Slave Spunky Specs – Distance Control Journal

Another late submission on my part due to illness. But the other week I had the pleasure of being entertained by a new distance slave; Slave Spunky Specs! A name I’ve given to him because he literally hit himself in his glasses when he finally gained relief! Slave Spunky Specs isn’t from the UK so this is a great example of how my distance control can work across the oceans and that distance is no object when it comes to being one of my Slaves.  I am sure you will all welcome him to the House of Deelight and enjoy reading his journal from one week of distance control.

strap-on goddess dominatrix

Day 1

My story started a week before my first text message to Mistress Deelight. I ran into her site two weeks ago and was completely overwhelmed with all the images, videos, tweets and, most of all, her presence.

I’ve scheduled “shows” with cam girls before but Mistress just seemed like the woman that could take me where I wanted. So, I talked myself into sending her an email and started waiting.

She got in touch with me really quickly and we decided on a day for the appointment. It was 1 week away! To be honest it drove me crazy waiting for an entire week. I kept going to her sites and social media pages to get my fix but always looking forward for our session. The day came and I had to move the appointment 5 more days later. Mistress understood but forbid me to cum until we were together. I thought this was just a tease, but now I understand she was simply controlling me from the beginning.

It was so exciting! I kept fantasizing what she could do to me. But it happened again, the day before our session I had to move it. That time I realized that moving the session was not a problem, what would be a problem is losing Mistress’ control over me, even if she hadn’t said a single word! I decided to give the distance control training a shot.

I emailed her again, committed to her rules, and didn’t even schedule a new session. I know she is in control now and that is what I want.

Day 2

Early morning, usually wake up pretty late in the day so had to set an alarm to text Mistress. Thought I was going to be able to get a few more hours of sleep but the excitement was too much. Took a shower feeling really great about myself. There is something about getting ready to serve a powerful woman that really gets you pumped up for the day.

Mistress replied with a delicious “Good morning slave” and started a very intense day of teasing. I was ordered to find something around my house to tie my balls and my cock. For the next 7 HOURS I needed to keep myself tied up, stroke every hour, do not cum, and report back to Mistress.

I knew I was in trouble after the second hour. My cock was hard and my balls were already starting to hurt. Every time I texted Mistress I got a text back with messages like “Good boy”, “I am please you are suffering”, “Only 3 more to go”. She kept me on edge as much as my masturbating.

At some point I had to run some errands. I looked for my tightest boxer briefs to hold my cock and balls but in the end I left the house in pain and with an obvious bulge on my pants. It was hilarious and super exciting walking around completely tied up for Mistress.

The last couple of hours where a challenge. The pain was a mix of blue balls and the knot around my junk. Mistress made the suffering extremely pleasing by telling me there was a chance she would let me cum, all I had to do was choose heads or tails and wait for an answer.

During my last stroking I decided to go heads, maybe still thinking I was somehow in control of what was happening to me. Mistress took her time; I was in suspense for 15 minutes. She replied back TAILS and my cock almost exploded in agony.

Mistress was pleased, she is leading me to what I know will be an intense webcam session later on. If today was just the beginning I can’t wait for tomorrow’s challenge. I am going to bed right now, with sore balls and a happy cock.

Day 3

Today has been a surprise once again. I am sitting here with balls ready to explode, a cock that won’t go limb and a smile on my face.

Mistress likes to be messaged at 8am but I was holding my phone since 7:30, waiting for the moment to text her. As soon as the clock hit 7:58 I hit send. I was polite, said hello, confirmed I was willing and ready to follow her commands. I also let her know that my plans included spending time with my wife throughout the day. Yesterday was a 7-hour challenge so I was concerned that having less time alone would mean my experience was going to be less intense.

I was wrong. She surprised me within minutes with a delicious set of pictures. The message was “Edge to this and report back”. Edging is a difficult concept today, it usually means you stroke for a while and stop when you are close to cumming. I am so horny that I was ready to cum by just seeing those images!! It was a matter of stroking twice and I was ready to go. My balls are hurting so much I have to lay down and spread my legs. I spent 15 minutes in that state until my wife came back home.

I reported back to Mistress and when I thought the day was over she went a step further: I was ordered to please my wife using just my tongue and fingers. Her command was to focus completely on her, be selfless and generous. That also meant that I was not allowed to cum. I started fooling around with my wife and then I decided to repeat Mistress’ words “I want to focus on you. I don’t have to cum.” I did not expect those words to have such a positive reaction on her!

In the end, my wife put a stop to my advances and left for work. Even though we did not do it, she is extremely happy with me. The fact that I tried to please her over my own selfish interest has surprised her and made her extremely happy. I know this is something she will remember fondly. I will soon find the opportunity to complete Mistress’ command but for now she has made a very positive impact.

The day is wrapping up and from a scale of 1 to 10 my blue ball level is at an 8. I keep looking at the pictures I got in the morning, slowly stroking and fantasizing about tomorrow’s challenge.

Day 4

M alarm sounded and I immediately grabbed my phone to report to Mistress. The hard on and blue balls have not improved since last night, but at least today I was able to walk. Mistress replied back within minutes as she usually does. Today she was busy, she was rushing through her morning and I was ordered to sit tight and wait for her instructions.

I love not knowing when the next text message will land. I go about my day as if everything is normal, but I know that as soon as my phone vibrates things can get crazy.

Around noon Mistress instructed me to buy one of her worship videos and masturbate. I bought her Breast Worship Tease video from the store and spent the afternoon completely hypnotized by her body and her voice.

If anything, the fact that today I got to hear her voice and stare at her eyes has gotten my heart pumping and my cock even harder. She sounds so strong, seductive, so in control of everything I am doing. At this point I am so horny and seduced that I will agree to anything she asks me to do.

Everything gets me aroused today, and watching that video for the sixth time got me right to the edge. I do not want to misbehave so I jumped to the shower and threw cold water at my cock to get it to calm down. I told this to Mistress and she was wise enough to recommend a pint of water and some ice for my balls. Like I said, I agree to anything she says.

It has been a while since my last message with Mistress; the water has helped cool me off.  I am off to bed, with no idea what tomorrow will bring and that gets me excited once more.

Day 5

Woke up to a very rainy and cold day, I am happy the weather is like this because I need to cool off this morning before texting Mistress. I feel a little embarrassed because I texted her 5 minutes late, but apparently she did not mind.

I was shocked once more by an amazing picture and a message that read “Kneel and edge for 20 minutes”. Wow was it exciting to be on my knees looking at her delicious body, jerking very slowly (in part because my balls are extra sensitive right now). I had an amazing time fantasizing about Mistress and promising to devote myself to her every command.

I finished masturbating and of course reported back to Mistress. I told her I was being a good boy and that the excitement was making my entire body ache for her. Her reply was another incredible photo. When I thought I had too much already she made me edge for 5 more minutes looking at her pictures. I have to say I couldn’t complete the 5 minutes, it was just too much.

I made an interesting discovery about my cock today too. Obviously I am used to seeing precum on my cock but it usually is a light drip that you could squeeze out with one stroke and clean up easily. Today after my second edging, the precum ran down my cock like it was an open faucet. I was worried I had actually ruined my orgasm but I did not feel any of the usual tension or relief. I have actually squirted precum! My cock and balls are so stimulated that it’s becoming harder to control myself.

Since I want to obey Mistress and deny myself an orgasm, I’ve been running around the house like a mad man. Cleaned the kitchen, bathrooms, vacuumed, cooked some food, folded laundry and all that in one hour. I still have the rest of the day to go and I’m extremely aroused.

I’m checking my phone every 10 minutes. Part of me is excited to get another command from Mistress but also dreading that I might not be able to handle any more teasing. This has been an amazing experience; every day is exciting and different.

Day 6

I texted Mistress early in the morning like she likes and waited patiently for her response. This time it took her a while to answer back and it ended up being a very hectic day for her. She was very sincere and let me know she wasn’t going to be completely available to command me so I was to be a good boy, behave and let Mistress take care other priorities.

It’s incredible how having her attention for the week has made me appreciate her so much more. It is incredible how she can take time; send me the simplest commands and change my day and my mood instantly.

If anything this week I have learned to take leaps forward in getting the kind of sexual experiences I want. So I grabbed my wallet and went straight to the closest sex shop and bought my very first butt plug!

As soon as I got home I texted a picture to Mistress in hopes of getting her approval. Obviously she was very pleased and instructed me to keep it locked until our session.

Today gave me the breathing room I needed to relax my cock and prepare myself for tomorrow’s session. I know it will be amazing!

Day 7

Today I met Mistress! We scheduled our webcam session at 1pm so that meant that I spent my entire morning horny and excited. I had to get an early start to my workday, had to do some chores around the house, had to catch up on the news and nonsense of the world. For some reason today every task I did seemed to take just seconds.

As I was going crazy watching the time go by, I got a text from Mistress asking if we could start early!!! I ran to get my laptop ready, get my brand spanking new toy out of the box and set myself up for my 1-on-1 time with Mistress. I can safely say that from now on I will get a hard on when I hear the Skype tone.

She was gorgeous as usual, extremely funny and sweet. We had a quick conversation, the basics on who I was, what I wanted, she added her own twist on things always making me feel excited about what was going to happen to me.

Word of advice here: be honest! It would be a waste of time to talk to Mistress and not be completely open about what you want. The reason being, she knows how to give you what you ask for AND THEN SOME!

It was an amazing feeling following her instructions, not really knowing what she was going to ask for next. I was ready to cum from the first minute and she knew it! She teased the hell out of me and I tried my best to keep up. We eventually got around to playing with my butt plug, which was an entire new experience for me and one I hope to repeat soon with her.

By far my favorite part was hearing her sweet voice telling me how she was using and abusing me for her own pleasure. I needed to let go and have a powerful woman take control over me and I got that today. When it was time to cum Mistress was generous and allowed me to explode, and by explode I mean EXPLODE! I ended up with cum all over myself; even my face and glasses got squirted. It was hilarious and one of the best orgasms I’ve had in a long time.

Mistress had a great smile on her face after I came, so I am pleased to have made her happy. I was really looking forward to our time together and it was totally and completely worth it. She is a unique experience!

My control is over for now, I think I’ll need a few days to recover from such an intense week but I know I’ll be knocking on Mistress’ door soon enough.

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