Slave Stoffi Week in Chastity

A few weeks ago I welcomed a new onboard the kinky train; Slave Stoffi from Germany.  That’s right Slaves, Mistress has servants everywhere, not just here in the UK.  Slave Stoffi first introduced himself to me with a Skype session, during which he showed me his chastity device.  I felt that it was only right for my new slave to really learn what being owned and locked meant, so I set him a task to remain locked into his device for an entire week.  A week in chastity is quite a tough challenge for a first timer, and even more so for someone as young as he, at the age of 25.  I instructed Slave Stoffi, to report to me daily, via email, to describe to me his experience of first time, chastity.   Here, I share his diary.  (Please note that I have not altered his words, these are exactly as he has written them, bear in mind that English is not his first language).

First Night:

Hello Miss Deelight,

Attached you’ll find a small clip because my camaraderie for photo isn’t working.

I’m locked in chastity again.

Thanks for the fabulous session;)

Snapshot 1 (15-07-2013 18-05)

Day 1:

My résumé after my almost first day in chastity is, it feels really strange to be locked! Can’t even go jogging or driving bike! But I’ll keep locked as said!

Day 2:

My résumé after my second day in chastity.

Today I tried to jogging, feels really strange to have a device between the legs and it makes stupid sounds while I walk;) But feel an bit better with the device as yesterday;) I took it not off today for shower but I must doit tomorrow after my jogging otherwise is it unhygienic.

Day 3:

Today was my locked in chastity.

I must say it feels really annoyed not be able to wank, but I take the challenge;) Today I had also an football match but I didn’t played because its an bit hard with the device between the legs;) Resume after my in chastity is it feels really strange;)

Day 4:

Today we had an reallllly hot summer day and it was wearing a short but it was really hard to secure the spot so now one could see I’m wearing a chastity —> was really hard but now one have seen it:p I’ve read yesterday again your blog post about the “wanker hospital” and a double dome session with Mistress Real, it had hurt really much if my dick get hard but can’t really:( So I was forced to go sleep with thinking off you and blue balls:(

This was my 4. Day just 3 left;)

Day 5:

Today was my 5. Day in chastity.

I can’t describe the feeling to get an hard dick while its locked in chastity, it’s just pain.

Today was again an really nice summer day with around 33 degrees:) the right weather to go on the sea;) I had to think about what I shall wear so now one sees that I’m wearing an chastity! I found an solution, just not go into the water:(

Now I’m laying at home in the sun with an nice drink;)

Day 6:

Today at my 6. Day locked in chastity I feel really naughty;) I can’t wait to get unlocked;) how are you?

I was today inhospital after I got an big allergic shockbut now I’m home againand I feel little better, but I’ve no hairs left on my head the have cut everything down to 1 mm:( Can’t wait to get unlocked because now it’s feels also I must clean my dick, 7 days without cleaning is ugly!!!

Day 7:

Now today was my last day in chastityand If you want see me unlock me, tell me a time you want, I can after 9:30-9:45pm!

Would you write a blog post about my week in chastity? If, just ask if you need anything more from me;)

My last day was really easy, just had any meetings at work but now I’m at home and just wait to unlock me so I can jump maybe on cam but definitely under the shower;)

Thank you Miss Deelight for the experience to be locked;)


I’m really proud about me;)

My first wank was so intense that I could believe it;) I came two times, uhh;) Thank you again for this experience!!!


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Being locked in Chastity isn’t as easy as it looks, is it slave?



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