Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 47

pic-83Distance control journal week 47.

This week Mistress has started taking more control of my online activities. Which came as a complete surprise to me as Mistress was feeling unwell as my week started on Sunday. I messaged Mistress to enquire how she was feeling and that I would be writing my week 46 journal as usual dressed as SHB. Mistress replied a little later that she was still feeling unwell and was also very annoyed that she wasn’t able to work to capacity. It’s never good to hear Mistress is unwell and I wished her a speedy recovery. I duly wrote and submitted my week 46 journal and then to be honest enjoyed the freedom of being able to browse the internet as I chose because Mistress had lifted my adult site blocker. Around 2pm I was on my pc when I noticed on twitter that Mistress had posted my week 44 with a very stern picture to go with it. I clicked on the link and bam no access. Even whilst Mistress was ill she had removed my adult browsing but that was not all within a couple of minutes the pink box of doom came up saying “Times up, this device is locked due to your family settings” Mistress had completely caught me on the hop and all I could do was switch the screen off and walk away. I sent Mistress a “Wahhhhh ” message and got too the point reply “What?” about 2 hours later. I think that said it all.

Monday morning and I message Mistress to enquire how she is feeling and sadly she is still unwell.  When I wake my pc up I see that the little family icon says I will be locked out at 10.17 which I though was an odd number but I worked out that Mistress had allocated me 90 minutes of pc time. I looked at the box with a smile, thinking I am going to have to be frugal with my pc time today. Later in the day Mistress gives me a task so she could understand better my thoughts on what appeals about chastity and denial to me. I thank Mistress for the task and have a good think before even trying to write anything as it will eat into my pc time.

Tuesday brought the news that Mistress was feeling only slightly better and I hoped she would feel better soon. Mistress had only allocated me 60 minutes of pc time today so I spent it wisely writing my chastity task and duly sending it. I also shared with Mistress my initial thoughts on having my pc access restricted, which has made me feel very small and humiliated and also having no access to adult sites from either my pc or my phone is very annoying because I go to look at things that are posted on twitter and it just comes back with “Ask an adult if you can view this page”. Mistress reply was simply “I am glad it is having an effect”.

Wednesdays brings the news that Mistress is still unwell but is working today. I wish Mistress good luck with her day and thank her for the very restrictive 30 minutes of pc time I have been allocated today. Later in the evening I receive a picture from Mistress via WhatsApp and expecting it to be a lovely picture of her I open it to find Mistress had sent me a picture of me slow dancing with Mistress R’eal’s slave Speedy from December 14. The evening of the unforgettable day out with Tammy Tampax! I had forgotten all about that picture and without needing to say anything Mistress reminded me of all the “leverage” she has on me. I also received a message from Slave Taquin telling me how amused he was that I liked his journal that Mistress had announced on twitter even though I couldn’t actually read it due to parental controls. He informed me that he could do the opposite and look at Mistress’s website but not twitter apart from the very small time he had just been allocated.

Thursday brings some good news that Mistress is starting to feel better and she also shared a lovely picture of herself on twitter wearing a very nice summer dress. I was also reminded that Mistress was feeling better because later that day she sent me some instructions regarding our session on Saturday and reminded me that she had not forgotten my punishment for my unauthorised orgasm! I once again apologised and I fully accept any punishment I am due. I am also allowed a very generous 60 minutes of pc time but still no chance of any adult website viewing.

Friday arrives and Mistress confirms she is feeling better and has a busy day. I wish her a great day. Mistress has once again only allowed me 30 minutes pc time today. I use all this up by around 2.30pm and the pink box of doom tells me that I can use my pc again at 7am on the 24th which means no pc access whatsoever on Saturday!!

Saturday arrives and today I have the great pleasure of a session with Mistress. I awake to a message from Mistress requesting I bring Coke, water and some AAA batteries. I confirm I have her shopping list and Mistress replies that I am to do my shopping whilst wearing my jingle bells thong. I thank Mistress for my instructions and go to the local supermarket, luckily it’s busy so I don’t think anyone heard me but it’s still wonderfully humiliating. Finally, it’s time to leave for the HOD and because it is the first weekend of the school holidays I leave earlier and plan on using the old severn bridge because it’s always quieter. Driving along the M4 a sign tells me that the old bridge is closed and to use the new bridge. This turned out to be a nightmare, I was supposed to be at the with Mistress at 12 noon but at that time I was just at the tolls. I hate being late and this is the first time I have ever been late in two and a half years. I have already spoken to Mistress to inform her that the traffic is terrible. However, it was about to get worse because once the other side of the tolls there was an accident which meant I arrived a full 30 minutes late. Mistress was very understanding and we sat and had a catch up but it did mean that our session today was cut short and Mistress could not do everything she had planned. I can’t deny when I first arrived I was feeling almost too stressed to enjoy our session but the sit down and chat got me back in the mood. Once again I enjoyed a brilliant session with Mistress which concentrated on the Sissy Hypnobot training. I don’t think it would be worth writing anything other than that about it because this is something that is ongoing. As ever time flew and in what seemed like a blink of an eye it was time to return to reality. Mistress commented that she was returning home to edit photos and I quipped that I was returning to a blank pc screen to which I only got a wry smile.

Even though Mistress was sadly unwell this week she has controlled me more than I have ever been before and as always I am truly grateful. I also hope that Mistress continues to feel better and returns to her fun filled and evil self. I have enjoyed greatly being kept on a very short lead which will no doubt tighten even more in the future.

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