Slave Sissy Mouse – Under Surveillance

When I say, “Jump!” My pets say, “How high?”  When I say, “Install security cameras in your home so I can watch your every move”, my pets say, “Yes Mistress”.

Why?  Because I am their Goddess and they dare not displease me.


Under surveillance.

I thought I would share my thoughts and feelings about the new tools that Mistress now has in her arsenal, namely a security webcam in my workspace/man cave.
This came about as always by Mistress planting a small seed in my brain and then letting me cultivate that said seed until I have purchased a security webcam and given Mistress uninterruptible access to it.

It has now been in action for around 3 weeks and because it is a security camera you have no idea if it’s being monitored or not. Although messages like “you will get fat” as I was sitting there eating an ice cream might give it away. Or a picture or video sent via WhatsApp just to make you realize you really are that fat. What makes my mind whir the most is there may or may not have been many more times I have been watched and I have known nothing about it. This is the scenario that gets my juices flowing because I think deep down I am a bit of an exhibitionist. Earlier in the year, I was having a session with Mistress and once I was firmly tied to a chair Mistress announced that someone was visiting. Mistress paused for long enough for my mind to race as to whom that might be, until finally telling me it was another slave that was coming to present something. Now of course if Mistress didn’t know me well then this would not have happened but the actual feeling of someone you have never met seeing you in such a position turned me on immensely. This now applies to the security camera. I doubt Mistress will show it to anyone else but if she does it will be someone she trusts and she will also know that in turn, it will make me very aroused if she ever tells me.

In addition to the above a few days later I was sat at my pc when the TeamViewer box appeared on my screen and with that the screen went black, when this happens I just walk away. However, about 5 minutes later I got an unexpected phone call from Mistress. Whatever she had been doing my antivirus software had overridden TeamViewer and shut down her access. Mistress informed me to cancel the antivirus scan and leave her to it. I did as instructed and a while later I had access returned to me. Mistress was on my pc for quite some time but I had been through everything I have access to (having lost admin rights a long time ago) and I cannot find anything new installed. This may be paranoia but I now think Mistress is watching my every move when I am at my pc. The antivirus was blocking a malware program and when I ran a scan after Mistress had finished there was nothing there. No sign of anything in the installed programs. I accept I am not that techie but I can usually root things out. What I did find was a list of allowed .exe files in my antivirus program. I go and try to block these but find Mistress has now placed a password on it and has in effect taken over my antivirus software. I have had this software for years and it has worked very well but I had no idea you could password protect it. As always Mistress being the Tech Goddess that she is found it very quickly.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and after Mistress had returned from her first holiday I receive a message asking me if I enjoyed my ‘Spag bol?’ I reply a little lost and receive a reply that makes me jump slightly. A video from the security cam (recorded whilst Mistress was away) of me eating a Chinese takeaway with a mate. Since then Mistress has sent me random pictures of me and even sent me a message a couple of days ago to disagree with a conversation I was having. However, the winner so far was a picture Mistress sent me of what I was looking at on my pc at that moment. It appears she now has real time access of what I am doing on my pc at any time. Mistress has informed me that she has installed spyware on my pc and is using me as a Guinea pig to learn all about it. She also told me that if my antivirus wasn’t so sensitive she would have never shown her hand.

Mistress also caught me completely by surprise whilst being on her second holiday. I have been conversing daily with Slave Taquin whilst Mistress has been on both holidays. We have been giving each other a bit of support and help with the neediness that comes about when you miss the contact with Mistress. Unfortunately, Taquin was suffering quite badly one day and I was writing a very understanding email in return and sharing some tips about how I deal with my neediness without bothering Mistress. Once I had finished and sent the email there was another email in the conversation just below the one I had just sent. This email was not written in a very understanding way and it was telling Taquin how I had been talking with Mistress, how he was going to be in Mistress’s bad books and that I was fine because I had been looking after him. I looked at the email and had a massive flap because I couldn’t for a moment work out how this had been sent. This was explained when I picked up my phone to discover Mistress had accessed my phone and sent the email as me to Tarquin. Worse still I got a reply about 10 minutes later from Taquin asking why I would send such an email and then send an understanding one a bit later. During this time, I received a text from Mistress to say she had a few moments and decided to terrorize her pets. This was duly achieved and I also reported that Tarquin was very confused about the emails. What I didn’t know at that time was that Tarquin’s reply was also from Mistress and she was playing us against each other. I didn’t know this until a few hours later when Tarquin (I think) emailed me to say Mistress had locked him out of his email account on his phone and he didn’t know what had happened until he could get to his laptop. I also learned that Mistress had read our entire email conversation. This was made very apparent to me when Mistress very kindly sent me a smoking JOI clip with her teasing the viewer. She sent this because my email to Taquin told of how I watch one of Mistress’s clips when I feel needy but never a JOI clip unless I’m feeling masochistic. I also wrote in an email of how much Twitter access I had on my phone (my only Twitter access. I have not been permitted any Twitter access on my pc for a few months) on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday have been a whole minute for a few weeks. This has now changed to roughly about a minute every day, although I have now found a way around it and will have to confess this. Probably right after Mistress has read this!

What I have learned from all this is I like being watched. Opening yourself up warts and all to someone is scary but also very arousing. It is a very love hate relationship but sometimes I completely forget about the camera and that gives Mistress complete unedited access to me.