Slave Taquin – Chastity/Distance Control Week 19 Diary

A very brief update from Slave Taquin for his previous week in chastity.  Unfortunately I’m posting this late as Mistress has been rather busy!

I think that my blog last week was probably my longest so far. This week I am moving to the other extreme as I am sure that this will be my shortest yet!
Mistress has already disclosed the reason for this when she wrote the Blog introduction last week. She has been kind to me this week and has allowed me to fully recover following my session with herself and the lovely Mistress Jessy the week before. Whilst we have exchanged texts daily as normal Mistress has not forced me back into the state of desperation that existed before the session. Instead I have enjoyed a feeling of continuous but somehow more relaxed hornyness. I am grateful for this as it was all getting very difficult to cope with.

I have been given a task to complete for Mistress this week that has kept me occupied. I just hope that she likes the outcome.

Mistress has told me that Chastity is more than just being horny the whole time. It is about being under her control regardless of how she wishes to play it. I understand this.

Her cock is, after all is said and done, still firmly locked within its device and remains at her mercy to do with as she chooses.

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