Slave Sissy Mouse – Session Report – BOOM!

Not only do I know how to control and manipulate my submissives, I also know exactly how to work them up into a frenzy until they explode! I am amused by Mousey’s description of the recoil before his orgasm being painful!  Bitter Sweet!


My latest visit to visit Mistress at the House of Deelight as seems the way recently starts with a catch up of the goings on since my previous visit.

I was very lucky that just after my last visit on a Wednesday I was invited back by Mistress the following Saturday to assist in an adult baby session with another client. I found myself to be quite nervous about this because apart from the (always fun) joint sessions with Mistress R’eal and slave speedy, I have never been in this situation before. I was mainly nervous because this wasn’t my session and I wanted to do my best to enhance the other person’s session and I am also representing Mistress. Anyway, let’s just say it went well and everyone had fun.

Mistress then had some tasks for me to complete afterwards which again went well and I duly did these whilst Mistress was enjoying some time on webcam. I can say this categorically because there was a lot of laughing coming from the room that Mistress was working from. Once Mistress had finished she kindly check my work and apart from a few minor details (that I swiftly rectified) was happy with the job. Then came a very strange situation where Mistress granted me an orgasm as a reward for me turning up and doing everything she asked (what a good slave), but try as Mistress might a certain part of me wasn’t responding today. After much trying Mistress gave up. I still don’t know why it didn’t respond, I’m not sure if it was due to me being there to be useful to Mistress and not for my benefit or pleasure. Maybe it was because I had an orgasm a few days earlier, who knows!
Following my failure to perform. It was time to load my car and Mistress’s and head off into the real world again. Pleased in the knowledge that I had been useful with minimal bumbling.

Between this visit and my latest visit I had the usual work stuff that had completely zapped my horny, needy and desperate self. So much so that I almost cancelled my visit, but luckily reminded myself that a session with Mistress always gets me back in a good place and gives me some escapism for a few hours. Mistress as ever reminded me of such and I duly arrive at my allotted time of 11am having been messaged my instruction before arrival. These were: to come in place any offerings that I had brought with me and then strip, take a deep breath and chant my mantra. I arrive, greet Mistress, place my offerings and get off to a poor start by informing and not asking Mistress if I can use the toilet. With me feeling suitably chastened I head off use the toilet strip and return downstairs and take some deep breaths. So many in-fact that Mistress asks from the other room why I wasn’t chanting my mantra. My response was that I was still trying to breathe and cleanse my mind. As I started to chant my mantra I felt a certain amount of stress leave me and after 5 or 6 repetitions (mindful of the last time where I didn’t put as much feeling into it) Mistress entered the room and I continued to chant with my head down until Mistress told me to stop and look up. I am met by Mistress looking just fabulous (as always), this time in shiny red figure hugging leggings and top. I can’t remember what we spoke about until Mistress told me to stand and offered me the wooden chair to sit on.

Mistress blindfolds me and then went about securing me to the chair with rope knowing it is one of my happy places. Also, reminding me that I should have left my shite at the front door and I can collect it on the way out. We have a chat about this and that whilst Mistress ties me in to the chair and finally gags me, gives me something to drop if I have any issues and leaves me too it. As much as I try my mind is still whirring with real world stuff and I just can’t switch off. At one point I almost drop my alert item because I just wanted to leave. However, on having a mental chat with myself I manage to switch my brain off and enjoy my surroundings. Mistress even relays a message from Slave Taquin and I respond a gagged muffled Hello back.

Mistress later returns and makes sure I am ok and then goes upstairs and I hear her gathering items and return downstairs. The sting of nipple clamps announces her arrival and then Mistress starts complaining about tangled wires, which I assume is the e-stim box wires and my heart sinks. However, it turns out it’s the wand lead (phew).

With the nipple clamps attached my head just drops and Mistress notes that I appear to have a much more submissive pose. With that there is a whack on my thigh. The sting of which takes my breath away. Then starts a period of being whacked on the thighs, nipple clamps tugged and Mistress teasing her very keen cock both with her hand and the wand. At one point Mistress grabs my head and pushes it into her lovely soft breasts and all I can breathe is the scent of her perfume and think I could die happy right here, right now.

After teasing and edging her property for I have no idea how long. With me trying my very best to not let things go over the edge. The gaps to edge get closer and closer, more so when Mistress is speaking to me in her lovely soft voice. Mistress announces that it’s time to let it go and (luckily) stands out of the way. As I get past the point of no return something builds up inside me and Mistress’s property recoils like I have never experienced before and BOOM. I can feel the cum surging out of me. However, I felt it would be a puddle on the floor but no apparently, I have shot across the room.

Mistress removes my blindfold and gag and allows me to look at the mess I have made and leaves me to enjoy my clear-thinking time. I mention to Mistress that she should add her details to the ‘erectile dysfunction’ leaflets you see in chemists. I don’t think I cum this hard even as a teenager.

Mistress slowly unties me and I clear up my mess. Go and redress mop the dungeon floor and sit down for a nice catch up with Mistress before once again it’s time to collect my shite at the door and back to it.

Not a massive amount to write about this time but it was a lovely relaxed enjoyable session and as always, I am most grateful to Mistress for the session.