Slave Taquin – Chastity/Distance Control Week 3 Diary

Having been allowed 2 orgasms at the end of last week I had thought that this week would be easy. As I no longer possess the vigor of youth that I once enjoyed it can take a little longer for the batteries to re charge these days – or so I thought! Mistress had other ideas it seems. Firstly Mistress told me that I should have a new name. I now find myself known as Taquin and in doing so feel even more under her control. On Monday there were two wonderful Twitter postings. One with Mistress showing her stockings and the other with her ready to use her gag. Most exciting! I am not allowed to touch myself for pleasure unless Mistress has specifically sanctioned it. I am not sure how much I did this in the past but now, knowing that it is off-limits until told otherwise, it is exciting and frustrating. I managed to put up with this until Monday when I felt the need at least to give myself a little stimulation. I was allowed 2 minutes at bed time which was lovely but led to the inevitable desire for more. Following a sleepless night on Monday Mistress posted a wonderful picture of herself with her bondage rope. This was enough to turn me into a blithering idiot and to text Mistress for permission to cum. Of course this was swiftly denied and all I was allowed was to pleasure myself for a little longer that evening. And the week has progressed from there. Mistress seems to be allowing me to become more excited as the week goes on. My desire to cum increases likewise and I am powerless to do anything about it. I go to sleep with a hard on and wake up in a similar state. On one particular day I had requested permission to cum which was denied but worse still Mistress told me that I was not to touch myself at all for pleasure. I now have even greater respect for those gentlemen wearing a chastity device! Whilst for me this only lasted for 2 days I did find that not being able to touch yourself is very tormenting indeed. It was at this point that I shared with Mistress the fact that I was suffering much confusion. I found myself wanting to touch myself but at the same time desperately hoping that my period of chastity and denial would last for ages. Mistress has responded that she knows what is best for me and not to worry! I find this both ominous and exciting. I am very happy to trust her judgement and to just let it happen. Whatever that brings. Permission to touch myself was again granted at the end of the week (backed up by strict instructions not to cum). I have no idea what next week will bring but only know that I am loving be under the control of Miss Deelight.

Dominatrix with Ball Gag

Dominatrix with Rope

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