Slave Taquin – Chastity/Distance Control Week 10 Diary

Mistress had a very very busy week last week and also wasn’t feeling too well but it’s good to know I can still get under the skin of my slaves even just by the minimal of input!


Following the turmoil of the previous few days, week 10 was a little calmer. A tweet from Mistress at 4.30am on Sunday morning suggested that she had quite rightly taken the opportunity on Saturday night to let her hair down. A quick exchange of texts much later on Sunday morning determined that I was not allowed to touch myself that day. Monday was also deemed a day of abstinence for me but it was made more difficult by the task I was set. I was tasked with finding and e mailing the links to a couple of free bondage and tie and tease video’s to Mistress. To sit in front of a computer looking through such videos would normally be accompanied with the opportunity to enjoy them fully! Therefore doing so without being allowed to touch myself at all was very tormenting. It led to a difficult night.

I really enjoy the fact that the early morning hardon has returned to my life. I am not sure when it started to fade away but it certainly had become a rare occurrence, up until the point that Mistress took control of my cock. The only problem now is that it can take hold very early. Tuesday morning was such a morning. I awoke at 3am to find myself stirred by an erection that had taken hold and just wouldn’t go away. Lying there wide awake is difficult enough but knowing that Mistress has forbidden me from touching myself makes matters much worse. My mind was filled with memories of things Mistress had done or said to me. It then became fixed upon the further suffering likely to be caused by the application of the chastity device that she has waiting for me. I found myself wondering about what it will feel like in the early morning. Will it hurt when my cock tries to become hard but is unable to, confined by the device? Will it just remind me of the fact that Mistress now owns my cock and therefore make me all the more frustrated and desperate? I know that I will discover the answers to these and other questions when Mistress decides the time is right. Just thinking about it is exciting and wonderfully scary at this point. Sleep therefore never returned and I got up at 5am and sent my morning text to Mistress.

I was still incredibly horny and, as I now know never to make assumptions about what Mistress will decide is to be my fate each day, I asked the question. ‘Would it be ok for me to have an orgasm that night?’ Of course I knew that it was most unlikely that she would say yes, but just maybe… Not surprisingly what ensued was a day of tease. The occasional text suggesting that she was ‘still thinking about it’ (one of which was accompanied by a stunning picture of Mistress looking at her sexy best) were received. Eventually she told me that her decision was ‘no’. My degree of desperation had grown and grown throughout the day. I was at this point in some distress. 

Being teased and denied is of course what I have signed up for. I love the feeling that it creates, but in the past it has concluded in the wonderful release of an orgasm. What I find disturbing about the control that Mistress now has over me is that she takes me out of my comfort zone and into levels of frustration and desire that I have never experienced before. Only she decides when that release will be allowed. I do find this difficult to deal with sometimes. Having fantasised about the chastity device the night before I was actually relieved to receive an e mail that evening to say that it was not going to be applied this week. In the state I was in from the days teasing I had become really worried that I might be locked up in the next couple of days. A little bit of calm returned and I got on with life.

A couple more days of not being permitted to touch myself were followed on Friday by a challenge to cum as many times as possible in a day. It was an unexpected but wonderful surprise! I had checked with Mistress that it would be ok to commence the challenge before texting her on the morning, and so when I was awoken by my 3am hardon I ensured that it did not go to waste. It was most enjoyable! Following this however things became more difficult as the day progressed. I was surprised to find that by the time I had completed orgasm no 4 my ability to orgasm was extinguished. My balls were well and truly drained.

Yesterday I was instructed to tie my cock and balls for 3 hours and then release them for 3 hours. This was to continue throughout the day with each 3 hour period to be commenced with 4 minutes of edging. A day of this ensured that, by the end of the day, my balls were re-loaded successfully! As I prepare to press ‘send’ on this weeks submission I sit and wonder what will happen next week. The nice thing is that it is only Mistress who knows the answer to this question.

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