Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 43

There is a new journey ahead for Slave Sissy Mouse as he is instructed to embrace his sissy side once more.  I have decided that Mousey must join my taskforce of Hypnobots as a Sissy Hypnobot or SHB for short.  I will continue to tease and deny him but I also intend to begin and continue a process of hypnosis mind control to enforce chastity without a device and to develop his role as a robotic obedient servant.  His position will be the lowest ranking of my Hypnobots.


My distance control week starts as always on Sunday, this week however it started with a bit of a shock. After sending my morning message to Mistress I turned on my pc and went to click on the Firefox browser button and it wasn’t there. I messaged Mistress again to ask if she had removed it. My reply from Mistress was to the point “Yes. Problem? You can only use edge from now on”. I replied that of course it wasn’t a problem (if it was then there was nothing I could do about it) and I understood why Mistress had done it because as a child user you cannot use private browsing so Mistress can keep an eye on what I look at online. A little while later Mistress posted slave Taquin’s excellent weekly journal and Mistress’s introduction made me sit up and take notice with the statement….
“I decided it was no more nicey nicey. It is time to deliver the full and uncompromising power of my control… not just for Taquin but for all my pets.”
This rattled around my head for the rest of the day and well into the night.
Monday arrives and with little sleep with my mind whirring, I send Mistress my morning message which is read almost instantly but no reply. I go to my pc to do my normal stuff looking at twitter, seeing what Mistress has on her wishlist and then the boring work related stuff. However today it sinks in that whatever I look at from now on Mistress will know about because she gets a report of my online activity sent to her. I now have to think about everything I look at and whether it could have repercussions at a later date. Later in the morning Mistress replies to my message and is very generous to allow me to get on with my busy day as I have lots of work and personal stuff to take care of.
On Tuesday my message to Mistress was as always to wish her a nice day and share with her my plans for the day. I have quite a lot of real life stuff to do this week but even so the thought of Mistress and what she could do is never far from one’s thoughts. One of the biggest events for me this week was the removal by Mistress of my preferred web browser. I don’t like Internet explorer or now as it’s known Edge, but now I have no choice but to use it. Mistress is slowly taking away my free choice. I don’t have admin rights to download it and a request to put it back on would be futile. Without thinking I put something in the search engine and what came back was “This search is not suitable for minors”. At least I can still use my PC. Mistress later in the day shared a task she had given another slave involving covering his kitchen in mud and cleaning it off with a toothbrush. Mistress ends the message with “it made me think of you”, referring I guess to my love of licking mud off of Mistress’s boots.
My message to Mistress on Wednesday also coincided with a couple of emails from Mistress regarding my next, much delayed visit to the HOD. Mistress has decided that It has been too long since I embraced my sissy side and suggested that I should become part of her Hypnobot scheme as a Sissy Hypnobot . As you may have read previously I have been lucky to enjoy many hypnosis sessions with Mistress but this was taking things to a new level. As ever all Mistress needs to do is plant the seed and then let my imagination run wild. Mistress briefly set the parameters and left them to whir in my mind.  I hope that when I do come up with ideas I have already filtered the stupid ones out. Mistress also set me what seemed like an easy task but would turn out to be very trying emotionally. When I go for lunch I was also to buy a teenage girls magazine, inform Mistress which one as she may also buy it and read it whilst having my lunch. Mistress said she may then either ask me questions about it or instruct me to write an essay about what I had learnt. So as instructed I head to the local supermarket and get my lunch and head to the magazine section, as ever way too much choice and all sealed in plastic so I have no idea what the content is. I finally choose Top of the pops magazine and head for the till. I get back and open the plastic wrapping to enjoy my free gifts, A pink pompom key ring and some mascara. I then open up my lunchtime read and start by flicking through. My immediate reaction is the content is very lacking in depth, however if I am to be tested I better soak it all up. I mentioned this to Mistress later and her immediate reaction was “slaves don’t need in-depth. Simple things for their simple minds”.
As always on Thursday my message to Mistress was replied to with a reminder to keep reading my new magazine and too inform me that the idea of me becoming her Sissy Hypnobot , dressed in a very smart skirt suit is the way forward. In my reply I inform Mistress that I am that sexually frustrated from all her recent teasing that any idea is appealing to me and also inform her that I am that desperate that I am looking at pornhub and xhamster. Mistress as ever was to the point “I’m glad you are sexually frustrated”. But is also annoyed that even with my child settings on my pc I can still visit such sites. Not for long I guess!
On Friday my message to Mistress was as ever to inform her of my plans for the day and that my mind had been whirring about the Sissy Hypnobot journey. We also exchanged many messages about the EU referendum but I don’t think my journal is the place for politics. Later in the morning Mistress sends me a to the point message “tie your cock and balls slave” Mistress knows I have a different working hat on today and she has already teased me about doing the work I am doing in a sissy dress. I have nothing to tie my cock and balls with and scratch my head and after rooting through my tools I find 2 cable ties and do as instructed. I message Mistress to confirm I have carried out her instructions. As the day goes on with all the bending down and up and down ladders the cable ties really start to rub, however I can see no sign of damage and continue my day with the sting of them as constant reminder of Mistress. Around 6.30 Mistress messages to commend me on finding something suitable and how as it been. I reply that it’s been annoying me all day with the rubbing, and whilst Mistress is pleased that they my predicament has reminded me of her, she thinks it’s now best to remove them in case of any damage that I can’t see.
Saturday comes and due to my mind whirring over the last few days I over sleep and end up sending Mistress my morning message about an hour late. Mistress is luckily very understanding and we briefly discuss my plans for the day and I am left to it as Mistress has a busy day at the HOD. Later in the day Mistress posts a gif on Twitter of her amazing bottom clad in leather hot pants which is a joy to watch (I may have watched it more than once!). A couple of hours later I am both surprised and honoured to receive a video message from Mistress telling me to work harder because I will need a nice smart strict suit for my Sissy Hypnobot journey to begin. I also forgot to mention that Mistress informed me a few days previous that we would be going shopping to find right suit for me. I feel embarrassment coming on. Mistress also enquired how my reading material was going and I had to admit that is felt very weird and slightly wrong for a late forties man to be reading such things. Mistress understood and told me that she would find a much more suitable magazine to suit the sissy that I am. Mistress also informed me that from now on my orgasms would be linked to my weight loss. Mistress would be setting me a target and a timeframe to achieve the weight loss. If I didn’t reach the target, I would be set a lower target and would have to wait until then for my orgasm if I achieved that target. As Mistress does like to keep me denied I don’t think the targets will be easy and will require a lot of hard work on my part, however it’s good to have goals and will help make Sissy Hypnobot look better in its formal strict attire.
As always I would like to thank Mistress for what has been a very interesting and enjoyable week. Mistress has opened up a whole new window for me of total immersed role play. I have been lucky to enjoy my submissive side for many years but this new journey really offers an escapism that I had never experienced before and we have only just started.

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