Slave Taquin – Chastity/Distance Control – Week 4 Diary

Slave Taquin has been instructed to provide weekly reports on his progress throughout his distance control – in which I control him via text message without him wearing a chastity device…….

Do you ever write a text or an e mail and press ‘send’ without having given it enough consideration? Well this is what I did on Saturday. The recipient of said e mail was Miss Deelight, and the moment that I sent it I regretted it! Without divulging its contents I can say that it was meant to be humorous, if a little cheeky. I do know that Mistress has a great sense of humour but in hindsight was not sure that I knew her well enough to be testing
it out at his time. Whilst I do like to think that Mistress appreciated my pathetic attempt to make her laugh she informed me that I had to be punished. This was not a good way to start week 4. I sent Mistress an apologetic text and on Sunday morning a request to have an orgasm. This was met with an instant denial combined with a stern instruction not to touch myself at all that day. As the days go by this is becoming more difficult. On Monday morning, whilst still being denied the opportunity to cum, Mistress instructed me to edge myself in the morning and then once again at bedtime that night. The morning edge was OK. But after this I was told to write an e mail to Mistress of the fantasy that was in my head whilst edging. This had the effect on me that I am sure Mistress had hoped for! Mistress obviously realises that by making me disclose my fantasies to her it ensures that I feel all the more at her mercy. The fact that she has seen them and enjoyed them just intensifies my desire to cum further.  My balls began to ache and throb at this point. Mistress responded that she liked my fantasy very much. My pain down below intensified as the afternoon and evening progressed and I realised that edging before going to sleep was going to lead to a very sleepless night. I had not reckoned on one final act from Mistress. Just before bedtime Mistress sent me a short text of encouragement. Receiving the text just before edging myself just intensified the discomfort of edging further. It was so difficult, and painful, to stop just before an orgasm was about to erupt. And a horny and sleepless night commenced. When I e mailed Mistress the following morning she asked how long she had denied me an orgasm in advance of our last session, and if I was planning to see her again before Xmas. I know now that there is often a very good reason for a question like this! My answers to Mistress will always be honest despite the obvious implications. I confirmed that I wanted to come and see her and we agreed on a date in 2 weeks time. I believed that this could lead to 2 potential outcomes. Either she would allow me an orgasm now in order that I have time to build up again in advance of the forthcoming session – or she would deny me and make me wait for yet another 2 weeks! It seems that I have been denied the opportunity to cum, and all that has happened is that Mistress seems to be turning up the heat further. Even sending me pictures of what she is going to be wearing for our session. Undoubtably the most impactful event of the week was the receipt of a short but clear email that included the sentence…. ‘I intend to push you as far as I absolutely can before the session’. This simple phrase, laced as it is with the threat of torments to come, makes me tremble with fear and excitement! It is now Sunday and my discomfort grows and my numbers of hours of peaceful sleep reduces. This morning Mistress made me tie up my cock and balls as a penalty for not adhering to the instructions I was given yesterday. It is now early evening and I have asked Mistress if I can release myself due to my growing discomfort. At this point in time she has ignored my text and my discomfort continues. I will not release myself early unless I am given permission to by my Mistress, even if this means staying tied until I text her tomorrow morning. I really dont want to anger her further! I can only imagine that next week will not provide any respite.


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