Slave Sissy Mouse – Distance Control Journal – Weeks 58-60

Distance control journal. Weeks 58, 59 and 60

Over that last few weeks I have been swamped with work related stuff so Mistress has kindly given me some free time. This was then compounded with stuff in my vanilla life adding itself to the mix and has thus made everything very mundane. However, over the last few weeks I have enjoyed 2 sessions with Mistress and I am writing this to give an insight into what on the face of it has been free time but as always with Mistress things still get thrown in to alleviate the normality.

Week 58 for me was spent with the anticipation of my upcoming session with Mistress on the Friday and the teasing that goes with it of the unexpected. I report that my weight had remained the same and the week trickles by with me carrying out my usual tasks of submitting my lunch photo and walking as much as I can, although this week it was only a couple of days.

Week 59 and I had the joy of reporting to Mistress that I had lost a pound in weight and after the horror and immense arousal of my public humiliation the day before, I really needed some release. Mistress kindly gave me instructions to edge twice that day before 9pm and to enjoy a release at bedtime (thinking of my adventures with Mistress to keep the arousal due to the chastity hypnosis). I thanked Mistress and immediately got one edge out of the way. My need to orgasm was so great that I almost had a fuck it moment but held myself back knowing that when my release did come it would be very enjoyable. I carried out my next edge later in the day as instructed and waited for the time for the main event and the enjoyment that brought. What I do realise now is that I never messaged Mistress to thank her for my orgasm ooops! The rest of the week was of course quiet and it was very odd not to contact Mistress every day. I still wasn’t free because of all my electronic constraints that Mistress has put in place and that wasn’t going to change. For the last few weeks I have had no PC access on Mondays however the other days have been very generous but with nothing kinky to look at. I am still reminded of Mistress’s message regarding my boring weekly pc activity report, my reprogramming has meant I don’t even try to look at anything adult. I still try every day to view Mistress’s website to catch up with the blogs (alas still to no avail).

Week 60 no change this week still having time off from the daily contact and once again looking forward to a session on the coming Friday. I still hear from Mistress enquiring how I am and how things are going which is very nice of her. I end the week however with a task which was to take Paris (the inflatable doll) home with me after our session and sneak her into my friends boot with a message saying it was from Mistress (as I have mentioned before it’s not his thing but Mistress stills scares him from afar). So, the following day I inflated Paris duck taped her hands, mouth and feet took a picture and waited for the right moment and stuffed her in his boot whilst we were working together, again taking a picture for evidence of my task. I then spend the day working with my friend hoping he won’t open his boot until he is in a supermarket car park. Unfortunately, he opened his boot during the afternoon and was of course most amused and another picture to Mistress with a message from him saying “please don’t use it as leverage” This was most amusing to me and Mistress and capped off what was an incredibly fun session the day before.

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