Slave Taquin – Chastity/Distance Control Week 22 Diary

Below is Slave Taquin’s latest diary entry, watch this space for what happens next!

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I probably made a mistake in last weeks blog. Amongst other things I had used the words ‘gentle’ and ‘kind’ to describe the approach that Mistress had taken to torment me. Whilst I still stand by them I think it probably prompted a response that I had not anticipated.

I have a session booked with Mistress next week and it seems that I wasn’t the only person looking forward to it. On the night that I had sent Mistress my blog she responded with a text that sent a real shiver down my spine. She told me that she had spent the day re-reading the journal that I had written during her recent absence. (I had been given clear instruction by Mistress before her departure to record my fantasies and emotions as they occurred during her absence. And like a good slave that is exactly what I did.) I had forgotten all about the journal, and had hoped that Mistress had consigned it to the junk folder long ago. The reason for the shiver? It revolves around the fact that for the first week of her absence I became quite ‘brave’ in my fantasies. I am sure that this was because Mistress was not around to tease or torment and so I sort stimulation in my own imagination. In summary the fantasies I expressed involved Mistress being tougher and more cruel to me than I think I would ever actually be able to cope with or indeed enjoy. At their heart they were all about torment, chastity and denial. Inevitably my bravery eventually changed to hornyness and desperation and therefore the second half of my journal was filled with fantasies about  my eventual release from my suffering. As we exchanged texts on Sunday night I began to fear that Mistress was concentrating more on the first half of my journal than the second! The effect of all of this was to ensure that I hardly slept for fear and excitement (I still don’t know why I am so excited when Mistress scares me?).

The following morning Mistress took great pleasure in the sleepless night that I had endured. I suggested that I needed ‘Nice Mistress’ back again. She told me very clearly that I had no idea what I needed and that she knows what is best for me. I was just to put up with being a horny dribbling mess! Things became even more difficult for me when I read the introduction to my blog that Mistress published on Wednesday. To know that Mistress is taking so much pleasure in controlling and tormenting me is so exciting. I guess we all excel most at the things that we derive pleasure from. This probably explains why she is so so damned good at what she does.

It s not long to wait now until I will feel the hands of my Mistress removing this Chastity device. Not being able to touch your own cock is such a terrible torment. My device has certainly not been my friend this week. It has made me so uncomfortable as my balls have swollen with cum that can not be released, it has killed so many erections and it has constantly reminded me of the hopelessness of my situation. The thoughts of its removal (and the fact that I will be at the mercy of the gorgeous Miss Deelight at the time) fill my mind. To top it all Mistress has been tweeting that she has lost the key. Of course I know that she is far too careful to have done this, but it winds me up nonetheless. Her ‘Resistance is Futile‘ blog summarises so well what she is capable of. I am totally powerless now. Tomorrow I will finally be released from the torments of the chastity device. This is not the end however. It will, I am sure, just mark the beginning of another phase of my submission.

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