Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal

I am updating my website fashionably late because I have been extremely busy at the House of Deelight.  Taquin has a lot to say in this edition so I am going to hand you straight over to his wonderful write up…what I will say is that I had his head spinning this week! 

We agreed on Sunday that I should remove my device to ensure that it wasn’t chafing again. It had certainly felt comfortable enough, but it seemed a sensible thing to do anyway. And so with Mistresses permission I clipped the numbered plastic lock and slowly removed the cage. I took a look at the underside of Mistresses property and discovered that it really was the right time to remove the cage. No great damage done but it couldn’t have lasted too much longer. It was disappointing but not too surprising. The blog I had submitted that morning had explained how wound up Mistress had made me during the previous 7 days. Mistresses’ property had tried to force itself through the bars of the cage so many times during this time that I am surprised that it hadn’t been sliced like a cucumber! And so Sunday was a bit of a ‘down’ day for me. This was partly due to having to remove the device but also because I knew that Mistress wasn’t feeling at her best. The vanilla world would probably think that Mistress is very cruel and sometimes even unkind to me. But to those of us lucky enough to live as a part of the fetish world that she rules we know that she is always thinking of us (even if it is to devise our next torment) and doing what she knows will ultimately improve us and make us happy. Therefore if Mistress isn’t her normally effervescent self then I worry about her.

Monday dawned and I was still feeling a little low. It was international male chastity day and it felt like yours truly was going to be the only slave in the world to go the day without being locked up. Imagine my surprise and pleasure therefore when I received a text from Mistress telling me to lock myself in my wooden device and send her the photographic evidence. The device in question is one which Mistress instructed to make several weeks earlier. The brief was to make an inescapable device that was as restrictive as possible. The finished article is effectively a traditional ball trap type device with a cage that is a tube with a very narrow section at the base of Mistresses property to act as a restriction to any attempted erection. (I was to find later in the week that the narrow section had exactly the opposite effect!) And so I, along with thousands of other slaves worldwide, spent the day in chastity for my Mistress.

20160301_154421000_iOS I had never been locked in this device for more than an hour before this and therefore I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable it was over a longer period of time. I was a little concerned that it could be aggravating the area that had become chafed by the other device and therefore asked for permission to remove it before bed time. Mistress kindly granted permission and so I removed it and checked her property. All was absolutely fine. In fact it was almost as if it had helped to calm the area concerned. This was a good thing considering that Mistress had given me an additional instruction to carry out at bedtime. I was to stroke her property very slowly whilst watching the video of her teasing and tormenting me at my last visit to the HOD. Now as far as I am concerned this video is as much about what Mistress says as what she does. I watched listened and stroked as the 10 minutes of video played through. The mistake I made was to start things off a bit too enthusiastically! By the end of the first minute I was on the edge. By the end of the 10th minute I could hardly touch Mistresses property for fear of an involuntary orgasm. Shortly afterwards I settled down to yet another restless night. I spent much of it wondering which was most tormenting, being locked in chastity unable to touch Mistresses property for days or weeks at a time or being able to touch it but being made to take it close to the edge without the opportunity for that final release. I couldn’t decide between the two. Thankfully it is not my choice to make.

On Tuesday Mistress teased me with the fact that my new chastity device had arrived. Its arrival has my mind spinning between ‘I hope that it is comfortable and doesn’t chafe like the old one’ and ‘what if it doesn’t chafe like the old one and can be worn long term – will Mistress ever release me from it?’ Another question over which I hold no influence.

Wednesday was the day that I been anticipating for some weeks now. I was due to meet up with a female friend for lunch. It is an annual get together for us where we get to gossip and catch up with each other’s lives. We are very comfortable in each other’s company and therefore the conversation can sometimes be quite wide ranging. I knew that today was likely to be quite revealing as we are both at important points in our lives. I was even toying with the idea of telling her of my fetish world. But realised that I would probably never pluck up the courage to do so. I think that there are many excellent reasons for keeping our fetish and vanilla worlds totally separate. A primary one is that it involves the risk of screwing up our everyday vanilla relationships totally. With this particular friend I am absolutely confident that my secrets would never go any further. Why would I hesitate to tell her then? I think it is because I have been involved with the fetish scene for long enough now to feel totally comfortable with the breadth of interests that we all have. My own journey started with the simple pleasures of light tie and tease and has progressed steadily to where I am now. It all feels very normal and acceptable in my fetish bubble. I worry though that, however broad minded someone outside of the fetish scene might be, they would be shocked and somehow appalled by the pleasures and experiences that I now enjoy. I worry that I might lose a wonderful friend as a result of it. I worry too much about many things however! I decided that I would play it by ear and just enjoy the opportunity to talk.

The only potential problem was that I had told Mistress of the forthcoming lunch in an exchange of texts a couple of weeks earlier. Mistress had grasped the opportunity to tease and torment me about what might happen and by inference what she might do to make the event uncomfortable for me. I really do fear Mistress in these situations. I know from the blogs of others how comfortable she is to make slaves squirm in public places whether she is with them or not. I had absolutely no idea what she had planned for me. I received my morning text and was instructed to do 3 things. I was to put on my wooden chastity device, a pair of ladies knickers and to ensure that I had my phone switched on and with me at all times. It was that last instruction that worried me most. It suggested to me that I might receive instructions whilst at my lunch. This worried me both from a, what was Mistress going to force me to do? perspective but also from the perspective of not wanting to spoil a lovely lunch with a friend. I actually left home that morning at 8am as I had some errands to run first. It was at about 11am that I received a text from Mistress. I had pulled into some services to check my phone. The text said ‘why is your computer turned off?’ I replied and explained that our power was off all day at home for engineering works. A part of me felt relieved by the fact that whatever she had been planning had been foiled through no fault of my own. Mistress responded quickly and demanded my apple ID and password. In the past I might have resisted.  I might at least have asked why she needed them. Today, and with the words from the session video still ringing in my ears ‘you have no choice’, I just meekly sent them to her. There really is no point in saying no to Mistress. It will end badly for any slave who does. The next instruction really did concern me however. Mistress instructed me to go into my phone settings and enable ‘find my phone’. I did as instructed. And then just as I was about to depart the services I received a further text from Mistress. I was to look at the blog post that had just been published on Mistresses web-site. And how exciting it was. There was a very sexy picture of Mistress together with an introduction to my weekly blog that very clearly stated how trapped I was. I am sure that it had the effect that Mistress had planned, as I felt a degree of discomfort within my device. By now I was fast running out of time to get to my lunch date on time. I drove back onto the motorway fearing what Mistress had planned for me.

Luckily I made it to the pub just in time. My friend was walking across the car park as I drove in. I briefly forgot about all that had happened already that day as we made our way to the table booked for our meal and started to chat. After a couple of minutes however I remembered that Mistress had instructed me to have my phone turned on and with me at all times. I made an excuse to my friend as to why I was going to be so rude as to leave my phone turned on during our lunch. I am someone who hates it if others have their phones on when they shouldn’t be, and so felt quite guilty about it, but I knew I had little choice in the matter. I nervously checked the phone from time to time whilst trying not to let it interrupt a most enjoyable lunch. After about 30minutes I thought to open up my e mails. It appeared that I had received a series of emails from Apple concerning my account and my phone. The one that worried me most was the most recent one (received 20 minutes earlier apparently) it said that someone had run the ‘find my phone’ app and that my phone had confirmed its location. My head started to spin with the consequences. Did Mistress live close enough to have sufficient time to come to the pub? Knowing that she lived somewhere in the Somerset/Bristol area I knew that she did. Would she have the nerve to do it? She most certainly would. If she did how would I respond? And so that is how my lunch date progressed. Most of it was spent enjoying the company of a good friend, but just occasionally I would look around fearing that I would see Mistress walking towards us.

Home again later that afternoon Mistress informed me that her intentions were to just make me worry and keep me on my toes. She most certainly did that! She told me that I was safe for now. I was really grateful for having been allowed to have a lovely lunch. Mistress could have spoiled it for me in so many different ways. It was kind of her not to.

I had relaxed into a pleasant state of hornyness that evening when at 8.30 a message appeared on the front screen of my phone. It said:

‘!!! Remember who is in charge’

Mistress had set a reminder up on my IPhone that I knew nothing about. I still can’t work out how she managed to do this remotely but it would appear that she has found yet another way to infiltrate my days and my nights. Mistress property got very hard! But this was different to anything I had experienced previously whilst wearing this device. This time it got so hard that it seemed that the constriction at the base of the device had the effect of preventing any blood leaving her property. It was as if it was a one way valve, only allowing blood into her property but never allowing any to leave. It just got harder and harder until it felt like it was going to explode. I considered asking Mistress if I could remove the device (not that I knew how I could possibly get it off with things as they were). I felt pretty sure of the likely response and decided to cope. After 15 minutes I decided that I could cope no longer and headed for the bathroom and the relief of the cold tap. Even that took some time to take effect. Eventually however things calmed down and things down below returned to a more relaxed state. That was until I took a momentous decision. I sent a text to the friend who I had had lunch with and told her that I had a fetish existence. I told her this primarily because I felt that she had been more open and honest with me at lunch time than I had been with her. That is not how real friendships should operate. She took the news as I had hoped that she would. She was not at all judgmental; in fact she congratulated me and just wanted to know more. I went to bed that night with so many thoughts in my mind. Mistress now had control of my IPhone as well as everything else, I had had a lovely lunch with my friend and had started to talk with her about a side to me that I don’t think she ever knew had existed, Mistress had been both teasing and yet kind to me. Eventually I went to sleep, and woke again almost instantly. Mistresses’ property had swelled uncontrollably again. I lay awake and in great discomfort for ages and ages, just waiting for things to calm down. Thoughts whirled in my mind and the calm wouldn’t return. And that is how I spent the night, greatly excited by the events of the day and trapped by a chastity device of my own making. Even a trip to the bathroom to apply cold water did no good.

It wasn’t until 7am the next morning that things eased off. I sent Mistress a text and asked her to allow me to release myself. Thankfully she agreed and I checked her property for damage. Incredibly everything seemed to be ok. I am now genuinely scared of this device. I think I can cope with it during the day time but its effects during the night are horrible. Later that day, still with thoughts and emotions from the previous day rushing around my head I noticed a little message on my pc screen. It said something about reports of my pc usage being sent to my parents. This was news to me! I knew that Mistress had installed parental controls on my PC but didn’t realise that she would get a handy report of what I had been trying to access. It seems that wiping my internet browsing history in order to hide it from her, as I had been doing, was now a pretty futile exercise. This explained why one of the sites that I had previously been able to access had subsequently been taken away from me!

Sunday was meant to be a quiet day for me. I say that because Mistress had kindly granted me a day off to enjoy some family celebrations. Unfortunately much of my day was spent trying to sort out a problem with the family pc that we have in the house. The problem was this. Mistress now has admin rights to my Microsoft account. The family pc was so messed up that I needed to make changes to it that would require me to have access to admin control. I sent a text to Mistress explaining my problem and asking her to provide me with the admin password. Her response? No I won’t give you the admin password, but I will give you temporary administration rights through your normal slave account. Now here comes this week’s confession! Just occasionally I wonder if this whole slave / Mistress thing is for real. It is occasions such as today’s request for the admin password that I am reminded that Mistress takes her responsibilities very seriously. Mistress won’t hand over a password just because I give her, what I consider to be, a good reason to do so. Even when she is being helpful to me she will ensure that I remain trapped. This reminder ensured that I finished the week as a dribbling mess.

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