Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Week 53

Whilst Sissy Mouse is currently chained to my toilet with a nice refreshing drink of nectar I thought I’d update my blog with one of his journals.

Now into his second year of distance control, a few rude awakenings become apparent for Slave Sissy Mouse whilst on his suggested daily walks.  One of them being jealousy! What a naughty jealous slave!


Distance control journal week 53

This week has been relatively quiet due to Mistress being unwell. It’s never good to hear Mistress is unwell however the quiet times helps me deal with the neediness that builds up inside me and this week it made me realise that I have been lacking in many ways.

On Sunday (as you would have read at the end of my week 52 journal) Mistress allowed me access to all the apps she had been turning off on my phone. I was also surprised to be allowed a full day of pc access after using most of my pc time that week to ensure I had written a fair chunk of my journal. My message to Mistress today was to thank her for allowing me access to the apps she had turned off and I felt suitably put in my place. Mistress replied that she was glad that her displeasure of my noncompliance with my task was not wasted on me and she was indeed shutting my phone down one app at a time. The problem this creates is that whilst being ignored it’s also a bit of a treat for me because I do like being ignored. Mistress also enquired about my weight and I had managed to lose a 1lb this week.

Monday arrives and as it’s a bank holiday and the weather was nice I decide that I should be embracing my daily walk as Mistress had instructed. This turned out to be probably one of the best mentally cleansing things I have ever done. I realised during my walk that I have been a very poor and trying slave to Mistress for the last few months. I have been trying to wander off the path at every possible opportunity and generally being a selfish pain in the arse. The following day I message Mistress my thoughts from my walk and whilst she was very pleased that I had put the effort in she also sent me a very frank reply about my very poor attitude and how challenging I had been over the last few months. This coupled with a previous message that I should be an exemplary slave really hit home what a total dick I had been. I also had to confess to Mistress that I had become jealous when other slaves got attention. This is something I didn’t even think existed inside me and to be very frank shocked me that I could become such a jealous person. Mistress as always said she felt that I have been like this for quite a while from some of my messages. Mistress also pointed out that I am very lucky that she didn’t dismiss me and that I’m sure I would not have wanted to be remembered as a selfish bratty slave. The answer to this is a resounding NO. I can only repeat here what I have already told Mistress that I am very sorry for my behaviour and I have taken on board everything she has said.

The rest of the week was spent with me walking every day and keeping to my diet. I would not be doing either of these if it wasn’t for Mistress and rather than the chore it started out to be, it has become an enjoyable time to clear the mind and have a good think about things. Not just my service to Mistress but my own stuff like my business etc. Mistress was also very kind on Thursday and allowed me an orgasm for losing my first pound in weight. The reality was with everything that has been going on it wasn’t that enjoyable because I didn’t really think I deserved it.

On Saturday my message to Mistress was replied to with the news she was feeling better. This of course was great to hear and at least ended a very strange week on a positive note.

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