Slave Taquin – Chastity/Distance Control Week 8 Diary

It was only a week and a half since my last proper orgasm. I say ‘proper’ as Mistress has been enjoying teasing me with card games recently. To start with a win was a win and I got to cum. More recently though a win has either been a timed wank challenge that inevitably I lose (it seems that I am unable to make myself cum when the clock is ticking down) or NOT having to endure a ruin. Therefore winning is now no fun and losing is far worse!

In reality it is no time at all to have been denied. This is what I keep telling myself, but for some reason I have found the early days of this week to be quite difficult. Since my session with Mistress I now have a better understanding of what I have signed up for and it continues to thrill me. Indeed I think that Mistress has, at times, allowed my own imagination to flourish whilst only needing to embellish and guide where necessary. There was one task set by Mistress at the beginning of the week that totally dominated my thinking thereafter. I was to research & select a Chastity device and send my recommendation to Mistress for approval.

Those of you who have followed this Blog from the beginning will know that the wearing of a Chastity device was not part of my plan! And yet by Tuesday  I found that I could think of nothing else. My mind was totally filled with the vision of Mistress locking it in place. It is an amazing contradiction that I still don’t understand. I am desperate to cum because I am being teased and denied and yet my ‘solution’ is to ask Mistress to make me suffer still further. I can only compare it to the wonderful moment when stripped naked at the HOD I put my hands behind my back and feel Mistress pull the rope tight around my wrists and tie the knot. I have allowed myself to be put in this predicament, but as the knot tightens, I know that I am totally helpless, and it feels so good! By Tuesday afternoon I had sent the text almost begging Mistress to lock me in a Chastity device. We agreed the specification and Mistress placed the order.

The following morning I sent Mistress my morning text requesting my days instructions as normal. The response came as a surprise. Firstly because Mistress informed me that the device had arrived (the wonders of Internet shopping I guess) and secondly that Mistress was giving me permission to cum that day. The permission was on the basis that I should make the absolute most of it because ‘things were about to get serious’! The combination of the pent up desire built up over the previous days combined with the anticipation and spine tingling fear of what was to come provided the backdrop to one of the best self delivered orgasms of all time.

The next morning was New Years day and Mistress commenced her next campaign of torments. I was sent a picture of the device, told to tie up my cock and balls, and instructed to imagine what it was going to feel like to be locked up. Apparently this was ‘day one of my torturous denial’. It was being made pretty clear to me from this and other communications received that Mistress was about to make me suffer like never before. In the past it has taken me a few days to build up again following an orgasm. Not any more, day one and already I feeling really horny.

And so here I am at 5am on Sunday morning completing my blog for Mistress as instructed. Why 5am? Well yesterday Mistress turned up the heat. Those of you who follow Mistress on Twitter will have seen that she decided to taunt me with a vine video of my chastity device. What you wont have seen are the texts received to back this up. In particular the wonderful picture of Mistress together with the instructions that I must not even stroke myself anymore, and that she is going to enjoy every second of my suffering! I awoke this morning at around 4am with a hard on that I was not allowed to enjoy in any way. This really is most frustrating. Once I have completed this blog I will send my morning text to Mistress asking for my daily instructions. Mistress has told me that she will only give me 24hrs notice of when she is going to lock me in the device. In doing so she has ensured that I spend all day every day waiting for that fateful text to arrive. As I write this I really do question my own judgment in taking this next step. I am feeling so horny today and yet I haven’t even been locked up yet. I really don’t know what to expect once I am, but fear that I might be made to regret the day that I pleaded with Mistress to make it happen.

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