Slave Taquin – Chastity/Distance Control Week 11 Diary

Sensual Deelight

I thought that my balls had ‘re-loaded’ following my challenge to cum as many times as I could at the end of last week, but I was wrong. On my first night of this new week I had been given permission to have a stroke and, if I was able to, to have an orgasm within 2 minutes of doing so. Having a time limit always makes things difficult but on this occasion it was more a lack of pent up desire that led to failure as much as anything else. I really began to regret having been allowed a day of orgasms the previous week. (This is not a sentence I ever expected to write)! The truth is that an orgasm produces a moment of great pleasure, but since Mistress took control of my cock, the moment that it is past I regret having had it. The reason for this is that the wonderful feeling of intense desperation that Mistress has created over the previous days or weeks will have gone. I know that it will not be long before she makes me suffer once more, but nevertheless I regret it.

On the following two days I was instructed to abstain from touching myself for pleasure at all. I was allowed however to watch a couple of videos that Mistress knows that I like on one of the days. It seemed to me that Mistress was letting nature take its course this week knowing full well that the need to touch myself would build and build. She then shared the fact that she ‘had a plan’ for me. This actually had quite an effect on me. I do know that Mistress puts a lot of thought and effort into the torment of her Slaves. Sometimes I forget this. To know that she is deliberately taking you down a path towards frustration and desperation makes each day more meaningful. I began to worry about what the plan might be and my desire to touch myself increased further.

Having been forbidden from touching myself for 2 days I was keen to take part in the game Mistress proposed to take place on Wednesday. I was to text her every 90 minutes to tell her if the coin she had tossed had landed on heads or tails. If I won I was to be allowed a stroke that night, if I lost then it was to be another day of total abstinence. I thought that it would be difficult to remember to text at the required times throughout the day. In reality however I found myself watching the clock intently waiting to text at the required times. Inevitably the ‘score’ ebbed and flowed firstly in Mistresses favour and then in mine. Mistress texted me a gorgeous picture of herself that made me want to touch myself all the more. On the final toss of the dice I lost! Another night of lying with a throbbing cock, that I was not allowed to touch, ensued. I do find this to be an incredibly difficult thing to cope with. One day Mistress will put me in a chastity device that will make such erections impossible. I really don’t know if this will make my suffering at such times easier or more difficult.

On the Thursday morning I told Mistress that I was now feeling very horny. She was obviously pleased to hear it and told me that she ‘had me exactly where I should be, on the path to despair’. She was right. Again I was ordered to abstain from touching myself. I asked if I could at least have a stroke that evening. A verbal ‘slap’ via text message was my answer! Another day of abstinence was my fate. The following day I sent my early morning text as normal. I was confused by the response from Mistress. She sent me the first line of a nursery rhyme?! She ignored the response that I sent her and a little later sent me another line from the rhyme. The day proceeded in much the same way. Mistress was obviously aware that I was, by now, desperate to be allowed to touch myself. I realised that I would not be told whether or not I would be allowed to until Mistress had finished reciting the rhyme. Receiving frequent texts throughout the day ensured that I spend the whole day thinking of the lovely Miss Deelight and the power that she had over me. She teased me mercilessly by changing some of the words of the rhyme and, at times, only sending one word at a time. The last line came through just before I went to bed. It read ‘to bed, without even a little stroke’! Therefore another night was spent with a throbbing cock that I was not allowed to touch. Hugely frustrating.

Yesterday was spent waiting for the decision from Mistress as to what I might, or might not, be allowed to do that night. Eventually the text came through. The good news was that I was to be allowed to stroke myself for the first time in a week. The bad news was that it was to be for no more than 30 seconds. The even worse news was that I was to squeeze my balls, hard, whilst doing it! And so I found myself trying to go to sleep last night with a throbbing cock and aching balls. It took some time for sleep to take over.

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