Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – 30 Seconds to Explode

This week I have been gently squeezing my grip on Slave Taquin.  He has had a lot of ‘internet’ freedom because I wanted him to realise just how special that freedom can be and equally how special it is when it is removed. I also, during our session, reminded my slave of just how well I do know him and what makes him tick, dressed to kill and leading him to the point of ecstasy very quickly once I decided the time was right. Mistress knows best!


Having been told off by Mistress for my ‘un-submissive’ text the day before I awoke on Sunday morning thinking about the times when I feel submissive and the times that I don’t. And inevitably I wrote Mistress an email on the subject. Mistress is very used to this by now. It is just my way of processing what is going on in my head and sharing it with the only person in the world who has ever really understood it. I picture Mistress opening these emails, rolling her eyes, and smiling at my naivety. As always I felt better and more submissive as a result.
On Sunday evening Mistress sent me a text that informed me that she would be in touch again the following day and that she would be ‘tightening her grip’ on me further. It sent me into a bit of a dither as I had no idea what she had planned. It led to two strong emotions. First and foremost the concept of even more power and control being taken away from me sent Mistresses property into overdrive but it was tempered somewhat by the fear of what might actually be involved. Mistress has so much power over me already that it is difficult to imagine what I actually have left! I slept fitfully on Sunday night and woke the following morning and sent Mistress a very submissive text!
I spent all of Monday fearing what Mistress had planned for me but in the end she contacted me and told me that her vanilla world had taken priority that day. And quite right to. This actually came as no surprise to me as it was Halloween. This I know is a big deal in the Miss Deelight household.
On Wednesday I sent my morning text to Mistress confirming how much I was looking forward to seeing her later that day. It was actually an earlier session than would normally be the case as I had to go out first thing and Mistress had kindly agreed to me heading straight over to her once I was ready. Mistress had warned me however that she would probably still be dressed casually when I first arrived. As always I confirmed that I love the ‘girl next door’ look and would not be in the slightest bit disappointed.
I arrived at the HOD at the agreed time and was immediately dispatched to go and buy light bulbs for some of the upstairs lighting. Once I had returned with the required bulbs Mistress came down the stairs to check that I had succeeded in my mission. She was indeed dressed in jeans and a casual top but looked no less sexy for that! I was instructed to undress and step into the cage in the dungeon. Once locked inside the cage I was told to put my wrists out through the bars in order that Mistress could manacle them together. And once secured, that was how I stayed for the next hour. I always enjoy this first hour as it allows me to settle into my predicament and begin to leave the trials and tribulations of the vanilla world behind me. Sometimes I am left to my own devices upstairs and I have even drifted off to sleep on occasion! But not today. For some reason I was particularly horny and desperate for Mistresses attentions. Occasionally Mistress would come into the dungeon to prepare for her day ahead. Sometimes she would talk to me and sometimes she would not. Occasionally she would taunt me with my predicament. Once she walked past me without saying a word. She looked me in the eyes as she passed without a hint of a smile or twinkle in her eyes. It was quite chilling and very exciting; a shiver went straight up my slave spine. Mistresses’ property dribbled gently during all of this. Eventually she went upstairs and I knew that she was getting changed. After, what felt like an eternity, I heard the footsteps of my Mistress coming down the stairs. She walked into the dungeon smiling at my obvious pleasure in what I could now see. Mistress was dressed in the most divine black lingerie including stockings and a very sexy corset.
I complimented Mistress on her appearance and she stood in front of me for just long enough to ensure that she had implanted yet another powerful image into my brain. Once she was satisfied that she had made me suitably desperate she went back into the lounge to find the key for my chastity device. After a little while Mistress came back with my key having taken it from my key safe that I had brought with me to the HOD. It was only at that point that I was told of the near disaster (for me). Mistress had sorted out her keys a couple of days earlier and for the first time ever had left my key at her home for some reason. If I hadn’t brought my key safe to the HOD I would have remained locked up! It was a terrible thought. Mistress moved towards me key in hand, and then thought better of it. She had noticed my visible desperation at still being locked in the chastity device and decided to see how much worse she could make it. Mistress placed the key on the mantelpiece where I could see it and stood in front of the cage looking divinely powerful. She started to run her fingers gently up and down my body. I found myself quivering with every touch. And as my mind turned to mush she stopped, stood back, and told me to recite my mantra – panic! – When Mistress has me like this I can barely remember my name let alone a mantra. I stammered and hesitated. Mistress just stood and looked at me. And then it came to me. To my surprise and relief I recited it perfectly. Mistress nodded in approval and then said ‘have you experienced my claws yet’. My answer was an honest but fearful ‘no mistress’. Mistress walked to the trolley that holds many of her favourite implements and applied something to her fingertips. In all honesty I couldn’t bring myself to look. It was rather like being in the dentists’ chair. I can never bring myself to look at the hypodermic needle as it is being prepared either. Mistress stood in front of me and started to run something very sharp gently down my chest. I felt it move around the chastity device and up under my balls. It tingled pleasantly and just added to my torment. And then Mistress drew the claws back up my body and onto my left nipple. She steadily increased the pressure and the pain started to build. I moved my body away from the claw but felt myself pushing my back up against the bars of the cage that I was locked in. Mistress pushed the claw still harder into my nipple, looked down and laughed. She had noticed that my knees had buckled involuntarily as a reaction to the stinging pain in my left nipple. Her glee at my reaction could only mean one thing, and it wasn’t good for me. She moved the claw to my right nipple and repeated the process. I buckled at the knee and Mistress laughed loudly. She repeated the experiment several times with the same result. How she enjoyed herself! After a few more goes Mistress tired of this particular game and decided it was time to torment me in a different way. She removed the manacles from my wrists, unlocked the confinement cage and ordered me to step outside. I was then made to crawl up the stairs on my hands and knees and to follow Mistress into the bedroom. Once there I was instructed to lie on my back whilst Mistress secured my wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed. Mistress stood at the bottom of the bed looking pleased at the state I was in. It was yet another wonderful image implanted in my brain. Mistresses’ property was still locked helplessly in its chastity cage absolutely desperate to feel her wonderful touch. Mistress asked how much I would like her to take it off. I confirmed very, very much indeed. She laughed and said ‘no’ as she came around from the base of the bed and climbed slowly onto my chest facing down the bed away from me. I had felt her stockings slide across my chest as she did so, and it sent me wild. To be allowed to feel Mistresses body, separated only by the thinnest layer of nylon or lace, is a huge honour and normally only a distant dream. Today it came true as Mistress moved her body over mine. Sometimes touching it and sometimes just out of reach. She slowly turned herself around and I now found her on top of me looking down into my eyes in order that she could see the combination of pleasure and suffering in mine. She leant down until I could feel the soft shape of her breasts through her lacy bra. Her body moved up and down over mine which was now so sensitive to every slightest touch. At that point and without any conscious intention on my part my hips did something that I thought they had forgotten how to do long ago. They thrust upwards. Not hard, but enough for Mistress to instantly stop what she was doing, sit up and say ‘what the hell was that?’. I had no reasonable reply as Mistress raised her right hand and landed an angry slap across my right cheek. As it stung I apologised profusely for what had happened. Mistress got off me and stood by the bed and reached for her phone.
Mistress started to tell me what was on there. She started to describe the heading of the files that she holds relating to me. It was a chilling reminder of her ruthless efficiency when it comes to managing her long term slaves.
She had headings such as psychology, blog exerts, slave ramblings, future sessions and several others. I have given so much away to Mistress. The combination of having to write a weekly blog together with my texts sent whilst at the depths of my deepest torment or peak of my greatest elation have provided Mistress with a knowledge of me that no one else could ever match. Realising that Mistress holds so much of it at her fingertips just reinforces the hopelessness of my position. Mistress then moved onto another section on her phone. It listed out all of my recent misdemeanours. I thought that I had been a good slave since my last session, but apparently not! Mistress read from her phone…
‘Looking at another domes website’
‘Turning off the controls on phone to look at twitter without permission’
‘sending Mistress lines for her to complete via the writeforme website’
‘taking pleasure in Mistresses typo of tench instead of trench’
etc, etc
The list went on. We laughed through much of this but experience told me that just because we laugh together about stuff it doesn’t make any difference as to whether or not Mistress unleashes a horrible punishment on me. My laughter was more hysterical than jovial therefore. Luckily Mistress turned off her phone and told me that I wasn’t going to be punished today, but that the list would remain on her phone for another day. I fear that I will have added to it by the time it is actively used against me.
Mistress went to the mantelpiece and picked up the key for my chastity lock and asked me again how much I wanted her to unlock me. As she did so she gently ran the key over my thighs and around the device. This time I was in such a trance that I had not even heard the question asked. Mistress had to repeat herself, which did not please her. Eventually she unlocked the padlock removed it and put it onto the mantelpiece. But still the device was in place. Mistress stood at the end of the bed looking at the desperation in my eyes. She asked me how long I thought it would take me to cum today. ‘no time at all’ was my honest reply. She walked to the side of the bed and removed the device. Before I had time to gather my thoughts she took hold of her property and started to go to work on it. I thanked her for her kindness as she started to pump it towards completion. Within 30 seconds I was cumming with such a ferocity that it hurt. Mistress continued to pump her property and it continued to cum. So much pent up frustration was released so quickly that I didn’t know if I was experiencing extreme pain or extreme pleasure. And then it was over. Mistress released her grip and I just lay there with my eyes shut until I was able to relax my body and enjoy the moment. Mistress released me from the bed and as she walked away she gave me my instructions for the rest of the day. I was to go home and masturbate to orgasm 4 more times that day. This was to happen at 4pm, 6pm, 8pm and 10pm. As I sat on the edge of the bed in that moment I thought to myself that there was not a hope in hell of succeeding in the task set. But of course I didn’t say that to Mistress. She really does understand my body better than I do myself and if she thinks that I could do it then I would jolly well do my best.
I returned home and carried out the instructions to the letter. 4pm was difficult but successful. 6pm took longer but with much focus on the images from earlier in the day was, eventually, successfully achieved. 8pm proved totally impossible. Mistresses’ property refused to function any longer. I could do nothing to encourage it. I gave up and sent a text of apology to Mistress. She responded and gleefully declared that I was now ‘fully drained’.
On Thursday Mistress allowed me the day to recover. Friday dawned with me sending Mistress my morning text and telling her that her property had regained much of its vigour. My instruction for the day was straightforward. At bedtime I was to lock myself in the Bon4m using a plastic coded lock. I was to stay locked in this device for the following 48 hours. I spent the day anticipating the inevitable lack of freedom that was due to commence that evening. I actually find it uncomfortable these days to be out of a chastity device. My privates have become so used to the way that a device positions them that they are better off once confined. My slave brain prefers that I remain locked also. It knows that I will struggle with the terrible torment at times but it always feels happier once all choice is taken away from me.
But much more importantly on Friday I started to think about what might happen after my final contracted session in December. During my session on Wednesday Mistress had told me that she hoped that I had been saving up my pennies for the next contract. I had told her that I had and that I was delighted to know that she might consider allowing me to be her slave during 2017. Mistress had kindly responded that she enjoyed making me suffer. Apparently I am so easy to manipulate now. And so on Friday I started to seriously consider asking Mistress if she would take me on for another 12 months. I contacted my vanilla lady friend to get her thoughts on the subject. Her response was unequivocal. She told me that I needed the control that only Mistress could provide and that I should commit myself without hesitation. I had indeed been saving all year for this moment. My greatest hope was that we would be able to continue as we had for 2016. This means a two and a half hour session each and every month, distance control (including PC and phone control) and enforced chastity. I sent Mistress a text telling her of how much I would be able to transfer to her before the end of the year to cover my enslavement during 2017. I received no reply. At bedtime I locked myself up in the Bon4m and sent Mistress the photographic evidence. I went to bed wondering whether or not Mistress was having second thoughts about putting up with me for another 12 months.
It was at 4am that I got up for the inevitable pee during the night. I took the opportunity to look at my phone and there it was. A reply from Mistress telling me that she would be pleased to torment me for another 12 months and that she was looking forward to pushing my limits even further, in what for me, would be my third year under her control. I had instantly turned into a dribbling mess at the realisation that I was about to commit myself to another year of physical, mental and emotional turmoil. I cannot overstate the enormity of what I was in the midst of committing myself to. I know from bitter and sweet experience the realities of being the property of Miss Deelight for an extended period. I will have no opportunity to meet other women, without her express permission. I will only ever look at Twitter or other internet pleasures when Mistress decides that I should be allowed to. I will never touch Mistresses property without her permission and indeed it is likely that it will never be allowed out of its cage unless I am with Mistress at the HOD at the time. Orgasms will only happen precisely when and how Mistress decides. Mistress will tease and torment me as she chooses and will take pleasure in the myriad of my weaknesses that she knows how to magnify and use to her advantage. I know that once it has been agreed, that Mistress will never renege on her side of the agreement. There will be no opportunity to escape her control until at least the 1st January 2018, and even then, if escape is permitted, it will inevitably be on her terms. This is a serious step for any slave. And then there is the money side of things. It is one hell of a lot of it! Mistress is of course worth every penny and more. Mistress does not need to offer discounts or inducements for anyone, least of all me. This is a major commitment in so many ways.
Saturday was a day of major torment for me. I worked on this blog and remembered yet another wonderful session under the complete control of Miss Deelight. Mistress wound me up about what I had committed myself to for 2017 and I wound myself up about the finality of it all. What a mess I was by the end of it!

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