Slave Sissy Mouse’s Cleaning Duties – By Sissy Mouse


Cleaning day at the HOD

My latest visit to the House of Deelight was for my postponed session from a few weeks ago due to both Mistress and myself being ill.

Mistress had enquired a week or so before if I was free all day on the 9th of October which of course even if I wasn’t I would make damn sure I was for Mistress. Mistress then explained that the HOD needed a deep clean and that she would be there all day doing webcam sessions and I was to turn up at 10am and spend the day cleaning. Mistress also informed me that she would also be using me as a prop for some of her webcam sessions.

Some of you may read this and think how is this a session. Why would you want to effectively pay to clean? Well let me explain that I am always at
Mistress’s beck and call for ANYTHING she needs doing. I get to spend the day with Mistress (which must be a chore for her). Mistress has very high standards and expects an excellent job so I am under pressure for the entire time. I am at her whim to use and abuse me a she fancies. What is there not to like about this offer

Friday 10 am and I arrive at the same time as Mistress. I unload her car whilst Mistress opens up and then bring my cleaning items into the house. I am immediately told to change into my maids outfit and return. Mistress then informs me that she may go out later to take some photos and will be taking me with her dressed up as her not so glamorous assistant; that was something I wasn’t expecting and I start the day very nervous. Mistress informs me to start with the kitchen whilst she gets ready. Mistress wants all the cabinets emptied cleaned and everything returned to exactly the same place. Mistress also informs me that any dust or dirt I miss anywhere will result in me cleaning it again with my tongue!

I start on the kitchen and all the while babbling away to Mistress whilst she is trying to get ready and catch up on Hollyoaks. After a while Mistress sends me to get nipple clamps and attach them to remind me to be quiet. I return to my cleaning with the constant reminder of the nipple clamps to stay quiet. After about half an hour Mistress tells me to go to the medical room and return with the box of pegs and some gloves. I duly do as I am told and return, Mistress applies the pegs to my balls and sends me back to work. Then after what seems like forever but is in fact no more than a few minutes I start to feel very weird and as much as it pains me to say, the nipple clamps and pegs where just too much to handle. Mistress was not very pleased with me due to not being able to deal with the pain but more so for not asking permission to remove them earlier. Mistress grants permission to remove the nipple clamps and carry on. Once these are removed I can just about deal with the pegs which are being pushed about as I get up and down the steps cleaning the cupboards. Again after a while the pain of the pegs on my balls is too much. Mistress tells me to remove them but I am doing so too gently and she takes over.  OMFG! I am almost dancing on the spot and drop to my knees when she finishes. I apologise to Mistress for going soft and not being able to take it to which she replies that she will have to toughen me up in our next session.

hot - latex- dominatrix

Finally after about an hour the kitchen is done and Mistress returns in her outfit for the day. It’s a latex outfit that is stunning with Mistress in it and it’s very hard not to stand in front of her wide mouthed. Luckily I am then sent to the bathroom to clean and also to tidy the cupboard that contains the sissy clothes once again anything missed will be cleaned again with my tongue. So I crack on with laughing and general goings on downstairs as Mistress carries out her webcam sessions, about half way through cleaning the bathroom I am summoned by Mistress. On arrival Mistress informs me that the slave on webcam wants to see her whip me. So I stand against the wall and take a small whipping and I am then dismissed and return to cleaning. A little while later Mistress summons me again this time she informs me I am to stand against the wall for some ball busting. Mistress pulls my outfit over my head and tells me to put my bum out and spread my legs 3 kicks in total 2 gentle and 1 which is not! She then tells me to turn round and take 3 more once again 2 gentle and one that makes me drop to my knees. Mistress shouts at me not to be such a wimp and to get up and as I do Mistress slaps me across the face, all for the entertainment of the person on webcam. I am then dismissed again and return to cleaning. A very short time later Mistress summons me again and tells me she is going to give me a face slapping. I kneel before her so that the person on webcam can see and Mistress enquires if we have done this before. I reply that we have not and Mistress Says “Well that’s about to change” and tells me I am to receive 10 slaps, 5 on each cheek and to count and thank her for each one. Whack goes the first one and that hurt but I keep my composure until we get to 6 which I think is 7 and because I lose count the rule is we start again. We start again and get to 2 and Mistress catches me completely by surprise by spitting in my face and I almost lose count. Finally I remember to count to 10 and I am once again dismissed. I return to cleaning with a very red warm face. Once Mistress has finished her session she comes to check I am ok as it was very bish bash bosh. I thank her and tell her I enjoyed it very much and it had taken me by surprise.Mistress once again returns to role and tells me to get on with the cleaning as she doesn’t want to still be here at midnight. I carry on and finish upstairs and start downstairs in the dungeon room. Mistress finishes what she is doing and goes and inspects upstairs. Luckily my cleaning had passed the test and Mistress was in-fact very pleased with the job I had done.

A while later and the cleaning is finished apart from a floor mop when we leave so Mistress grants me the honour of enjoying my late lunch, a tuna sandwich broken up in the dog bowl on the floor. Mistress was a little disappointed that I didn’t get a sandwich she liked because she would have liked to have chewed it up and spat it out for me to eat Yummy! So instead Mistress just turns her back on me in disgust as I chase the bits of sandwich around the bowl. Once finished I ask Mistress if I may have a drink to which she muses on whether she should go and use the toilet and allow me to lap out of the bowl afterwards. Mistress decides that’s a treat for another day and to go get a drink.

Mistress gets changed out of her work clothes and has a final inspection of the cleaning whilst I load her car and mine. Luckily it’s a good job and I am dismissed.

Once again a massive thank you to Mistress for very enjoyable and different visit to the House of Deelight and some new adventures enjoyed.


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