Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 44

In this edition of Sissy Mouse’s journal, a stark warning was issued which has since been ignored.  Watch this space in the not too distant future as serious punishment lies ahead.

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Distance control journal Week 44

This week starts a new direction with Mistress. As you would have read in last week’s journal Mistress has decided that she would like me to join her Hypnobot scheme. I have a great interest in hypnosis. The power of suggestion and control of the subconscious, coupled with an already deep submission and trust of Mistress ticks a lot of boxes for me, even more so when also encompassing my interest in cross dressing. I had lost interest in being a sissy, I even messaged Mistress in my lost days to tell her it even repulsed me. However, as we know Mistress always knows best and she decided that a smart Hypnosissybot was my calling and she will no doubt be correct. This type of smart dress is so far removed from my normal scruffy appearance, whatever work I am doing it’s usually dirty and messy in some way so this embraces a complete polar opposite of me. I also accept that I will never be able to pull off a convincing female look, like for example Sissy Annie May. However, Hypnobot’s are masked because they are not human so another tick in the box.

During last week Mistress informed me to purchase a cheap smart skirt suit. This was to gauge size and would help me get a feel for it before the joys of going to buy a much better suit with Mistress and certainly before I can meet any other Hypnobot. I found something online ordered it and it duly arrived in a couple of days. This then completed my instructions for my first day of this week’s distance control. From now on I am to write my distance control journal on a Sunday dressed as Hypnosissybot and will wear the following. The suit with a shirt and tie covering false boobs, a steel chastity belt, butt plug, stockings and heels, with a corset added later to enforce the strictness of being a Hypnobot.

I duly dress as instructed and immediately the restriction that the clothes bring is quite surprising. I message Mistress (or from now on if dressed like this I have to address her as Commander) that I am dressed appropriately and send a picture to confirm. Mistress replies that she is reasonably pleased with my efforts and that I may begin writing my journal.

Sitting down to write my journal is a very new experience. The restriction of the suit, the tightness of the shirt collar, the plug being held in by the chastity belt and my legs held together by the skirt all makes this very odd. It does however arouse me greatly and this is one of Mistress’s plans that being a Hypnosissybot will arouse me more than anything I have done before and when I am not I will not feel aroused to further enforce my mental chastity. Once I have written my blog, read and re-read several times to check for spelling and grammatical errors I submit my blog and return to normality. Mistress just after messages me to enquire how it made me feel? I reply that I have never considered the escapism of a fully immersed roleplay scenario on top of my natural submission. Mistress then sends me a link to her Hypnobot clip collection to watch and consider it home work. I thank Mistress and spend the next hour or so watching the clips. I know I said this before but it really is a joy to watch Mistress’s clips and it was very interesting to watch how a fully programmed Hypnobot functions and the control Mistress has over it. Once I have watched them I email Mistress my thoughts and one of the things that will be difficult to overcome is the two sides this will bring to me and how sissy mouse and Hypnosissybot will function and also separate. This I feel will be a process of fluidity.

On Monday after my usual restless night with all the new ideas running around my head I message Mistress, wish her a nice day and await a reply. Mistress replies that she has considered my email and agrees that we will have to find a place for both sissy mouse and HSB. Later in the day Mistress posts Slave Taquin’s latest journal and I message her to ask how does he cope? Mistress merely replies “I am evil” which I light heartedly reply that I would never had guessed. It is times like this that one realises that through our own email and messages to Mistress you slowly dig yourself an ever bigger hole.

Tuesdays message to Mistress informed her I have a quiet day and this was replied to with instructions to dress as Hypnosissybot and write the following 50 times “I can’t wait to embrace life as a Hypnosissybot, it is my calling and my destiny”. I thank Mistress for her instructions and inform her I will message her when I am ready to start. Once I have done a few things I dress as instructed and message the Commander. This time the restriction has increased with the arrival of a corset. This does feel so restrictive and within seconds I wonder how Mistress sits down let along carry out session’s whilst wearing one but I guess as with all things you get used to it. I start writing my lines and I am about 15 lines in when the Commander messages me and requests a picture. I duly do this and also hold up the lines I have written so far. Once I have finished the 50 I message the Commander to inform her to which she replies that she hopes her HSB is suitable horny and submissive. I reply that I am indeed and my reply is simply “Wonderful”.

Wednesday arrives and I awake to a message from Mistress simply saying “I want you to bring your lines with you on Monday” This is my next and very much looked forward to session with Mistress. I thank Mistress for my message and wish her a nice day. Mistress replies that I am to edge 3 times today once with pegs on my balls, she also reminds me that it is less than a week until my Hypnosissybot programming starts. I thank Mistress for my task and confess to her that I have been tempted to pleasure myself and my task will not help my desperate situation. Mistress replies with a very clear and concise message written thus “DON’T YOU DARE SUCCUMB TO TEMPATION EVER!!” I reply “Message fully understood Mistress”. I don’t think I have ever had such a stern message from Mistress! I carry out my edges throughout the day and message Mistress later to thank her my excruciating edges. My reply was simply Hahaha! You are most welcome. I know I don’t have the additional annoyance of a chastity cage but this period of denial is driving me crazy. I understand why Mistress is doing it. It tests my obedience, submission and reminds me of her control. The stupidity of my masochistic side is wondering what this period of teasing and denial would feel like in 6 months or even a year with no orgasm.

Thursday’s message to Mistress is replied later in the day to inform me she has a very busy and enquired how I am. My day was not going well and Mistress leaves me to it.

On Friday I message Mistress that I have some domestic things that I will need to attend to over the next few days and Mistress kindly informs me that she is going to be very busy and will leave me to it. Mistress also informs me that she has her new Female Hypnobot attending today. I wish her a great day and get on with mine.

Because of my domestic duties I am granted permission to write my journal on Saturday. I message Mistress and wish her a good day and dress appropriately to write my journal. Whilst I am writing this I remember something that Slave Taquin wrote in one of his journals about Mistress tweeting messages that you are convinced are aimed at you. On Wednesday Mistress tweeted a picture of her sitting on her throne with the message “Show Mistress how you wank that pathetic piece of skin” My 3 edge day! On Friday Mistress tweets 2 pictures, one of the shiny shoes of her and her 2 Hypnobot’s and the other a gif of her dressed smartly, teasing a dildo whilst saying “I’m your boss, you do things my way. Understood?”

The mind fuckery continues and I thank you Mistress for it.

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