Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 42

My pet Mousey has his head firmly back in the game now and is tightly buckled, with an inescapable lock, to the controller-coaster. As his Domina I can breathe a sigh of relief that a very good slave has returned to his true, submissive self.  And there is so much more to come!


As always my distance control week starts on a Sunday and my message to Mistress was as always to wish her a nice day and this was duly returned from Mistress. No tasks or instructions today. Later in the evening I received an unexpected message from Mistress to inform me she had viewed my lunch off the toilet seat video. This had two consequences; 1, I was wearing a new pink thong I had found which had little bells on it so as you walk it sounds like the bell on a cat collar which Mistress liked very much (read Tuesday) and 2, Mistress thanks me for providing more blackmail leverage. When you read about this being said to someone else it doesn’t have the same effect than when you receive that message yourself. In the past that would have struck me with fear but now all it does is remind me to do as I am told, accept any tasks graciously and everything will be fine (For the avoidance of doubt this is fully consensual). My sleep that night was more fraught than it usually is.
On Monday my message to Mistress was replied to around 3 hours later with a simple question “Is there a McDonalds near you?” I reply straight away that there was. Mistress then does not reply for around 2 hours. During that time all matter of things are going through my mind including licking a milkshake off the toilet floor or eating a burger off the toilet seat. Mistress’s instructions when they arrived made me wince. I was to video myself stroking my cock for 5 minutes in the toilet cubicle. I have done many things but never have I stroked my cock in a public toilet and the thought of this was quite scary. I thanked Mistress for my instructions and then agonised about when best to go and decided on around 2pm ish. I park up and the car park is worryingly full and head in, look for the toilet and luckily it’s empty. I set my phone to video and place it on the seat and stand in front of it with my trousers and thong around my ankles and I am about to press record when the door to the toilet squeaks open. I stand there quiet for a moment and can’t hear anything, it’s not exactly a very big toilet. The reason for this is I have to say “Hello Mistress” at the start of the video and I can feel myself going red. After about a minute I hear nothing press record and start. Getting it to stand to attention took a few strokes due to the fear of doing what I was doing. I then stroked my cock for what seemed like an eternity as I watched the record timer slowly count to 5 minutes. With the toilet door still squeaking open and closed, added to this the toilets were also being cleaned at the time. Finally, 5 minutes were up and I could put it away. I then had to wait for a bit to get rid of my erection, which was not easy because once I had completed the task I then started to enjoy my situation. After a few minutes of calming thoughts and out I went and made a mistake in treating myself to a Mcflurry. I thought this would be a good way of proving to Mistress that I was at McDonalds and I had done the task. After sending the picture Mistress replied with “Did I say you could get a Mcflurry?” which makes me start to squirm some more and I quickly send a message to apologise. Mistress replies and eases my squirming by asking where was hers? I reply that the one I bought was for her but I couldn’t see her in the car park so couldn’t let it go to waste! A little while after Mistress messages to enquire if I have enjoyed my task. Which of course I have, it’s the mind that makes the tasks much worse than what they are.
Tuesday arrives with the usual lack of sleep due to my many mind whirring’s an almost constantly aroused cock and yesterday’s task. I message Mistress with my plans for the day and wish her a nice day and also inform of the great amount of mind fuckery she bestowed on me with yesterdays task. Mistress replies that she is pleased I had enjoyed my Mild! Humiliation and duly reminded me that I am her slave. Mistress then asks if I have said my said my mantra today. I reply that I have along with wearing female deodorant and panties. Mistress a little later enquired if I am wearing my thong with the bells attached. I reply that I am not. Mistress tells me that she likes the jingly thong and to put it on at lunch. When I return at lunchtime I find that Mistress has also visited my new pc via TeamViewer and taken over as administrator and left me with a lovely Barbie screen saver and a pink background to everything. I thank Mistress for her pc visit and inform her I have put the jingly thong on. This thong only has two tiny bells but they jingle with gusto and nervously I return to work. I am back at work about 10 minutes when the chap who I share my unit with comes up to me and asks if there is a cat running around because her can hear a cat collar. So standing dead still, I say “I didn’t hear anything” and then have to wait for him to walk off! I message Mistress who of course finds this very amusing.
Mistress then messages me with an unusual task. I am to DM slave Taquin via twitter and ask him how Mistress had been humiliating him today once he tells me I have to inform him of my McDonalds task. “Double humiliation” said Mistress. I won’t say what his task was, that is for his journal but we collectively squirmed about our tasks over a few messages. I confirm to Mistress that I have done as she instructed to which I then get a message that makes me both very honoured and very nervous. The message read “Sometime in the future you are going to take me out for dinner and you are going to be an incredibly obedient slave”.
My Wednesday message to Mistress wishes her a nice day and to thank her for taking the time to work on my pc and how much freedom I am still enjoying on it. Mistress replies that she has many other slaves to torment and my freedom will wither all in good time! As Mistress has a busy day my instruction is 4 edges throughout the day. I thank Mistress for my task and spend the day adding to my ever-growing frustration.
Thursday message to Mistress was replied to with instructions to video myself saying my mantra and to send it to her. I duly send the video and inform Mistress. Mistress replies that she has a busy day but if anything evil pops into her head she might be in touch!
Friday arrives and I awake to a message from Mistress and some instructions which due to being a bumbling idiot I read completely wrong. Late morning Mistress messages me to ask for my outlook password which I duly send her. I am now at a stage of control with Mistress that there is no point asking why or holding back because Mistress knows best and that is all that matters. When I return to my pc later in the day I am now a child user with all the joy that will bring Mistress in the coming months and the annoyance and frustration it will bring me. What makes it worse is there is a message box that comes up saying “Adults on this computer can see what you are looking at”. No private browsing options although my browsing history will probably be quite dull. I don’t really look at porn. I am in a bad enough state as it is without trying to add to it.
Later in the day Mistress sends me a message simply saying “Edge yourself asap” more frustration!
My message on Saturday informs Mistress of my plans for the day and that I am working with my mate. A while later Mistress informs me that when we stop for lunch I am to wear my nipple clamps. I know I have to do the task and all I can think is will they show through my t-shirt because as much as my mate knows about my adventures with Mistress (He has even been on the end of a video from her that made him squirm) this makes it more humiliating. So the time comes I nip to the toilet and put them on and luckily they don’t really show that much and start a slightly painful lunch. I wear them for a total of 47 minutes once lunch has finished and remove them and message Mistress to thank her. She then comes back with “I should have told you to get your friend to remove them”. That made me squirm more than any message I have ever had!
As another week ends I would like to thank Mistress for her attentions and for making me squirm this week with new adventures.

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