Slave Taquin – A Few Last Words

Here is the final installment, a few last words from Slave Taquin whom many of you have expressed your gratitude for and enjoyment in reading his weekly blog posts detailing his chastity journey.  Slave Taquin has been a very devoted and loyal subject; conducting himself in the most respectful manner throughout his time under my control.  He will always be welcome to return to the House of Deelight. Well done to you, Slave Taquin.

I had not intended to become a long term slave of Miss Deelight. But, as I was about to find out, I had little control over what was to happen next. It had all started innocently enough.

My personal situation had changed and I wanted to find a new dom here in the South West. I had gained a little experience of this wonderful world over the previous few years. I had been to see 5 other doms previously only one of which I found myself going back to see on a regular basis. We had struck up a comfortable relationship with each other and genuinely enjoyed our time together. My circumstances changed however and we reluctantly agreed that I should move on. 

I discovered Miss Deelight through the wonders of the internet and I attended my first session with her at the HOD in October of last year. The first session is so important. For me, as I suspect is true with most subs, I will only go back a second time if:

  • I feel I can trust my dom inside and outside of the session.
  • My particular ‘kink’ has been satisfied.
  • I like the dom for herself as well as for her skills in session.
  • I feel safe with her.

Miss Deelight ticked all of these boxes!

As I drove back over the bridge I decided that I would be going back for more.

And so some weeks later I contacted Miss Deelight again and we agreed on a date and time about 7 days later. What happened next really surprised me. I received and email from Mistress that told me that I was to abstain from providing myself with an orgasm before the session and that I was to edge myself every other night during that time! I was gobsmacked. I was familiar and enjoyed doms taking control of my sexual pleasure whilst in a session. But I had never imagined that one would take control of me outside of a session in this way. It made the days before the session almost unbearably exciting. Little did I realise that I had taken my first step towards the eventual outcome of having a stainless steel cage locked over my cock secured by a padlock with Mistress as the keyholder!

I attended the session with Mistress a week later and told her how much I had enjoyed the build up to it. It was at this point that Mistress told me that this could form the start of a longer term distance control agreement. What fun I thought, a new way to enhance my pleasure, how difficult could it be? I signed up immediately and enthusiastically. I was about to find out the meaning of ‘difficult’…

At this point I felt that I would not be able to wear a chastity device due to my personal situation but was willing to stick to some unbreakable rules:

I would always obey the commands of my Mistress.
I would never provide myself with any sexual pleasure unless it was what Mistress had instructed.
I would always be honest about my actions and feeling.

And so we began. Typically I would send Mistress a text in the morning about how the previous day or night had gone. It was really a summary of the result of carrying out her instructions. Mistress would often tease or probe a little deeper into my experiences, and in doing so would learn more of my weaknesses and how to use them to her advantage. I do not plan to repeat here what happened as the weeks went by; you can read my weekly blog on Mistresses website for that. What I will say is that over the 6 months that I found myself under her control Mistress progressively increased the intensity of my experiences to a point where I really didn’t know which way to turn. She controlled me, taunted me, teased me, held out the prospect of pleasures to come which were only occasionally fulfilled and eventually dominated me from a distance in a way that I had never imagined possible.

That final session, my release from chastity, and the orgasm that Mistress treated me to will never be forgotten. Will I ever submit myself to this again? I probably will, but for the moment I need a rest from the intensity of it all, and Mistress deserves a well earned rest from me.

I understand that there have been several people following this blog and so I would like to say thank you for taking your time to follow my experiences. I also appreciate those that have taken the trouble to tell me that they will miss my ramblings. If any of you are considering embarking on distance control agreement with Miss Deelight either with or without the use of a chastity device my advice would be to just do it. You will not regret it.

Finally I would like to say a very public thank you to Miss Deelight. You have provided me with an experience that far exceeded my expectations and now have another adoring slave for the House of Deelight. Thank you Mistress. xx

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