Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 49

A rather short entry written by Slave Sissy Mouse during my recent short break.  I decided while I was away that my slave should be as productive as possible and therefore only allocated him 3 hours of PC time….


Distance control journal week 49

With Mistress away on her well-deserved holiday, my write up this week is going to be short.

My message on Sunday to Mistress was to wish her a nice day and a great time away. I knew Mistress had a busy day sorting everything before she went away and expected to hear nothing more from her. We did in fact exchange many messages into the early afternoon. As I had a friend with me I was planning to write my week 48 journal later in the day as I had lots of PC time. Although Mistress had enquired if I had any admin duties I needed to do whilst she was away so I didn’t expect my unrestricted PC time to last. Around 5pm I was alone so I went and dressed as SHB to write my journal, on returning to my PC Mistress had locked me out for the day so that ended that. Mistress as far as I was concerned was now on holiday so I was not going to ask for extra time. I had no idea what time if any I would be allowed whilst Mistress was away.

On Monday it was very strange to start my day without messaging Mistress to wish her a nice day and give her my plans for the day. I turned on my PC to find I had been allocated 60 minutes of usage today and thought it was best to save that until I had time later to start writing my journal. Between Monday and Thursday Mistress had allotted me a total of 3 hours of PC time. This was enough to do any minor admin jobs and write my journal and re check it several times for the usual errors. My restrictive pc time does however now mean that I start work earlier. Before Mistress set my time limits I would sit at my pc and browse the net or play games every morning. I now can’t waste the time I am given on none important stuff.

Thursday evening arrived and I received a message from Mistress informing me of her return. I enquired if she had enjoyed her break which indeed she had. This was great to hear as you will probably know Mistress rarely takes time off of work.

With Mistress back to work on Friday I send my usual message. Mistress replies that she has been at work since 8am and why had I not been promoting her on twitter whilst she was away. Informing people of my daily pc time limits etc. I apologised and explained that it hadn’t even crossed my mind. I hear nothing more for a few hours and then I read a message from Mistress about 2 hours after she had sent it because whilst Mistress was on holiday I wasn’t glued to my phone and had become sloppy and left it in the workshop. Mistress had enquired if I had had my lunch which of course when she had sent it I hadn’t but by the time I had read the message I had. I once again apologised for my slow reply and didn’t hear anything more. I have to say Friday for me work wise was trying to say the least so not hearing much from Mistress was a great relief. I was also granted a luxurious 4 hours of pc time today but I had such a busy day I used about 15 minutes of it!

Saturday and apart from a few messages regarding something Mistress has asked me to look in to it was a quiet day. I had a slightly better day work wise but it was still not brilliant and by 3pm I gave up and went home and enjoyed a bit of sunshine in the garden. No pc time today I was locked out.

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