friday morning finally arrives and I message Mistress. Today Mistress does ask me how the chastity is going. I inform her it’s been very hard at night but that it took me to a very good place. I also inform her of the soreness and that my foreskin is now getting a bit puffy (the start of oedema). Mistress tells me that she thinks its enough for now and gives me the code. Whilst I was a little sad we couldn’t continue, Mistress’s timing was spot on it was time to give everything including me a little breather and I look forward to the next instalment which I now know will be utter hell but also character building.

Thank you Mistress for the past week, never has right place right time been a more apt statement.

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