Slave Spunky Specs – Distance Control Diary – Week 2

When you sign up for even just a week of my distance control service, you will soon find that your day’s are all the more dull without me in your life, once your time with me is up. It is inevitable therefore that you are going to sign up to have me in your life more regularly. Slave Spunky Specs returned for another week at my beck and call and he wasn’t expecting a lot of what came up!  Excuse the grammar in this write up, he isn’t English and I don’t have time to correct it all!

cleavage tease

Every adventure with Mistress Deelight begins the moment you convince yourself you will be in her control.

I was so amazed by my first week under her control that I knew I was going to come back sooner rather than later. I love delaying pleasure, so I tried to stay away for a couple of weeks in order to get myself really worked up and ready to serve. It was not an easy task, especially when Mistress emailed me for my journal and later on gave me my slave name (Slave Spunky Specs).

Obviously I kept track of her Twitter page and continued fantasizing about her all the time but it was one very incredible night that I KNEW I needed her back in my days.

I was having a particular horny night and started fooling around with my wife. I am usually in control during sex and this time was no different. I ate her pussy like Mistress had instructed me to do and was now in the process of fucking her.

All of a sudden I got this amazing feeling that Mistress was in the room with us but only I could see her. She would climb on the bed and grab me from behind. One hand on my throat and the other on my ass. I kept fucking my wife harder and faster with the thought that Mistress was doing the same to me. Before I could continue my fantasy my wife started cumming and I did too.

The very next morning I emailed Mistress and set the date for my second week of control.

Day 1

I work late nights so I am usually up around noon, which is terrible for my routine and prevents me from living a very active and healthy life. I just don’t have much motivation to get up early. EXCEPT TODAY!

Woke up bright and early, a great big smile on my face, my heart rising with excitement because today I get to hear from Mistress. My alarm clock got me up to send the morning text and after that I just couldn’t get back to bed. I did my chores, moved around the house and even went for a quick walk.

I did all that to pass the time between my original message and Mistress’ instruction for the day. It took a couple of hours to hear back from her, but when I did I was over the moon with joy!

She really picked things up from where we left off on our cam session a while back. Tie your cock, get your toys out, insert your butt plug, edge, worship Mistress and DO NOT CUM. Where last week I had to edge for 5 to 10 min today we started at 30!! I have to confess I couldn’t do them straight and really needed a few breaks so keep from exploding. I can’t cum; I won’t cum unless Mistress wants.

This time around the edging and knot did not give me the usual blue balls or sore cock. This time I felt a lot more comfortable and excited so by the end it was pure enjoyment. A couple of times I felt that even a deep heavy breath would make me cum!

As always I texted back to Mistress and reported my behavior. I even send her photos of my playtime so she knows I am following her every direction. In the end I got my favorite praise “Good boy!”

This is just the start of my second week. I am really looking forward to the next couple of days…

Day 2

Today’s task started as a very pleasant surprise and ended up with me in trouble.

Mistress requested that I put on my creative cap and write a story based on a fantasy of my choosing. My mind went straight to the crazy fantasy that got me back into her control and I relished the idea of spending some time working through that scenario and putting my thoughts on paper.

As if things weren’t interesting enough, Mistress requested that I write my story with my cock and balls tied up and my butt plug inserted. This part got me so excited that I lost focus and thus came my mistake.

As I inserted the plug I started masturbating. I knew I was not going to cum but I kept stroking and then continued doing it while I wrote the story. When I finished it I emailed it to Mistress and told her how horny I was from spending a couple of hours “tied up and stroking”.

My mistake is pretty obvious by now. Mistress’ response was almost immediate “I did not tell you to stroke”. When I got her text I have to admit it made me smile. She got me; she had me completely (and literally) by the balls. She was right, and nothing I could say or do was going to change the fact that I stepped out of line and was going to pay for it.

I know she was not pleased with me, but I also feel like somewhere a devilish smile was aimed at me. Mistress told me that tomorrow I was not to ask for instructions, but for my punishment. So many fantasies and ideas are flying through my head that I don’t know if I’m scared or excited about tomorrow.

I guess I’ll have to go to bed early to find out.

Day 3 

Yesterday I did not make my Mistress happy. I overstepped my boundaries and today she has punished me accordingly.

I woke up with an interesting mix of nervousness and excitement. I feel being punished for unwanted behavior is a very big part of my training so being dominated this way excites me.

The last couple of days Mistress has taken a few hours to reply to my morning text, but today she was almost immediate. She knows I an up for punishment and was very direct and involved through out the day. Her command was to find as many pegs as I could and sit tight. I noticed she did not call me “pet”, “boy”, or even “slave”, she wants me to feel her disappointment and I want to make her please again.

This was not looking good because I knew what she was going to ask with those pegs. It’s like being in a rollercoaster seconds before it drops, only those seconds lasted a couple of hours. I left the pegs in the couch and kept walking past them over and over.

After an eternity of waiting I got Mistress’ next text: put on the pegs on my balls and cock and send her proof. I stripped in the living room, start putting some pegs on myself and sent her a picture. Being this the first time doing it I thought I was doing quiet well, it was painful but not extreme, I actually had a hard on for a while.

She was not please with the number of pegs I used and immediately made me put on more all over myself. I added more, this time feeling the sting of them. I texted her back and she decided to make me wait for her reply. I tried moving around and taking my mind of the pain but I simply couldn’t. In part because of this sinking feeling in my chest that reminded me I was being punished and controlled.

She replied later on and told me to get on my knees and imagine her voice chastising me for my behavior. This was a whole new experience, being totally alone at home, in a very compromising state and completely dedicated to Mistress.

I texted her a few times, telling her that this was a painful and uncomfortable state. After 20 minutes I realized I had not properly apologized for my mistake, I had only acknowledged it. This attitude comes from my professional life, where I have enough authority not to apologize for my mistakes but to work around them. I guess with Mistress, that really doesn’t matter, she gets what she wants and I am here to please her and behave.

After a while I was released from my punishment, Mistress texted me “You have learned your lesson” and of that I am totally sure! Tomorrow will be a very exciting day.

Day 4 

Yesterday I ended up having a very stressful day at work. It was so bad that the earlier punishment with Mistress seemed months removed. It really pains me to say that for a couple of hours I couldn’t even fantasize of what had just happened to me. It was even hard to sleep, kept waking up and tossing around in bed. Today I woke up and texted Mistress, but was still so tired I went back to bed and slept for a few more hours.

Woke up with a hard on, ate breakfast with a hard on, took a shower with a hard on, and I am proud to say I kept my hands of my cock. I did wear the tightest boxers I had and put on slim fits jeans to get some kind of pressure on my cock but I did not stroke.

After all that I checked my phone and there was Mistress’ reply. I like that she comes to me without a concern in the world, always on top of it all. Her text was very playful, teasing me if I was going to be allowed to stroke or not, she is calling me by my pet name again. This made me smile, all the shit I went through yesterday didn’t matter at all. This is what I enjoy about my distance control, being able to let go, become a toy, and have a great time in the process!

After a few messages in which Mistress relished in my suffering I was allowed to stroke for five minutes. My first thought was “I guess I need to earn my way back to 30 minutes.” but the truth is I am so horny I wouldn’t have lasted more than 5.

I was ordered to do this 3 times today, the last one happening in the evening while my wife was home. I hid in the bathroom and for some reason that made me even hornier. I like the idea of sneaking around doing Mistress’ bidding!

I am in the middle of my work shift, things are smoother today so I get to write this up and fantasies about Mistress for a while.

Day 5 

Mistress is driving me insane. I had to stop my edging session and start typing SOMETHING to deal with how horny I am right now.

I woke up horny as hell, total blue balls from what has been a very exciting week of control. I texted Mistress but I knew I couldn’t sit still at home waiting for her reply. The temptation to stroke and cum is just too much.

Jumped out of bed, took a shower, got dressed and walked to a cafe to buy eat some breakfast. I was trying my hardest but I knew that the moment I got a text from Mistress I was going to run back home to do whatever she told me. After an hour or so just sitting there I walked back to home.

It was around mid afternoon that I got her text “Are you alone?” Wow… that got me excited. I told her I was for the next couple of hours and then she made me wait a little more.

She texted some very hot instructions, I ran out of my desk, stripped, jumped to bed and started my anal training and edging. From the moment I touched myself I knew I was close to summing. I did my best to keep up but had to stop. I am writing this now with my cock hard as a rock, dripping precum, my butt plug inserted and my hands shaking. I texted Mistress telling her how close I was even sent her a quick video to prove it. I’m looking at my phone wondering what her reply will be… she did not tell me to stop and she did not ask for the video… I just hope this ends well for me.

Day 6 

I am happy to say that Mistress was thrilled with my suffering and level of horniness.  My morning text with Mistress was very amusing; she asked if I was enjoying her control, which I had to say HELL YES!

Today I was going to spend most of the day with the wife and wasn’t going to get a lot of time for myself. Mistress doesn’t mind that and once again actually instructed me to please my wife and only my wife. I was not supposed to cum or have any please for myself.

Last time Mistress told me to do this it went great with my wife! Today, not so much. I told her I was going to please her, which she liked, and started using my fingers and tongue to get her very close to an orgasm. She told me to stop so we could cum together but I kept on going trying to obey Mistress. My wife came and then tried to give me a blowjob to return the favor.

As she was starting to touch me, my blue balls were in full effect. She obviously has no idea the suffering my cock and balls have gone through this week so when she started grabbing and stroking pain rushed all over my back! I had to ask her to stop and made up some lame excuse, which she did not entirely buy. She told me to rest and we would fuck later that day.

I reported back to Mistress and let her know of my wife’s plans. Her answer was a very deviant “What a predicament!” She is expecting me to follow her command.

Day 7 

Last day of my week of control. Last time ended with an incredible Skype session, but this time I wanted to see what it would be like to keep it strictly on text messages.

Last night my wife ended up going to bed early so we did not fuck and I was able to complete my instructions for the day! Today was a totally different story. I texted Mistress to let her know just how horny I was and that I was still spending the day at home with my wife. She was very pleased that I did not cum the day before.

After yesterday’s awkward rejecting of my wife’s blowjob, today I ran out of reason for not wanting to cum with her. Horny as hell and having just received a “Good boy!” message from Mistress was just too much. Around noon my wife and me had a great fuck and when I was ready to cum I tried my hardest to stop it. I ended up ruining my orgasm to a light drip of cum but my wife did not notice it.

At least I had gotten my wife off my back but now I needed to inform Mistress that I cam without permission. Two faults in one week, I knew she was going to make me suffer but her punishment is something I truly did not expect or enjoyed.

It was around mid afternoon and I was told to masturbated and cum every hour until the evening. The first time I read the message it just seemed troublesome because I had to sneak and jerk off without my wife finding out, but later in the day I realized just how awful it is to keep forcing orgasms. First one went smoothly, it was actually a relief to cum properly. Before I knew it I had to do it again, and this time it took a lot of heavy duty stroking to cum. After that came the third and fourth, both took around 15 minutes of stroking and my cock was just not getting hard any more. The fifth by far was the worst, it took me forever to have an orgasm, I even had a finger in my ass to try and get aroused. When I came it was nothing more than a drop. I was covered in sweat and not feeling particularly satisfied.

The question here is why would I still do it? Letting Mistress control me while I’m horny is amazing. I love delaying pleasure; I even enjoyed the CBT at the beginning of the week. Following orders is great when your mind is in a state of arousal and in those moments I’ve learned a lot of myself and what I am willing to try. But today wasn’t about that at all. So why do it? The only answer that makes sense to me is that I find it very exciting being her slave. I like that she is present in my day to day and that she tells me how to feel and when to feel it. Anyone can edge and punish him or herself alone at home, but what’s the fun in that? I also feel that it’s fair that some days are for my own excitement but most of them are just to please her.

As I was thinking all that I got her last text of the night “Who’s in control?” Maybe in a different day and in a different situation I would say that I am. But not with Mistress, she is in control and I just lucky to be here



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