Slave Taquin – Chastity/Distance Control Week 18 Diary

Last week was quite possibly the hardest week so far for Slave Taquin as he endured the plight of all plights and he also learned a valuable lesson, that when it comes to suffering, it is every slave for himself.  Genuine slaves know only to unite for the happiness of their Mistress! Because of his suffering last week, I have given him a little bit of a breather in terms of psychological and emotional teasing this week, though all that is about to change.  Well I did say, a LITTLE breather ;)

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Before I start to recount my story of the week just gone I need to get something off my chest. To all of those slaves or sissies who responded to the question that Mistress posed on twitter ‘will Slave Taquin finally get his orgasm? RT and reply yes or no’ Thanks a bunch!! Apparently the only responses she received were either ‘no’ or ‘yes but ruin’! What ever happened to unity? The band of brothers or sisters? One for all and all for one? 

The days leading up to my session this week were filled with eager anticipation. This was to be my first ever session with two lovely Mistresses at the same time, and I still had no idea of what fate awaited me. It felt like my cock had been straining in its new smaller cage almost continuously. Mistress had been subtly teasing me in the days before the session. It had been an emotional roller coaster throughout Mistresses absence but at long last the delayed session was going to happen.  I woke early that morning and sent my text confirming that I was ok for the session. I think that the only response that I received was ‘tick tock’. That was until I saw the question that Mistress posed on Twitter. To start with I naively believed that the answers would come flooding in as a yes. But as we now know the only ‘yes’ response received by the end of the day was the one that I submitted! In the end I consoled myself with the belief that Mistress would do what Mistress chose to do and that there was hope for me yet. The effect on me of this exercise was profound! By the time I arrived at the HOD I was a dribbling mess. I have never felt as unbearably horny before a session as I did this week on my way to Newport.

I arrived at the HOD and entered when told. I was called through to the lounge and was introduced to Mistress Jessy. Mistress Deelight was wearing my favourite red lingerie and Mistress Jessy was looking equally sexy in blue/black lingerie. I thought that it must be my birthday! I took the opportunity to present both Mistresses with some chocolate followed by a bottle of wine for Mistress Jessy and a steak pie made by my own hands to Mistress Deelight! Why a steak pie I hear you ask? I wont bore you with all the details but it was a promise that I made to Mistress several weeks earlier. I was pleased to be able to give it to her as I would never like to break a promise made to anyone, but particularly not to Mistress. I also took the opportunity to give to Mistress Deelight the combination key safe that I was to take home with me once she had locked me up with the new steel padlock.

I was immediately caught off guard as I was instructed to undress slowly in front of Mistress Jessy. I still find such things uncomfortable. I did as instructed until all I was wearing was the chastity device that secured Mistresses cock. I was then instructed to describe to Mistress Jessy my time as a slave up until this point. I found it difficult to martial my thoughts in such a situation and probably ended up spouting a load of gibberish. Both Mistresses seemed to be enjoying my obvious discomfort. It was at this point that I was ordered to stand in front of Mistress Jessy who was still seated enjoying the spectacle. Mistress Deelight stood behind me and started to secure my wrists and then my arms in a way that was so much tighter than anything I had experienced previously. This was obviously the price I was to pay for escaping my bonds in our last session. It felt wonderful as Mistress bound me ever tighter and more securely whilst Mistress Jessy caressed my balls and body. I have to say she has a wonderful soft and sensual touch. Before I knew it she was stood close to me teasing me into life. My cock at this point still had no chance of a proper erection and started to fight with its cage again. I was lead into the session space and Mistress secured my arms to the confinement cage by the stairs. So secured Mistress Deelight appeared with a set of scissors and took aim at my privates. Thankfully it was to cut the plastic lock from the cage in order that it could be slid off my throbbing cock. Free at last! However I had forgotten that the stainless steel ring behind my balls was still in place. Mistress Deelight took hold of it and forced my balls out through the other side. I yelped in pain and my cock ran for cover. I am such a wimp where pain is concerned! Mistress Deelight then announced that she was going to go and work out how to set the code on the key safe and that Mistress Jessy was to do anything to me that she wished?! She told Mistress Jessy to ensure that my cock was kept hard and that I was to be kept excited at all times. I could see amongst other things a gag and some nipple clamps had been put out for her use. Now I started to worry! Mistress Jessy gagged me and worked on me until I was close to orgasm. She continued to tease me knowing that I was desperate to cum. She seemed to be enjoying the role of being the person to dish out the torments for once. I am glad to report that although the nipple clamps were applied for a time, it was not for too long. I really do hate them!
Mistress Deelight returned to the room having sorted out the key safe and I was ordered up the stairs. Once upstairs I was tightly pallet wrapped, taped and roped to the bed. It felt wonderful. The only parts of my body now exposed were my face, cock and balls. What followed was sublime. Mistress Jessy was sat on my chest sometimes smothering me with her lovely backside, sometimes with her breasts and sometimes just watching the expressions on my face. Mistress Deelight was sat on my legs working on my cock and balls and driving me into an absolute frenzy. She brought me closer and closer to orgasm without taking me over the edge. This was the sensation that I had longed for for so long. Just a little bit further and I knew that I was going to start to cum. I felt myself hovering on the point of no return and cried out to Mistress. She didn’t stop. I felt the surge inside my cock begin. Mistress removed her hands and laughed as my cock erupted with the result of weeks of pent up desire. Another ruin! I writhed in pain. Mistress declared her satisfaction in providing what she considered to be the perfectly delivered ruin. She fitted my stainless steel chastity device in place and secured it with the steel padlock. She explained clearly to me that I would probably never have another orgasm and sent me to get dressed. I heard Mistress Jessy and Mistress Deelight laughing as I showered. I knew that it was at my expense. I was sent home with a spare key to my device securely locked away in the key safe to which only Mistress Deelight knows the code.

I emailed Mistress the following day to thank her for the session. I did tell her however that I was sad that it had ended in a ruin again. Her response was unequivocal. She told me that she subjected me to a ruin because:
1) Because she can
2) My begging and pleading before the session constitutes ‘topping from the bottom’ which is forbidden
3) I needed to be reminded that only she would decide when I was to be allowed an orgasm
4) She wanted to demonstrate to Mistress Jessy the true meaning of the control of a slave
5) I needed to be reminded of the control that she has over me.

I have to say that I am finding the transition to being a slave in chastity a difficult one, even though it is what I have chosen. This weeks session has left me feeling rather sorry for myself. The orgasm that I really crave is the one that only Mistress can provide and I know that another opportunity has passed, and that I wont be able to visit the HOD again for some time.

My feelings following this weeks sessions have troubled me. I have to keep reminding myself that this is a true Dom / Sub relationship. I can not think about it like some of my previous experiences where I have paid for a session safe in the knowledge that I will be tied up and given a good wank with a happy ending! Mistress Deelight is different. She takes absolute control and demands that her slaves accept this without question. I have therefore  responded as I know I must. I will stop begging or pleading even if Mistress drives me nuts. I will continue to do all that I can to be the sort of slave that she would like me to be. I will also be thankful for the fact that Mistress emptied my balls relieving the pressure for just a short while. She could have sent me home with no release whatsoever.

I will of course ‘grow up’ and get over this weeks disappointment quickly enough. Ultimately I do enjoy being the slave of Mistress Deelight, and the fact that I am wearing a chastity device securely padlocked gives me little choice in the matter! What I can say is that a session with Mistress Deelight and Mistress Jessy will never be forgotten. The combination of the strict and uncompromising control exercised by Mistress Deelight alongside the sensitive and relentless teasing provided by Mistress Jessy is to be highly recommenced. I will keep dreaming of the day when Mistress does give me an orgasm. I just hope that she doesn’t ask her slaves and sissies for their views first!



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