Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 41

Sissy Mouse is finally making a come back after far too long with his head up his squeaky little backside.  They all come scurrying back eventually… especially with the right kind of bait……

Distance control journal week 41 A week of teasing.
Week 41 the last one I wrote was week 27! The reason for that is Mistress has been very kind and allowed me a massive amount of slack due to the constant ups and downs in my life. I have still had the pleasure of enjoying some great tasks over the last 14 weeks and a couple of sessions that you would have already read about.
However, this week was a return to the saddle and to Mistress tormenting me like never before.

Sunday was a quiet day because both me and Mistress had real life stuff to do but come Monday the pressure started to grow. Mistress posted my cp session write up on her website and when I read it my heart sank because I had made some errors despite reading and correcting many things before sending it. I hate making errors as I believe it reflects badly on Mistress and her website. I do suffer from slight dyslexia and have to always re read anything I write many times but I still think it looks sloppy. I messaged Mistress to apologise for the errors and await her response, Mistress knows about my slight dyslexia from the early distance control write ups some of which were riddled with errors and is of course very understanding. However, Mistress does like to keep me on my toes and make me squirm and thus replied that there would be extra punishments at a later date. Later in the day I was lucky to receive a video message from Mistress informing me that the time had come for us to do some more public humiliation. This both thrills and scares me in equal measures added to the fact that Mistress outlined that we would be doing it in normal clothes but with me wearing a cock shock collar to ensure my utter and complete obedience. Mistress also emailed me a link to her latest joi tease clip with the heading “you can look; you can touch but you can’t cum”. I watched it straight away and I don’t know if it’s the fact that I haven’t had an orgasm for about two months but the clip was both mesmerising and torture. Following the instructions but knowing there would be no final release at the end was painful to say the least. This coupled with the video message got me in a right state and some of you reading this may say well you could just have a cheeky orgasm and Mistress wouldn’t know! This is true but this is about trust and I can’t deny that I would like to be in chastity full time but it just doesn’t work for me physically so mental chastity it is, also if I orgasm Mistress will know because I lose my submissive state.
Tuesday arrives and after a very sleepless night with my mind whirring about public humiliation and being incredibly horny from the video clip I message Mistress to inform her of the state she has got me in. Mistress replies later in the day that I should watch the clip again and stroke myself slowly through out. I thank Mistress for my instructions and all I can think is my balls are going to explode. I watch the clip at lunchtime and message Mistress to thank her for my painful denial to which my reply is simply “You’re welcome”. I hear nothing more from Mistress today.
Wednesdays message to Mistress is replied later in the day with another video message and more teasing about our public humiliation trip and suggesting that I might be wearing both the shock cock collar and the shock collar around my neck whilst going “walkies” Mistress caps it off by informing me to eat something disgusting for lunch ending with “and you know where to eat it from”. Referring of course to the toilet seat. I thank Mistress for my task and enquire if she would like a photo or video for proof, my very to the point reply was “Video”. As I am not alone at my workshop today I have to do it at home. I was contemplating doing it in a public toilet for the ultimate in degradation but it dawned on me after buying the meal I hate the most (macaroni cheese) that I couldn’t heat it up. So lunchtime comes and as instructed lay my lovely meal out on the toilet seat and record my joy for Mistress. Once I finish I then try to send the video but for some reason it will not upload, In my flapping I manage to delete my entire message history with Mistress, then have a tantrum and throw my phone across the room!! After putting it back together and calming down I manage to send it as a Dropbox link. I await Mistress’s viewing of the video and her comments!
On Thursday as always I message Mistress but don’t expect to hear anything from her as it’s her day for doing her stuff. Mistress did kindly message me later that day to thank me for a gift I had sent her.
Friday arrives and my message was returned with instructions for more slow stroking at lunchtime although thankfully not to the joi clip this time.
I know Mistress has family stuff to do on Saturday however my morning message is still replied to but other than that it is a quiet day task wise.
As always I am very thankful and grateful for any attention that Mistress bestows on me and hopefully this will be the end of long breaks due to my ups and downs. When you have weeks like this you do realise how much you miss the ebb and flow of one’s life under Mistress’s distance control.

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