Slave Taquin – Chastity/Distance Control Week 23 Diary

Slave Taquin visited the House of Deelight on Monday for what was to signify the end of his long term contract and a permitted early release due to his personal life.  This slave has developed and flourished as a submissive during the time that he has been under my control and I have enjoyed every minute of his roller-coaster journey.  I have to say, it felt a little strange not receiving his early morning text yesterday, but that just goes to show as to what levels true D/s relationships can climb to, no matter what the arrangement may be surrounding that relationship (i.e. professional or intimate or both).  Even as a professional dominatrix, when a close and successful working relationship has built up with a client, it is natural to notice when that time has passed.  I am very proud of Slave Taquin, he embarked on a brave journey and rode the storms very well.

Those of you who have been following his journey, will enjoy this, his second to last entry.  I was sure to video his final release and the epic capture of his final 15 minutes of tease, denial and ultimate orgasmic release are available to buy in my or clips4sale sites. Click the buttons at the bottom of this post.  I’ve also included a gallery of screenshots from the movie clip.  I’ll add the full sized versions to my private gallery for those wanting to see them in full size.


thumbnailMistress had ensured that I had a sleepless night before the day of our session. She had played with my fears during the previous week and on the morning of the session itself asked if I was terrified.  The truth of the matter was that I was indeed terrified (and I felt I that I had good reason to be!)

Mistress had already proved to me during the period of our agreement that I would never know what would happen in or out of a session. What I did know was that I had endured punishment and disappointment, as well as pleasure, in earlier sessions. As a result I have been taught my place in this relationship and am thankful for whatever pleasure I am allowed. Our sessions do work within my limits and boundaries; it is just that Mistress decides what those are! I have come to realise that  she actually understands better than I do what I can endure, and what ultimately will make me a better slave, and so I trust her to decide what is best for me.

In stepping through the door of the HOD I was instructed to lock the door and enter the lounge. I was delighted to see that Mistress was wearing incredibly sexy red lingerie. Not only that but she was wearing her new Louboutin shoes purchased for her by her loyal slaves. She looked stunning. I was ordered to kneel and kiss her shoes which I duly did. I was then instructed to stand in front of her whilst she started to remove my clothes. This was a first, and what a wonderful experience it was. What a very lucky slave I am I thought. And just as I started to relax into the joy of my situation the whole atmosphere changed in an instant. Mistress informed me that she (and I) were about to discover what lengths I would go to, to be released from my chastity device. My mind started to race as I considered what terrible things I might be forced to do, or endure, before she was willing to remove the device. I was gripped by fear, and my cock grew in my cage as I began to grasp the hopelessness of the situation that I found myself in. Once undressed I was instructed to get on my hands and knees and to crawl behind Mistress up the stairs to where I knew the bondage bed was located. I followed those gorgeous stocking clad ankles and calfs up the stairs not knowing what fate awaited me.

Once laid on my back on the bed Mistress started slowly and surely to secure me to the bed in ever more inescapable bondage.


First I had rope attached to my upper arms and down to the sides of the bed, then it was my wrists and then my legs were spread apart before they too were tightly tied. Finally Mistress secured my fingers with cable ties to ensure that I had no way to release myself.  As she tied me she alternated between ensuring that I experienced the wonderful sensations of feeling her lingerie clad body touching mine and threatening me with what was to come. And best of all at one point she sat across my stomach looking down into my eyes allowing me to fantasise for just a moment on what it might be like…. I will stop there before I recount thoughts that I know are not allowed to a lowly slave like myself!

Mistress stood back apparently pleased with her work. She reached for a small metal suitcase and asked me if I knew what it contained. I had to confess that I did not. What ever it was I suspected that it wasn’t going to bring me much pleasure. Mistress opened the case and took out the dreaded electric device. She attached an electrode to one testicle and one to my cock. She turned a switch and as I convulsed as far as my bonds would allow she asked if I could feel anything! Mistress changed the setting to a continuous pulse of shock waves that rippled through my cock and balls. She increased the intensity to a level that held me delicately but precisely balanced on the cusp between pleasure and pain. As I twitched and writhed Mistress proceeded to smother me with her wonderful arse and gorgeous breasts. I couldn’t breath and yet enjoyed the sensations so much. At one point Mistress put both of her hands behind my head and pulled it up firmly into her cleavage held so perfectly by that wonderful red bra. The electric pulses ran through my cock and balls. I really was in heaven now! This continued for some time with Mistress increasing the intensity of the shocks further as time passed. Once she decided that I could take it no longer she looked at my balls and declared them full to bursting. Mistress held my balls in her hand and suggested that she might not be able to push them through the stainless steel ring of the chastity device and therefore it might be necessary for me to continue wearing it for the rest of the session. I told her that I really did need it removed. She laughed.

Mistress then proceeded to set up the video camera for what I knew would be the final act of my session. It was for me the final act of a script that had not been shared with me. I wondered what the title of the video once released might be. Would it be ‘Taquin gets to cum at last’. I was desperate for that to be the case. Or was it to be ‘Taquin is forced to endure another ruin’ or worse still ‘Taquin leaves in tears with no release’? I really didn’t know what fate awaited me and was terrified that the video might be about my further suffering and despair at the hands of my Mistress.

Mistress used her key to release the lock on my chastity device. She removed the cage and then the ring from behind my balls (they did pass through, albeit providing me some pain in the process!). After 11 weeks wearing the device I was free at last. Better still Mistress was caressing my cock and balls. I have never been filmed before and so initially this led to my cock not responding as it should. It didn’t take long however for the wonderful hands of Miss Deelight to start working their magic. I wont give too much away at this point because I think the video that Mistress has posted on AdultWork will tell the story far better than I ever could. What I will say however is that Mistress can tease, edge, deny, tease and produce sensations in a mans cock that this slave has never previously experienced. At long last the moment of truth arrived and I could feel myself starting to cum. And I still didn’t know if a ruin was all that awaited me. My cock started to pump, and Mistress continued to rub! Oh how wonderful it felt as she ensured that I enjoyed the most intense, mind-blowing, full on orgasm of my life. I lay stunned by its impact as our session came to a close. I am still stunned by it as I write this. It will never be forgotten.

And so this brings me to the end of a wonderful spell under the control of Miss Deelight. For personal reasons I have asked to be released from my contract a little earlier than was planned (thank goodness it ended on such a high!). I have promised Mistress that I will write one last blog in this series that attempts to summarise the journey she has taken me on. Please bear with me whilst I come to my senses and gather my thoughts to enable me to do this.

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