Slave Taquin – Chastity/Distance Control Week 14 Diary – LOCKED!

Last week, the time finally arrived for Slave Taquin to face his destiny…….


Sundays are always enjoyable but difficult for me. Sunday is the day when I am not rushing about trying to earn a living and therefore thoughts of Mistress can stay lodged in my mind for the whole day. They are also made difficult by the fact that I have to submit my blog on a Sunday. (I did once submit it on a Saturday only to find it being sent back to me with a verbal slap with instructions to update it and re-submit on the agreed day!). Although I exchange texts with Mistress on a daily basis, and therefore she has a very good idea of the impact that her actions have on me, by making me write a blog she is forcing me to clarify how she has made me feel over the previous 7 days. I am very much aware therefore that each time I press ‘send’ on my blog that I am probably just providing her more detail to torment me with. It therefore feels like a very submissive act and my level of hornieness and desperation just increases further. This Sunday was no exception.

I sent Mistress my morning text and confirmed that I had e mailed her my week 13 blog as required. A little later that morning she responded to say that she had received my blog and was very happy with it. For the reasons already explained I felt really horny at this point and decided that I should try not to text Mistress again (I was after all still on my 4 day touching ban and therefore already knew what I was, or rather wasn’t, permitted to do). I was also conscious that it was Sunday and that Mistress must have better things to do than to deal with a bleating slave. I was actually quite pleased with myself for managing to go the whole day without texting Mistress again as I settled down in front of the telly that evening. It was 8.30 when I realised that I had missed a text from Mistress that she had sent at 8.00. (My phone is often on silent during the evenings.) She wanted to know how her ‘denied pet’ was feeling. I told her that I had been feeling tormented all day. Her response? To send me a picture of herself that she knew would be to my liking together with the question ‘why so tormented?!’ I have to say that Miss Deelight is the most skillful tease that I have ever had the privilege to know! She seems to know precisely how and when to apply the pressure and this was no exception. Knowing that I was tormented by not being allowed to touch myself she had decided to make me suffer further. I went from a state of pleasant and relaxed hornieness to one of uncomfortable desperation. And I was still in that state when I sent my morning text the following day.

I told Mistress how desperate I was now feeling. I could tell from the response from Mistress that she was pleased at the state that she had got me into. Later in the day Mistress asked if I had seen my blog that she had now posted. I slowly loaded it up on my phone. Mistress had put a picture at the beginning of my blog together with the words ‘Face facts Slave…. I have you by the balls….’ on it. Now there are many things that Mistress can do to me to make me unbearably horny, but one thing in particular that always gets me is when she tells me how helpless I am. This was one of those times. It was at this point that I genuinely believed that I could not take any more. This had gone way past pleasant hornieness. The feeling in my groin told me that I was now absolutely desperate for an orgasm.  I went to bed that night wondering if things could get any more difficult.

The text I received from Mistress on the Tuesday just made me descend further into the depths of desperation. Apparently this was to be my last day of freedom before she locked me up the following day! I had waited so long for this. I had always imagined it would be planned so that it happened soon after I had been allowed an orgasm. The thought of it happening now, following 3 weeks of denial, filled me with horror. How on earth would I be able to cope? The fear just made me even more horny. It was then that I wrote the third part of my letter that Mistress has recently published (The Jekyll, Hyde and Taquin of Chastity). This last part came from ‘Desperate Taquin’.

The following morning I sent my morning text to Mistress and confirmed that I was looking forward to our meeting later that day. I also told her that I had sent her my three letters concerning my thoughts about being put into Chastity. They really do illustrate my mental and physical turmoil on the subject. In my fantasies I really want to be treated as ‘Strong Taquin’ and for Mistress to show no mercy. But in reality I don’t think that I could cope, and indeed the desperation I had felt over the previous few days had proved this to me. I told Mistress that I really didn’t know which Taquin I was. She told me that she would decide!!

The type of venue for our meeting was actually determined by a fantasy that I had shared with Mistress several weeks earlier. We were going to meet in a public car park as the evening drew in to darkness. In hindsight this was a very poor choice on my part. I have no desire to do such things in public places and indeed it is a real turn off for me. My day dragged slowly by until it was time to head off to our agreed meeting place. Just before I left I received a wonderful text from Mistress. She told me that I might be allowed an orgasm today before ‘locking me up for infinity’. Sometimes I hope that Mistress denies me for longer. This was not such an occasion! I was desperate and scared of what was to come. I texted back immediately to say yes please and thank you. Having responded as I did the thought entered my mind that this might be one of Mistresses cruel tricks, but I chose not to believe it and continued on my way.

I had checked out the chosen venue via google maps satellite view and reassured myself that it was a rural location and that there was a safe looking area towards the back of the car park where we would be unlikely to be disturbed. How wrong I was. I arrived to find the car park cordoned off leaving only one small area that had several cars, and people, in it. I parked in the corner of the car park and waited for Mistress to arrive. As I sat and waited I watched the constant stream of people, dogs and cars in and out of the car park. It was still much lighter than I had hoped. I was mortified at the thought of our meeting taking place in this environment. Mistress arrived 10 minutes later. She parked her car alongside mine, picked up her bag and joined me in my car. She looked as gorgeous as always. We discussed the situation and concluded that it was here or nowhere. I had no choice and our session began. Mistress pulled out 2 lengths of rope from her bag and tied my wrists securely to the steering wheel.


I watched as people walked within 10 metres of our car. Mistress undid my trousers and slid them and my pants down to expose the most shriveled and terrified cock she had ever seen (apparently). Being tied up is normally my ultimate ‘trigger’ but today it was not the case. Mistress applied some lotion and started to try to bring it to life. All of this whilst trying to appear like two people just having a nice chat in a car. I was embarrassed by my cocks poor performance. Each time it did start to come to life a new group of walkers would arrive or depart resulting in my cock shriveling in fear once again. Now Mistress is incredible when it comes to her skill at giving pleasure to a chap with her hands. Like no one I have ever known before. Inevitability she did get me going. So much so that I totally forgot all of the distractions and shut my eyes in the pleasure that enveloped me. I heard Mistress say something about the fact that there were some guys walking towards us. I think I said that I didn’t care. After more than 3 weeks of denial I was instantly on the brink, and I started to cum. As I did I felt Mistress take her hand away. My orgasm turned into a ruin! I was so confused. I had expected either a full on orgasm or possibly total denial. I came to my senses and realised what had happened. Mistress had been distracted momentarily by the people walking towards us (who had now gone the other way). So distracted in fact that she had made me cum when she had planned not to allow it. Now she was angry with me for cumming without permission!

Locked Cock

Mistress applied the chastity device and clicked the lock shut. She untied my hands and as she was leaving the car she gave me instructions concerning wearing the device. I was only ever allowed to break the lock and remove it under two specific circumstances. These were either a medical emergency or if I was about to be discovered wearing it. We said our goodbyes and she left. I hastily pulled up my clothing and drove off. Never again would I fantasise about meeting in a public place.

It was only later that day as I sat at home locked in my device that the frightening realisation of what Mistress had intended to force me to endure hit home. Despite my pleading for an orgasm and the fact that I had already been denied for so long she had planned to tie me up, edge me, deny me and lock me up to endure even worse desperation!!

And so here I am, now 4 weeks since my last proper orgasm and having been locked in chastity for 4 days. I love my device for how it makes me feel. It is totally inescapable. Every time I move it reminds me that I am owned bt Miss Deelight. When I started this distance control contract it was on the basis that I would not be able to cum unless Mistress instructed it. Now I can’t even have a proper erection without the permission of my Mistress! I am so incredibly horny and desperate. But most of all I am scared about how much torment Mistress thinks I can endure.  What I do know is that I am now completely at her mercy. I have never felt this helpless and vulnerable before. What a wonderful feeling.

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