Slave Speedy

Slave Speedy, owned by Mistress R’eal and very kindly lent to me by her because of his pathetic desperation while she was in recovery from her operation, came to visit me so I decided to give him a bit of something he wasn’t used to.  I used him a rope bunny, firstly practising my new favourite party piece, the rope harness and then I decided to torture him with a good hour of edging and orgasm denial.  The silly fool, in his rock hard state, decided he would take his punishment before having the chance to orgasm.  Well, what a silly decision that was, as his paddling, cropping and single tail bull whipping certainly made his tiny little cock (laced with viagra) shrivel back to the size it normally is and he only had half an orgasm!  hahaha! Serves you right, Speedy!

ropes_and_knots_bondage (2)

ropes_and_knots_bondage (1)

ropes_and_knots_bondage (6)


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