Slave Taquin – Chastity/Distance Control Week 17 Diary

In just a couple of days, Slave Taquin will be visiting the House of Deelight to meet Mistress Jessy (fka Miss Pink) and to discover whether or not his pleas for orgasm have been heard or if they have fallen on deaf ears. Do enjoy Taquin’s latest blog update for what is now his 17th week under my control. A position in which I am naturally growing stronger on a daily basis as I suck every ounce of self will and sexual independence away from him.

Miss Deelight Blonde Mistress


This weeks Blog should be titled ‘Be careful what you wish for’. I know that this is what I am now thinking. But the good news first…

Mistress is back! I am so pleased. By the end of the week we had caught up on what had been going on. I had submitted my blog written in her absence and had provided Mistress with my journal of how I had felt on a daily basis together with my fantasies throughout the period. Best of all we had agreed a new date for a session next week. The other thing that happened at the end of the week was that my new smaller cage for the chastity device arrived from the nice people at Uber Kinky. All of these things however have combined to contribute to my current distress!

Whilst I have longed for the return of Mistress she seems to have come back intent on making my life impossible to cope with. Already she has reduced me to a quivering wreck and I have several more days to survive before our session. The words that Mistress put at the beginning of my Week 16 blog are so true. She now knows me well enough to instantly drive me nuts and her description of me being ‘helplessly and hopelessly horny’ sums up my situation perfectly. I was however horrified at her suggestion that I deserve to be punished for the last line of my blog. It was in no way meant to offend, and I have told her this.

The new cage has really not helped my predicament either. It is actually significantly shorter than I thought that I required. In reality though it is perfect. In normal use I fit into it with just a few mm to spare, but as soon as I experience any arousal I find myself tightly constrained on all sides. The effect of this is that I find myself almost constantly aroused and constrained by the cage. It is a wonderful feeling but I am not sure how long I can cope with its continuous effect. Mistress seems most pleased with all of this which just makes matters worse.

As far as the session next week is concerned I realised a couple of days ago that I truly have no idea what will happen to me. The only thing that I think I am certain of is that I will leave the HOD with my new smaller cage firmly padlocked in place and will leave with the spare key locked away in an unbreakable key safe to which only Mistress knows the code. This is an enormous step for me to take and I know that once I enter the HOD and Mistress has my hands tied there will be no going back. This is absolutely terrifying! It makes me realise that my time as a sub of Miss Deelight is so different to any that I have previously experienced with any other Mistress. In the past I could be pretty certain of the things that might happen during a session and what the eventual outcome might be. Mistress has ensured that I can have no knowledge or expectation of what fate awaits me. All I can do is hope that she decides to show me some mercy.

At this point she is showing no inclination to do that. Yesterday she made sure that it was my worse day yet. All it took was a short text from her at the beginning of the day to ensure that I was in absolute turmoil for its entirety. It should have been a pleasant day. I worked in the morning before sitting down to enjoy what was apparently a fabulous afternoon of rugby. I say ‘apparently’ because I was unable to become wrapped up in any of the games. Instead I sat there in front of the TV with an overwhelming desire for orgasm. I was doing everything that I could to remove visions of Mistress (holding rope, looking fabulous in red or black lingerie, teasing me with a video of my chastity cage etc) from my mind. But I failed. Yesterday felt like Mistress was edging me for the entire time and frankly it became almost intolerable. Over the last week or so there have been occasions where the combination of denial and chastity have made me a little tearful. Yesterday was one of those days. And what terrible thing had Mistress said to me in her morning text that reduced me to such a state.

Her text said ‘Morning Pet. What a beautiful day. Enjoy the rugby if you can LOL! She then attached two little icons. One was a picture of a padlock and the other was a clock!

This was all it took. Mistress doesn’t need to be harsh or severe. She knows that I have no way out now and she knows how to push me across the thin line between pleasure and desperation. She understands my ever increasing need for an orgasm and has used it to reduce me to tears of frustration. As I said at the beginning. Be careful what you wish for.

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