Slave Taquin – Distance Control and Session Journal – 6 of the Best!

Previously I had warned Slave Taquin that an early request for his keysafe code to get the key for his device, would result in a punishment of 6 strokes of the cane. Taquin hates pain so this is an appropriate punishment for him. Unfortunately for him, he needed the code within a couple of days to make further adjustments to his device.  I was not going to let him off but I did also allow myself to enjoy a wonderful session of rope bondage which is something we both enjoy.  See the amazing pictures below.

I am writing this on the Saturday of what has been an eventful week. The result of the events that have occurred this week is that I am feeling happy, horny and very submissive.

Vanilla events had led me to request an extension to my normal Sunday morning deadline for blog submission. I had eventually managed to submit it during Sunday evening following which Mistress and I exchanged a few e mail on the subject of running. She had completed a magnificent final long run before commencing the taper down of her training in preparation for the Marathon that would take place 3 weeks later.

It was on Monday that I felt Mistress start  tighten her grip on me once again. It started with a declaration by her that, seeing as my swelling balls were the reason for my difficulties with the chastity device, that they would have to be emptied regularly between sessions from now on. Naively I conjured up thoughts of meeting Mistress once a week in order that she might provide me with an orgasm. Regrettably the conclusion from a series of texts on the subject is that on day 12 of every month Mistress will provide me with my key safe code in order that I can release myself from the device and give myself a ruin. I will then be allowed 2 days freedom from the device before being locked up again by Mistress via skype. Two weeks after that I will attend the HOD for my monthly session where Mistress will, if I am lucky, release me whilst I am suitably restrained.

As if this wasn’t enough to make me realise my predicament Mistress then sent me a fantasy that involved me being at the HOD on hands and knees secured to the ceiling by a rope body harness and anal hook whilst having my photograph taken for additional ‘leverage’. My task was to think about this whilst slowly stroking Mistresses property until it was at the very edge of orgasm. I completed the task and still dribbling away confirmed this to Mistress. Her response? ‘Are you wearing your panties’? The truth was that I wasn’t and so I thought about it for a moment before rushing off to put them on. I then replied ‘yes Mistress’ only to receive a one word reply ‘proof’… Thank goodness I had actually put them on I thought as I took a photo and sent it back to Mistress. The picture amused her and her response was positive. I decided that I had better keep them on for the rest of the day.

I went to bed that night tormented by the events of the day that had just finished but also in the knowledge that I was due at the HOD the following day. My apprehension at having to attend the HOD the following day was heightened by the knowledge that Mistress had told me that I was due 6 strokes of her cane on my next visit for requesting to be released from my chastity device. I consoled myself with the thought that maybe this was just one of Mistresses mind games. I awoke in the early hours and checked my phone. Mistress had sent me a text that read ‘tick tock panty boy’ followed by a series of very distressed emoticons. Maybe this really was going to happen.

I stopped at Magor services on the way to the HOD the next day and checked my phone. It was bad news. Mistress had tweeted that I was going to get 6 of the best. This was not good. Despite all of my recent ramblings about pain I am unwavering in my first reaction to it which is that I don’t like it. I drove up outside the HOD and let Mistress know that

  1. a) I had arrived
  2. b) that I was considering starting the engine and driving home again.

Mistress left me in no doubt that this would be a mistake on my part.

At 1 minute past my session time Mistress berated me for being late and I got out of my car and scurried over to the HOD. I followed the instructions that had been provided to me earlier in the day and within a couple of minutes found myself kneeling, naked on the floor of the dungeon with my head bowed my hands upturned on my thighs and chanting my mantra. Mistress entered the dungeon and instructed me to continue chanting. I faltered slightly as she walked up in front of me and positioned herself immediately in front of my kneeling torso. She moved closer but didn’t touch me. I chanted on. She moved a fraction closer and I allowed my head to rest forward on to her stocking clad knee. ‘Get your head off my leg’ was the swift response. I did so instantly. Mistress told me to continue reciting my mantra as she slowly and deliberately walked around me. Once she was in front of me again she told me that I could stop my recital and look up. I gladly did so to find Mistress wearing black stockings and lingerie and looking incredibly powerful and incredibly sexy. ‘Soak it all in Slave’ she said, ‘this is your last chance to enjoy it’. With that she started to wrap a bandage around my head and across my eyes until all light was blocked out. I was ordered to stand so that Mistress could craft a body harness around me from the hemp rope that I had been instructed to buy. Once completed I was instructed to follow the directions given to me and make my way across the dungeon. My destination was the whipping bench. As I was strapped down to it I knew full well what was about to happen to me. Despite my fear I became increasingly excited as Mistress secured my arms and legs in inescapable bondage.


Once secured Mistress walked across the dungeon floor and I heard her pick up something that sounded metallic. I had expected to hear the sound of a cane being withdrawn from its receptacle. In the place of the stinging pain of a cane being laid across my cheeks the next sensation I felt was a gloved and lubricated finger being slid inside my arse. I realised immediately what was about to happen. I was about to experience for the first time the joys of the anal hook. And so a few minutes later I found myself tied and strapped to a whipping bench secured to the ceiling by body harness and anal hook unable to move more than a fraction. And Mistress left the room laughing at my demise.

Some while later Mistress returned and removed the hook. It had actually been quite comfortable once I had got used to it, but it really didn’t want to come out! Mistress applied just sufficient pressure and it slid out. The small amount of soreness quickly subsided and Mistress declared that it was time for my punishment. In a way I was pleased. I really did want to get it out of the way as the thought of it was preventing her property from enjoying the session. Mistress explained that I was to be punished for having to request the code to my device. She told me to thank her, and count, for each stroke of the cane. She hit me for the first time and I gasped, winced, tensed, said ‘thank you Mistress, one’ and exhaled. It really hurt! And so it progressed each blow hurting successively more than the previous one. Number 5 was completed and Mistress told me to stop straining so hard against my bonds. I really couldn’t help it. I knew that the last one would be even worse than what had gone before. That is Mistresses way. And I was correct. Blow number six took me to the very edge of cursing. It is something that I really try not to do in front of Mistress. I don’t think I swore but I am sure that I must have given out the greatest yelp. I was so glad it was over. Mistress laughed and declared that I had the most wonderful soft and beatable bum. She was very happy with the 6 perfectly parallel lines that stayed with me for the rest of the day. Mistress said afterwards that she looked forwarded to hearing my views on my beating.

(My views Mistress are this: I don’t like pain. It doesn’t make me horny when it is applied. I fear it. It is a genuine tool in your formidable armory by which you can control me. I love the fact that it gives you pleasure in its application. It makes me understand who is truly in control. I am feeling submissive as I write this because of it. I will try not to fail you again in order to avoid it.)

Having received my punishment Mistress released me from the bench, secured my hands above my head and provided me with a wonderful orgasm. I was locked back into my device and provided the spare key, locked securely away into the key safe to which only Mistress knows the combination. I returned home happy with my place in the world.

The following day Mistress revealed a new way of tormenting me. I was in my workshop working on my own when Mistress logged into my Laptop using teamviewer. It was a quick but ultimately impactful visit. Since applying parental controls to my PC I have been unable to access porn. Today she opened up the pornhub site on my laptop and typed in ‘Femdom Blackmail’ into the search bar. Up came an assortment of videos for me to chose from. Mistress left me with the word ‘enjoy’ knowing of course that I was locked in chastity and unable to experience any real enjoyment at all. I chose a video to watch and eagerly clicked on it. All that it did was took me back to the screen that said ‘you need to ask the adults in your house to allow you to see this’. It seemed that I would have to ask Mistress every time I wished to watch a video. It was as if Mistress had sat me down in a wonderful restaurant and given me a menu to chose from, but would still control what and when I could eat. And that is how my day progressed with Mistress drip feeding me porn. I was allowed to watch 3 videos before permission stopped being granted. Now she just says something like ‘I might let you watch one later’ or she just ignores me. It is driving me nuts.

Yesterday Mistress very kindly gave her distance control slaves access to a wonderful series of bondage videos that she created from a recent session. She then proceeded to take some time telling me how enslaved I really am to her and what might happen if I ever let her down. She sent me a picture of my new slave collar and informed me that I was now going to be placed on the Slave register. I did joke that this might cause me a problem when I chose to move on. She calmly reminded me that this was now impossible. Mistress is, as always, correct.


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