Slave Taquin – Distance Chastity/Control – Week 5 Diary

Slave Taquin is now 5 weeks into his 6 month contract of distance control:

Finally on Sunday evening Mistress responded to my pleaful text for release from my bonds and allowed me to untie my cock and balls before edging myself at bed time. The customary sleepless night ensued. I got up the next morning and sent my morning text to Mistress asking for my instructions. Mistresses tone was serious and uncompromising. I was to tie my cock and balls for the whole day again, but today I was banned from touching myself for pleasure. I was told that I would be allowed to release myself at bed time. These instructions came as a surprise to me. I am learning that I should never be surprised my Mistresses ingenuity however. I did of course accepted the instructions but foolishly asked if I was allowed some stimulation before going to sleep. A verbal slap was the response I received and all physical contact was denied.

I should say at this point that I am still learning about what it feels like to be a sub to a beautiful and powerful woman. One thing that I have learned about myself however is that, much as I enjoy a warm conversation and gentle banter with Mistress, the thing that really gets me going is strict and uncompromising control. Mistress is capable of making me literally shake with fear and anticipation. And I love her for that. More than once my shaking fingers have accidentally hit the ‘send’ button whilst texting in the morning. My final instruction of the day was that I was to tie my cock and balls again as soon as I awoke the next morning and to text Mistress when I had done so.

This was day three of this torment. Having done this I received my days instructions. I was to edge myself and to send Mistress the fantasy that was in my mind at that time. As was the case the previous days the base of my cock was tied in such a way that it was comfortable while my cock was flacid but was too tight to allow a pain free erection. Having been told to edge myself I realised that this was going to be a real problem. I sent a text to Mistress to ask if I could briefly release my bonds whilst edging. An instant ‘No’ was the response. What followed was the most painful edge that I had experienced so far! I sent Mistress a text of the fantasy that was in my mind at the time but also felt the need to confess the fantasy that had been filling my waking hours over the previous three days. I had found having my cock and balls tied up for three days an enlightening experience.

Whereas the previous week had been filled with high intensity erections, denial and torment this week was different. Erections were not really possible because of my bonds and this seemed to be replaced with a tantalising sensation of warmth in the end of my cock. The discomfort of my bonds was a constant reminder of my Mistress and the control that she had over me. As each day passed the sensations intensified. My confession to Mistress was simple therefore (and one I had heard expressed by others previously). It was that I was fantasize about a moment where all sexual freedom is taken from me as the lock is clicked shut on the chastity device. In this moment I imagine a look of victory on my Mistresses face as she experiences the satisfaction of knowing that I am inescapably hers. Having now told Mistress of this fantasy she knows that I am considering this, but I really don’t know if this is what I want. The form of chastity and distance control that I am currently experiencing by text is absolute in its operation as I am 100% committed to honesty and obedience. It does also allow me the pleasure and associated torment of unfulfilled erections. Also I do not know if I could wear a chastity device without it being obvious during my home life. The question has however been placed in my mind by my experiences this week. I wonder if that was Mistresses intention?

After 3 days of being tied the bonds began to take their toll on my skin and I had to ask for permission to release myself. Thankfully this was granted and I was able to release myself from the torment. The next couple of days were relaxed in comparison. I was allowed to stroke myself for short periods of time and I started to really look forward to the forthcoming session with Mistress where I assumed that I would, at long last be allowed an orgasm. This relaxed state has however been short lived. Following some text exchanges on the subject Mistress has informed me that she has never said that I am going to be allowed to cum during the session! I now don’t know if an orgasm is going to be the wonderful conclusion to our session. This has rather sent me into a tail spin. I have never been denied an orgasm in a session before. I have now been without one for the longest period of time since puberty. I really do need one and desperately hope that Mistress allows it. It is what I have gone to sleep each night and woken up each morning yearning for. I have accepted however that during this period of distance control I have to accept whatever Mistress decides is best for me. By this time next week I will know the answer.

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