Slave Taquin – Chastity/Distance Control Week 20 Diary

After a week of calm and rest for Slave Taquin after his horrific ordeal of a ruined orgasm in week 18, I decided to up the ante again with deliberate highs and lows to put him safely back on the Chastity Roller-coaster.


Now what I want to point out, which Slave hasn’t mentioned here, is that his task was to choose something for me to do to Slave Sissy Mouse, as Mousey was visiting for a session.  Now I actually didn’t specify that it was a punishment, which made Taquin’s discomfort even more enjoyable for me because if he had thought about it carefully, he could have chosen something nice… like make him a cup of tea (not that I would necessarily have honoured it).  Eventually after some gentle (lol) persuasion, Slave Taquin suggested something involving electrics and asked me to go easy.  Go easy? What on earth does that mean? ;)  I will leave that story there because that is for another blog post… I’m going to hand you over to Taquin for his week in words, but before I do; Taquin…. was this going easy enough…..



This week started well, really well…

Mistress was very pleased with the result of the task I completed the previous week. So pleased in fact that she sent me a text with the code to the safe containing the key to my Chastity device, together with the instruction to have an orgasm that night! It had been such a long time since my last orgasm. I make it 12 weeks in all (9 of those constrained by my Chastity device). I have never been denied for so long before and have never experienced the highs and lows that come with being totally controlled in the way that I have been.

I removed the device as soon as I got the opportunity and enjoyed my first day of freedom. It felt so good! Having been enclosed in its device in the way that it had been my cock certainly enjoyed the sensations now available to it. The simple things were nice also, like being able to stand up for a pee or crossing my legs whilst seated. How I started to look forward to the pleasure available to me that night. The day dragged on until finally it was bed time. Mistress had provided me instructions of how I was to make myself cum. The principle instruction was to take things very slowly and to allow things to build to a crescendo before orgasm. This is in practice easier said than done after 12 weeks of waiting. As I began to lose myself in the pleasure of it all I almost began to believe that I was at the HOD in the wonderful hands of Mistress Deelight. When I could hold back no longer I experienced what I can truthfully describe as the most sensational, almost painful, orgasm that I have ever provided myself before. I slept well that night. I did however wake to the pleasure of a morning erection at about 5 am and enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t curtailed by stainless steel bars for once.

The next day arrived and I expressed my thanks to Mistress for being so kind to me. She turned the conversation quickly to getting me locked up again. I have to confess here that I did briefly find myself considering the thought of not submitting myself again to the torments of chastity. The cautious part of my brain was reminding me of the difficulties of the previous weeks and the fact that this was a rare opportunity for escape. I was very much aware that once the padlock clicked shut again, and the key was placed in the key safe, that I would be destined for further suffering. It was then that I realised a surprising fact. I was actually missing the sensation of being locked up! In a way it is like the pleasure I experience when Mistress has me tied up at the HOD. Whilst a man might be physically stronger than a woman and would normally be able to physically overpower her if he chose to. Once she has him tied, or locked up, she takes absolute physical, as well as mental and emotional, control. Mistress knows that she can use her charms, and my own sexual desires, to overpower me and constrain me. This is the feeling that I still craved, despite the recent ‘release’ of an orgasm, and so I willingly agreed to a Skype lock-up call the next day.

This was my first Skype call with Mistress (or any other Domme I have previously known). I really enjoyed it, particularly as Mistress was looking wonderful, and was obviously relaxed and happy. She seemed to enjoy locking my key away inside a key safe that only she knows the combination for. Once again I found myself completely at her mercy. This is as always exciting but very scary.

The week progressed well with my desire for another orgasm beginning to grow as the days went by. It progressed well that is until Saturday when it all went a bit ‘pear shaped’. In her morning text to me Mistress told me to complete a task for her that I was most uncomfortable about. It was of course neither illegal or immoral! it was however something that I felt unable to comply with. As tactfully as I could I told Mistress that I did not wish to undertake the task. She responded by telling me I must. I thought long and hard and replied that I would not be able to. Mistress then played the master card – she asked me how badly I wanted to receive an orgasm by her hand. It was last October when she last provided me with a full orgasm (since then the only person to provide me with an orgasm has been me! and then only very rarely when Mistress has allowed it). I thought long and hard again and replied the only way that I could. I told her that I needed the orgasm that only Mistress can provide really, really badly. She told me to prove it. And so I did. I completed the task set.

Of course I know that I should never refuse to undertake any task, but Mistress knows my reasons why. Ultimately Mistress will always win and I have been well and truly reminded of the fact that I am helpless and unable to resist. And so I have just experienced a very sleepless & painful night with my cock trying to break through its cage. I am just one week into a new period of chastity secured as I am by this device and my own sexual desires. I am really hoping that I haven’t made Mistress too angry!

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