Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 45

Hypnosis, domestic service and tighter pc controls were the main events this week in the life of Slave Sissy Mouse…

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Distance control journal week 45

As always my week starts on a Sunday and usually the first task is to write my weekly journal. This week as I have family staying Mistress allowed me to submit it yesterday. The first thing that happened this week came as a bit of a surprise, my windows phone carried out some updates and required me to re-sign in. Once I had done this I get a message to say “Adults can see what you look at on this device”. The update had linked my phone to my pc and thus the child settings that Mistress had placed on my pc. I could now only do child friendly searches and everything I now do on my phone Mistress can see including my location even with its turned off on the phone!! I message Mistress this but don’t expect to hear from her today as she was having a day off. I do however hear from Mistress with the simple message “That is very interesting” followed by 2 smiling devils. Nothing like providing Mistress with more weaponry! We exchange a few more messages and then Mistress kindly gives me my instructions for the day 3 edges. Mistress over the past few weeks has been working me up into a sexual frustration frenzy, I think I have mentioned this before, I have never felt this frustrated but the masochist inside me enjoys it greatly. I thank Mistress for my task and wish her a lovely day.

Monday arrives and today I have a short session with Mistress to begin Sissy Hypnobot programming and then the pleasure of being a useful slave and doing some task for her. The morning drags as it always seems to do before seeing Mistress, I load the car with the things I will need to carry out my tasks later. Finally, it’s time to leave for the HOD and I duly arrive at the allotted time to be met by Mistress looking fantastic as always, this time dressed in shiny pink latex skirt and black latex top. We have a quick catch up and a chat about our expectations from the hypnosis, it’s then time to head upstairs relax and enjoy Mistress’s soft silky tones as she takes me into my first Hypnobot programming session. Once this is over and I’m back in the real world feeling very relaxed it is now time to start my tasks which are to clear all the rubbish from the back garden, remove the weeds and clean the patio with a pressure washer. Of course being me things never go smoothly. Whilst I am doing this Mistress will be working upstairs on webcam. I get everything out the car that I need and then load it with the accumulated rubbish, remove the weeds and the discarded cigarette butts and move the furniture to start the cleaning. I splash the patio cleaner around plug in my pressure washer and turn the water on and that’s where it all goes slightly wrong. The water is pouring out of the bottom of the pressure washer. The last time I used it was last year when I cleaned Mistress’s patio at her home and it worked fine then. Luckily the HOD has one that was hidden under the rubbish which I assumed was broke and was going to ask Mistress later once she had finished working. I plug it in and luckily it works (Phew) I then spend the next hour or so splashing everything in water including myself and the job is done. I replace the furniture and clean the windows of all the water splashes, put everything back in the car and mop the kitchen floor which has got wet footprints on it. Mistress had allowed me to make a cup of tea when I had finished and wait for her to inspect my work. About half an hour later Mistress enquired from upstairs if I have finished and I confirm that I have. Mistress gets changed into her normal clothes and comes down to inspect my work (she was equally surprised that the HOD pressure washer worked). Luckily my work was approved by Mistress and once I had loaded Mistress’s car it was time to head home feeling pleased and honoured that I was able to be of use to her.

Tuesday arrives, after an odd night’s sleep which was due to not getting any night-time arousal this is part of the Hypnobot programming that I will only get aroused when dressed as Sissy Hypnobot (or SHB to make it easier) I awake in the morning and I no longer feel connected to my cock and have no desire to touch it. I do however also feel very needy for attention and have a craving to dress as SHB. I Message Mistress about this and she replies with some instructions she would like me to carry out. Firstly, I am to have a seedy wank before bed (no cumming) and let her know how it felt and the other is to dress as SHB the next day for 30 minutes and email her my feelings and emotions. I thank Mistress for my instructions and carry on my day. Bedtime arrives and I settle myself down for my seedy wank, the first problem is I struggle to get hard and once I do I can only stroke myself about 5 times before my erection starts to whither and I start to feel unwell (Mistress has programmed this into me during the hypnosis) so I stop and try again and the same thing happens and I give up. I try to get to sleep but my mind is whirring as always and then I start to think about dressing as SHB tomorrow and get very aroused.

Wednesday cannot arrive quick enough and I carry out my instructions to dress as SHB. The restriction of the clothes compared to my normal clothes makes this easy to fall into the character as it were. However, one thing that is clear to me is that I am no longer aroused when dressed. I was very aroused at the thought of dressing but once dressed I no longer was. After the 30 minutes I remove the clothes and email Mistress my thoughts. A couple of hours later I am honoured to receive a video message from Mistress who was looking amazing dressed in wet look leggings, teasing bra and wearing her strap on harness informing me how pleased she was with my reactions to her instructions. I was and still am mesmerised by this particular video as Mistress also laid out my place within her Hypnobot stable. I messaged Mistress to thank her for the video and let her know how amazing she looked in it and that I was aroused by her strap on and sucking cock. Mistress replied that one of my duties as SHB will be cock sucking.

Thursday as always is Mistress’s day for doing her stuff and I never expect to hear from Her. As I do every day I wished Mistress a nice day and leave it at that. Mistress did send a reply to wish me the same and thank me for a gift I had sent her. In the evening Mistress shared with me a clip Commander Deelight with her male and female Hypnobot. Now this was very interesting to me because as soon as I saw both Commander and the Hypnobot’s immaculate dress I was instantly aroused just as Mistress had programmed me to be. I think it would be worth mentioning that also up to this point I had no desire to touch myself and my cock still felt detached from me. I thanked Mistress for the video and informed her that I had become instantly aroused by the contents. Mistress replies with a simple Devil emoji.

On Friday I message Mistress to inform her I have a busy day working with my mate and to my utter surprise I receive another video message from Mistress looking fabulous in a black body and teasing bra which puts me off my work for a bit. I thank Mistress for her very kind message and that she has got me in a bumbling mess. My reply was simply “Did you have any reaction?” Meaning did I get aroused to which hard as it may seem I didn’t (excuse the pun). Mistress is a very sexy and attractive lady but my submission to her is from the neck up as my reply said “Mistress your evil mind and your pretty face are your weapons against me”. I know for some it’s the aesthetics of the female dominant but for me it’s on a mental level. I am and never will be a match for Mistress’s quick wit or her creative and inventive mind. I am submissive to Mistress in all and every situation.

My message to Mistress on Saturday apart from wishing her a nice day was to inform her that the chastity side of the hypnosis had worn off and whilst I had no desire to pleasure myself I felt reconnected with my cock. Mistress replied that I should try a seedy wank and let her know how it felt. I did as instructed (no cumming) and it felt completely normal and nothing like the one on Tuesday. Mistress replied it would have been magic if it worked first time out and she will be working on it at our next session. A little while later Mistress send me a picture via WhatsApp which I expected to be a teasing picture of Mistress but oh no, it was a picture via bing maps of my location at that moment using the child controls on my phone. I looked at the picture with shock but also amusement, I think to myself the net is tightening and indeed it was because Mistress had also posted on twitter that my week 43 journal was now on her website and I clicked on the link to read what Mistress had written as an introduction. To my further surprise I got a message on the screen saying this “Please ask an adult if you can view this web page”, I try my phone same message. I message Mistress and simply say “I’m suddenly feeing much more restricted” Mistress doesn’t reply and no more up to now has been mentioned on the subject. I don’t know when or if I will be able to visit any adult sites in the future, that like all things is up to Mistress. I sent my request by email and await a response!

Most of Saturday I feel weird, I am not sure if it was a bit of drop from the chastity hypnosis wearing off or just other things going on in my life but it was a shit day. However, it was all leading up to a massive error on my part but that will be revealed next week.



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