Slave Taquin – Chastity/Distance Control Week 21 Diary

In just a few days time (I am sure Slave Taquin is counting down the minutes), my devoted distance control Slave will be having his device removed for the remainder of his contracted term under my control.  It’s been a very enjoyable experience for me to take him on the roller-coaster ride of emotions and torment.  I love chastity in general. I relish in having this, the ultimate control over the male species and it’s clear that my slaves enjoy it too, even if they can’t or dare not admit it.


Week 21 already!

I have started to count the weeks left in my distance control/Chastity contract with Miss Deelight. By the time that you are reading this I will have less than 5 weeks to go. There are so many thoughts going through my mind. The principle thought is one of regret at time having passed too quickly. It has been like nothing I have ever known before and I have loved, almost, every minute of it. It has without doubt exceeded my expectations. I am sure that I will enjoy the new found freedom initially however I am equally sure that I will soon find myself longing for the torments of tease and denial that Mistress is so good at providing. I suspect that I will even begin to miss being made to wear the Chastity device. I really do have something of a love / hate relationship with it.

Of more immediate concern to me however is how can I survive much longer feeling as horny as I do! It is of course only two weeks since my last orgasm (its funny how my perception of a long time without an orgasm has changed over the last few months – a few days of abstinence used to feel like a life time). It seems that by allowing me an orgasm a fortnight ago Mistress has brought my cock and balls well and truly back to life. To compound matters last week Mistress turned up the heat by reminding me in no uncertain terms that I had to do what I was told or suffer the consequences. Since then she has teased me with the fantasies of sensations that I crave so badly. As a result I am spending much of each day as a dribbling mess and most of the night with my cock trying in vain to break out of its cage. One night as I was on my to bed she told me to think of soft caresses, lace and tight bondage. Sleep did not come easy that night. And it hurt!

On Wednesday Mistress told me that I must read the blog that Sissy Mouse wrote following his session at the weekend. It is a gracious and well written blog for sure but I had to confess to Mistress that it still proved difficult for me to read. It certainly provided me with no pleasure to hear of the suffering she inflicted (fuelled by my suggestions), however willing Sissy Mouse was to accept it. The result of this was to make my day somewhat easier as the incredible hornyness that I had experienced the night before receded.

As the week progressed Mistress teased me gently, but most effectively. So much so in fact that I suspect that by Friday afternoon I had finally succumbed to Stockholm syndrome! Those not familiar with it will find the following definition in Wikepedia….
‘Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors.’
As far as I can tell it can be the only possible reason why I find myself liking the person who has locked away my manhood, removed from me any chance of sexual pleasure without her permission and forced me to long for just a brief text from her to make my day complete.

By the Friday afternoon I had become so horny that I could think of nothing else but the throbbing needs of my cock. That mornings ‘trigger’ was a comment in the text from Mistress that described to me a situation where she was going to tie me up. It doesn’t take much to tip me over the edge. By the end of the day I was compelled to send Mistress a text telling her of my desperation. I sometimes question myself as to why I do this. I know in doing so that Mistress is not going to feel sorry for me and turn down the heat! In reality it sometimes leads to her making me feel even more desperate. But that isn’t why I send the text either. I actually send it because I get to a point where I really don’t know which way to turn. The feeling of desperation and helplessness overwhelms me and I just have to tell someone. The problem is that the only person I can tell is Mistress. Fortunately I was spared a response from Mistress on this occasion until just before bedtime. Her response was brief but kind. She was pleased with the torment that I was experiencing but also pleased with herself at being able to create it. I went to sleep, eventually, happy and horny.

And so here I am at the end of another week. Mistress has been gentle but relentless this week. She seems to be holding me, teetering, on the edge of sexual insanity!

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