Slave Taquin – 10 Days of Tormet

Another slave who had felt sorrow at a brief period of calm during his chastity period, is Slave Taquin. He too felt the force of Hurricane Deelight this week when I used what I know about him, to mess with his mind and turn him into a wreck both mentally and physically.  The thing you should all bear in mind Pets is that even when I am not immediately available or seemingly engaged in our D/s relationship, I am ALWAYS plotting my next move, patiently and strategically. You are but chess pieces to me, each of you is carefully placed and arranged.  I will keep you right in the position I want you in until I am ready to move you as the game progresses.


10 days of torment

Following a fabulous session  10 days ago Mistress gave me a couple of days to come to my senses. It gave me time to write and submit my session blog while still trying to work out why I had enjoyed it so much. Being strapped to a chair for two and a half hours whilst being teased and tortured with electrics to the point of telling Mistress everything she wanted to know was never one of my fantasies. I still don’t really understand why it had such a profound impact on me, but I am sure Mistress does. That is all that really matters after all.

On Friday I received an instruction from Mistress. It was simply to massage my balls for 5 minutes on the hour every hour until tea time. It is so different doing something like this knowing that it is Mistress who has told you to do it. I did exactly as I was told. I set the alarm on my phone. Every time it went off I would set the timer for 5 minutes and then start massaging my balls whilst flicking through twitter or the internet on my phone. By tea time that night my balls were nicely filled and crying out to be relieved. This of course can not happen locked as I am in my chastity device.

On Saturday Mistress just left me hanging with the phrase ‘I wonder what else might still be in store’. This was enough to keep me checking texts to see what Mistress was planning for me. Nothing else was said but I was focused on Mistress all day nonetheless.

On Sunday Mistress ordered me to tie up my balls. This I did and sent Mistress a picture to show my compliance. Doing this when your balls are already confined by the Stainless Steel ring of the chastity device is easy but can also be problematic. The problem for me is potential soreness. I have been wearing the device 24/7 now for 12 weeks. It has only been removed twice in that time, and that was whilst in session at the HOD. As others who are in chastity will know the body can start to complain at the constant rubbing and constriction. I have used sudacrem (and occasionally savlon if I have become a little raw in certain areas) to manage so far. I think I am coping remarkably well but the addition of a rope binding to swollen balls can only be tolerated for so long. In this case it was 4 hours, after which I had to send the text to Mistress asking that I should be allowed to untie myself. She kindly agreed that I could do so and told me to massage my balls for 5 minutes. This was kind of her and I enjoyed it.

The following day things got a bit more serious. Mistress instructed me to order myself a butt plug! Now I have only ever had one session involving anal play (again I was surprised to find I enjoyed it). To be told to buy myself a butt plug, and therefore to realise that I was to be made to wear it (is that the correct phrase?) was therefore somewhat daunting. In the past I might have questioned the need for this. I don’t do that anymore. I know I have no choice in the matter. I searched all of the potential sources for butt plugs and suggested what looks like a suitable ‘beginners model’ for me. I await its arrival with customary trepidation.

It was actually on Tuesday of this week that Mistress set the task that has almost finished me off. Having been made to disclose my personal details at our last session she now instructed me to write 1000 words on the subject of Femdom Blackmail. The task was to be completed by Friday. This is a subject that has really got to me recently. For me it means ‘no way out’ and feeds my need to be helpless and controlled.I suspect, based upon past experience, that Mistress has two main objectives from setting a task like this. Firstly she knows that in the process of thinking / fantasising about it I will work myself into a self induced frenzy and secondly she knows that she will gain an ever better insight into this particular Slaves weaknesses. And of course once the task has been set I can do absolutely nothing about it.

I set about the task on the Tuesday and made a little progress. Work and other things got in the way and so I was only able to spend about an hour on it. In doing so however the task had got into my head, and into Mistresses property locked in its cage. Thoughts went round and round in my head and my torment intensified. The physical effect of all of this is difficult to deal with sometimes. Multiple attempted erections within the cage leave my cock and balls tender and sore. Sometimes I am thankful for having a small cock (I never thought that I would say those words!). The benefit is that I can wear a small chastity cage and it is therefore very discreet. The problem is that it is such a small cage that any attempted erection very quickly leads to great discomfort. This has been really bad this week. It has been made worse by my knowledge that Mistress wont release me from this torment until my current contract ends in April. I hope at least that I will be allowed out during sessions at the HOD, but even that pleasure was denied me last time. By Thurs lunchtime I had to tell Mistress that I was an absolute mess. I could think of nothing else but being mercilessly controlled by her and told her that I had to stop the task to try to calm down. As always at this point Mistress showed no compassion whatsoever and seemed to take pleasure in my huge discomfort!

Finally on Friday I did manage to complete the task. I submitted it to Mistress and nervously awaited her response. It does matter to me greatly whether or not Mistress likes what I do. It seems to me that there is little that I can give her, and so the least that I can do is try to do a good job of a task when asked. She kindly acknowledged receipt of the task and teased me by telling me that I should give myself a little stroke as a reward – knowing of course that this is impossible due to the cage! I know that she will read my submission when she has time and I will wait nervously for her feedback until then.

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