Slave Taquin – Chastity/Distance Control Week 15 Diary

I know many of you are enjoying reading Slave Taquin’s weekly control/chastity diary.  Here is his latest account.  He did hand it in on time, I just haven’t had time to post it yet!  Another great piece of writing Slave.

Last week I was locked in a chastity device for the first time. So what do I think after my first 9 days. In summary it has been wonderful, but it has to be said that it has also at times been difficult. When I was considering taking this significant step I remember that I spent some time on the Internet trying to get both a practical and emotional perspective from those that had gone before me. In case anyone is reading this and considering taking such a step themselves then here is my version of events. Before I do however, let me nail my colours to the mast at the outset. If you are thinking of asking anyone to take you on this journey then I can not think of anyone else in the world who I would wish to take me through it than Miss Deelight. She has teased and taunted me when the moment was right but also offered support and guidance when needed. Most of all I know that she wont allow me to give up in my weaker moments. 

From a practical perspective I decided to go for the Uberkinky Spiral Stainless Steel device. I chose metal as it was unbreakable and less expensive and stainless steel so that it didn’t rust my nuts! Of the 3 different ring sizes it came with we had to use the largest, however I have to say that I could get away with a shorter cage. I have spoken with the nice people at Uberkinky who have told me that they have got their manufacturer to develop a shorter version. They have been brilliant and told me that I can have the prototype just received from the manufacturers as soon as they have checked it out and done photography etc for their web site etc. I am very impressed by their customer service. I am also very pleased with the device itself so far. Despite its bulk I am pleased with how inconspicuous it is through clothing. It is pretty comfortable and definitely inescapable! (When ever I am restrained in any way I have to be certain that I can not escape, in order for it to be exciting. Therefore one night I just couldn’t resist trying to get my balls through the gap. The end result was failure, aching balls and an angry Mistress). It has caused me a fair bit of discomfort from chafing skin as things don’t hang as they quite used to. So far I have managed to cope with it with the use of Sudacrem. This soreness has sometimes prevented me from enjoying the true torment of being locked up. It has rather detracted from the pleasurable feelings. Having said this I have to say that I am pleased that I have managed to wear it continuously since I was locked into it. Hopefully the soreness will go away soon.

From an emotional and sexual perspective it has probably exceeded my expectations. As I reported last week I was too scared by the very public environment to enjoy being locked up. It was only once I got home that I realised the new torment that I now faced. Whilst it is pretty comfortable to wear you are reminded of its presence continuously throughout the day and frequently at night. You are therefore reminded of the situation you are in and that Mistress owns your cock. This inevitably leads to the beginnings of an erection. I say the beginnings as that is all that is possible. The device is of course totally unforgiving (rather like my Mistress!). It ensures that the harder you get the more pain and discomfort you experience. Inevitably it wins the battle and forces you back into a state of being denied the ultimate pleasure (again rather like my Mistress!). This does happen during the day but is most evident at night time. I am not sure why, but it does seem like my early morning erections are happening earlier and earlier. Or maybe I just used to sleep through them. Sleeping through them is no longer an option. To be awoken by a cock that is trying to break through its steel bars whilst attempting to become erect and tear off your balls in the process is quite a shock! The problem is that when I wake to this sensation all I can think of is the fact that, if Mistress could see me, she would be taunting me, laughing at me and enjoying every moment of my discomfort. It just gets worse and worse.

On Monday I was pleased to see that Miss Lady Pink (or rather Mistress Jessy as I have now been instructed to call her) had returned to Twitter to make our days even brighter. I sent her a welcome tweet and also a text to Mistress. In my text to Mistress I reminded her of a fantasy that I had shared with her some time ago that included Mistress Jessy in one of our sessions. Although I have never met Mistress Jessy I have always liked her from what I have seen of her pictures. I think she has a natural beauty and sexiness. This combined with a sweet smile is a lovely combination. My session fantasy was based on the belief that despite her sweet disposition she might enjoy the opportunity for once to be the one that dishes out torments rather than the one that receives them! Having sent my text to Mistress I had gone inside for a pee (sitting down these days of course) and mid flow received a text from Mistress that just said ‘call me’. I finished what I was doing and started to make my way back to a place where I could make such a private call when a further text came through that said ‘Now!!!’ I started to shake. I quickly found a safe spot and phoned Mistress. She told me that she had enjoyed my text concerning Mistress Jessy. Mistress Jessy and Miss Deelight were apparently together as we spoke. I was instructed to introduce myself to Mistress Jessy, to tell her my fantasy and to explain to her that I was locked in Chastity. Now I have always found it difficult to talk with my Mistress about my fantasies. E mail and text is not a problem but actually saying the words out loud is always a struggle. To be made to say these things to a young lady who I have never met or exchanged e mails with before and with no time to gather my thoughts was really difficult for me. I did as I was instructed and probably sounded like the nervous wreck that I was. Mistress Jessy was kind and encouraging and was really nice about the whole thing. We agreed that we should try and make the session a reality sometime but she told me that it would have to wait until Mistress allowed me out of my chastity device. To have a another gorgeous young women telling me that my cock was owned by Mistress was so exciting.

On the Tuesday I committed to the double session. In doing so I knew that I had committed myself to remain in chastity until the session itself. There was no way now that Mistress would now allow my release in advance. On the plus side though I hope that she will consider that I will have suffered enough by this time to allow me an orgasm provided by her wonderful hands. It is for me the only sort of orgasm I really enjoy now. On Wednesday Mistress instructed me to send her an e mail sharing my thoughts and fantasies about the session. She made it clear however that she was probably not going to follow them as I had cum without permission at our lock up session!

I have tried to explain to Mistress that I was helpless to do anything else (I was after all tied up and she was rubbing my cock at the time). I have also reminded her that she took her hand away as soon as I started to cum and it therefore turned into a painful ruin. But she is having none of it. Apparently it is my fault. It is so unfair! – I guess I need to remember that the word ‘fair’ never featured in the distance control contract that I have agreed to.

Anyway I was quite pleased that Mistress said that she did not plan to follow all of my thoughts and fantasies for the forthcoming double session. The sessions I like are spontaneous and unpredictable. I know that when I share my thoughts with Mistress that it just provides some insight into the style of session that I will enjoy. Indeed sometimes I will fantasise about something that in reality I don’t enjoy. Meeting in public car parks or having my nipples tortured would be two great examples! Being instructed to write down my fantasies does have one very immediate and painful result however. It makes me incredibly horny. As a result I spent the whole day with my cock fighting the device, and losing every time. I confessed to Mistress at the end of the day that I was feeling incredibly tormented. She was of course delighted by the news.

On Friday evening I was instructed to call Mistress on the phone. After a little gentle taunting about our forthcoming session she instructed me to try to stimulate my cock inside the device at bed time. I was to move the device up and down a little therefore rubbing the cock inside. I followed my instructions and to my surprise found that I was able to stimulate it just enough for it to start its journey towards erection. Inevitably it got harder and harder until it could go no further (constrained as it now is by the cage). The throbbing pain commenced. I took my hand away from the device and waited for my cock to deflate. I could not remove the vision of my Mistress from my mind and the thought that my cock felt the way that it did at this moment because she had instructed it. The attempted erection would not go away. It just throbbed and throbbed uncontrollably. Eventually I must have drifted off to sleep. But any sleep that I did achieve was regularly disrupted by a throbbing cock. My session is still more than a week away. It is going to seem like a very long time.

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