Slave Sissy Mouse – Extreme Mental Arithmetic

I always enjoy my CP sessions with Slave Sissy Mouse but what I enjoy most is the element of surprise. Him not knowing what is coming next is what makes him happy and what amuses me greatly!

Extreme mental arithmetic.
My latest visit to Mistress and the House of Deelight is for a much looked forward to cp session. As always with Mistress it is always so much more than what you expect!
I walk through the door at my allotted time to be met by Mistress looking fabulous as ever wearing hot pants and a net crop top. This is the first time I have seen Mistress since the marathon and it is great to see her looking much less tired from all her training and so much shinier. After a brief catch up Mistress instructs me to remove my close and then go and use the bathroom, tell her when I have finished and wait for her but not flush the toilet. I do as instructed and wait for Mistress but being the bumbling idiot that I am waited on the landing. Mistress brings some items with here and tells me to remove the bath mat and sit on the bathroom floor which I duly do. Mistress then brings in a spreader bar that also has cuffs attached for both the ankles and wrists. This requires me to not only spread my legs but bring up my knees so the wrists can attach. Mistress then wraps chain around the toilet and attached it to one ankle and the collar she had already placed around my neck and does the same with the other side but around the sink. Mistress then puts a ball gag in my mouth and then starts asking me if I am feeling cocky today which I shake my head vigorously and if I am enjoying being chained and left in the bathroom to enjoy the scent of not only my pee but Mistress’s that she had kindly left before I arrived. By the stirring in my little thong I was still wearing Mistress had her answer. Mistress for safety makes sure I can make enough noise for her to hear me if I get any joint problems or cramp, takes a picture and then leaves and locks the door.


You may have read in the past that I am a lover of humiliation and degradation and being tied up and left in a bathroom with the smell of pee to one’s own thoughts put me in a very nice place. The other thing with Mistress is even though she wasn’t there she was still fucking with my mind because all I could think was when she comes back will she make me drink from the toilet which again caused some stirring. After about half an hour and just when I was starting to struggle with sore hips Mistress returns and enquired if I was nicely cooked? To which I can only nod and muffle yes. When Mistress gags me she has this habit of asking me questions and then mocks me for not being able to answer them clearly! Mistress removes the gag, the chains and unlocks the wrist and ankle restraints, tells me to get up and stretch flush the toilet and join her downstairs where the main event will take place, although later Mistress did say she was contemplating doing our entire session in the bathroom with me getting whacked bending over the bath.
Once downstairs Mistress invites me to kneel on the whipping bench and then straps me in the ride. Once I am strapped in Mistress informs me that she thinks it should be a challenge today and she is going to choose 10 implements from sort to hard and I am going to start by taking 100 of the softest all the way down to 10 of the hardest. Mistress arranges them out of sight so I have no idea how soft or hard they are. I am sure Mistress will insert a picture because apart from the floggers I have no idea what they were. What I do know is the first flogger made of thin leather stung like mad and the second implement which was a paddle of some sort really tested me. As Mistress takes me through them she always manages to catch me out with some funny quip or use an implement to tickle my feet which then as Mistress puts it turns me into a wobbling mound of jelly laughing away. I know for some a cp session has to be serious good head space and all that and sometimes ours is but mostly they are great fun and very enjoyable even if it always really hurts. Once we reach number 10 of 20 on the last but one implement Mistress throws me a total curveball by asking me how many whacks will I have received in total. I am useless at mental arithmetic when I am not under pressure so this was a challenge because Mistress was still whacking me and I was still counting those whacks and trying to work it out in my head. By whack 13 I had come up with 550 (the correct answer) by whack 16 I had convinced myself it was 450 and offered that figure up which of course was wrong. This is when Mistress once again reduced me to a mass of laughing wobbling jelly by merely saying “450 ok that’s the amount of strokes of the cane you will be getting” Strapped to the bench and having no safe word if Mistress wanted to give me 450 of the cane then she can and it was my utter hopelessness that amused me so much.
Once the final implement had been received Mistress allowed me up for a stretch and some water before the cane which luckily wasn’t 450 but 36 of the thin stingy cane which I hate, 36 of the medium cane and a final 12 of the heavy cane which by now was just slipping off because my bum was so hard and red. Once these were administered it was time to stand for some bull whipping on the back. Mistress had once again cleared a space for me to try and escape too and this I indeed tried to do after a mere 2 strokes but she was having none of it and firmly told me to stay put but did allow me to take the rest on my hands and knees. The whip really pushes me; I love the feeling of it afterwards but for me it is so hard to take.

After Mistress has given me time to compose myself she gives me instructions to collect all the items she used earlier in the bathroom and to put them back in the correct place and once that is done re-dress and have a sit down and a drink.
It was great to have a catch up with Mistress as I had not seen her since the marathon and to have the come down time after our session. Finally, it was time to leave and return to reality and the joys of bank holiday traffic. I leave feeling a completely different person than the one that walked through the door a few hours earlier. Our session this time has left me feeling more uplifted than I could have imagined. I love being tied up and left and that coupled to an amazing cp session cleared a lot of the cobwebs in my bumbling brain.
As always I have to say a massive thank you to Mistress for the session and for always finding something different to either catch me out or take me further down my path of submission.

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