Slave Taquin – Chastity/Distance Control Week 13 Diary

I have you by the balls Slave


By the end of this week I will be half way through my distance control contract with Miss Deelight. As is the case with all good things, time is passing too quickly for my liking. If however the second half is as wonderful as the first, I will be a very lucky slave indeed.

My first text of the week to Mistress confessed the fact that after two weeks of denial I was now getting somewhat desperate. Her response was to to send a series of texts that just played with my mind, and my cock. All I wanted to know was whether or not I was permitted to touch myself at bedtime that night. Mistress seemed to enjoy making me wait for an answer. Eventually I was given the OK to have a stroke before bed time. I consider myself to be very lucky if I am allowed to do this. My cock does now belong to Mistress and I consider such permission to be a gift from her. It is something of a ‘double edged sword’ however as once I have stroked it means that I am even hornier and desperate than before. This is both good and bad!

The following day commenced with the bad news that Mistress was unwell. She had picked up some winter virus that would not go away. Whilst I continued to receive instructions from Mistress, that were followed as always, I found myself too concerned for her well being to feel the benefit of them. I like to think that it is a truth of human nature that we care for the well being of others. Therefore if Mistress is unwell I am concerned for her and inevitably the nature of our relationship is effected temporarily. I guess I know longer felt under her control. I stopped texting for instructions and got on with life again.

On Friday night I could tell that Mistress had begun to improve. I was on a packed train on my way back from a nice meal with friends in London. It was the last train back and so I had been very relieved to jump aboard just before it left Paddington station. I settled in to one of the last remaining seats in cattle class. My fellow passengers either looked weary after a long week at the office or pleasantly refreshed after a night on the town. I was just drifting off to sleep when the first text came through from Mistress. She wanted to know where I was. I told her. She inquired why I had been to London. I told her. She reminded me of the fact that trains contained toilets. Oh dear! I was instructed to go to the toilet cubicle and edge myself straight away. When I receive a message like this to do something immediately it almost seems like Mistress is there with me. Therefore I made my way past standing passengers, and the guy who is inevitably sat on the floor outside the cubicle, locked myself in the cubicle, and did what I was told. Surprisingly it didn’t take long. I say surprisingly as I hate doing anything like this in a public environment. It is a real turn off for me. It worked for me in this instance as I had the instructions from Mistress fresh in my mind. I returned to my seat and reported my success to Mistress. She told me that it had seemed too quick, and that I was to wait 10 minutes and go and do it again. This time with photographic evidence! The discomfort of doing such a thing again played on my mind for the next 10 minutes. At the required time I went to the toilet cubicle at the other end of the carriage (therefore hoping that my fellow travelers would not notice another trip to the toilet – I don’t know why it concerns me but it does). As hard as I tried to edge myself nothing was happening. This was partly due to the people who kept trying the toilet door to see if it was really engaged. I  took a photo of a very limp cock, returned to my seat and sent it to Mistress. I was worried that Mistress might be angry at my failure, but fortunately she just seemed to find it very funny. Needless to say I never did get any sleep on my return home. Mistress was starting to re-impose herself on my life.

The following day was pretty straightforward. I went fishing and therefore only exchanged texts with Mistress in the early evening. She asked how many fish I had caught. I said ‘2’. She said that that was crap and imposed an instant 4 day ban on touching myself!! I do get so horny when Mistress is tough and uncompromising. I became instantly hard.

Following a restless nights sleep thinking about Mistress I sent my morning text. As part of this I asked when she will  allow me to meet with her again. I have been hoping for many weeks that the meeting will take place, but it has not been possible up until now. I am actually quite proud of the fact that I have not asked this question for a while now, but this morning I feel that I really need to be with her. Mistress responds that she is working it into her schedule. Thank goodness. But then she asks for ‘my availability over the next 2 weeks’. 2 weeks! I text her and suggest that she is teasing me. Her response puts me firmly back into my ‘sub’ space. Although she understands that I have been a good boy by being so patient I am to suffer with the fact that the meeting might not happen for a fortnight. Mistress informs me that she is enjoying torturing me. If I felt that I had regained any power in our relationship earlier in the week, it has well and truly been taken away from me now. I am totally helpless again and Mistress is driving me absolutely nuts!

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