Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – A Brief Pause

After the relentless and merciless teasing of last week, I offered a more relaxed and quiet week for my slave in order for him to recuperate. I haven’t yet allowed him his fortnightly release and it’s important to ensure the well-being of my property at all times. Any more teasing without that release could lead to complications. I didn’t stop entirely though, I made sure things were tricky from his on his return from his fishing trip!


It has been a quiet week this week, primarily due to the fact that I was away from home towards the end of it.

I had submitted my blog as normal on Sunday. Mistress responded that she had found a small error in it and wanted to know if I could find it. I quickly searched through and actually found two small errors. I corrected them both, apologised to Mistress, and re submitted. Mistress sent me a text and informed me that neither of my corrections were the one that she had spotted and that I should try again. Eventually I found the error that Mistress was referring to and submitted my blog for final approval.

Monday and Tuesday were relatively quiet. By the end of Tuesday I had run into a problem. Over the previous couple of days my balls had got harder and tighter. This had led to the skin behind the ring of my device getting pulled taught and then inevitably getting sore. Sometimes I really don’t understand my own body. It had happened at a time when the teasing had largely stopped. Having said that I had been incredibly wound up the previous week. Maybe this was the result of that. Whatever the reason was I had to text Mistress to ask to be released from the device. I do know that Mistress will never allow me to cause real physical damage to myself. I was not surprised therefore that she quickly responded with the code to allow me to access the key for my device. I unlocked the device and removed it to check for damage. There was none. The area behind the ring was quite red, but nothing more. I thanked Mistress and told her the good news. This was actually the day that Mistress had originally planned to allow me out of my device in order that I could milk myself (this happens once a month in order to prevent precisely the sort of problem that I had experienced). The previous month I had been required to give myself a ruin, and provide video evidence of me doing it. It was at this point that I started to fantasise about Mistress allowing me to give myself a proper orgasm. Unlikely I know, but just occasionally, very occasionally, (how often do you see a blue moon?) she will.

Wednesday was my most intense day this week. Mistress was incredibly generous to me today. She sent me the full video of her as a police officer blackmailing a chap who had fallen prey to a Findom. It is an incredible video and Mistress knew that it was going to send me into a spin. And it did. I was instructed to watch it 5 times throughout the day. Each time I was to stroke myself slowly throughout its almost 8 minute duration, and not cum. This was really really difficult. By the end of the day I was desperate for any sort of sexual release, but none was allowed.

Thursday was spent hoping that Mistress might contact me to allow me my orgasm. Of course this turned out to be the last thing on her mind. Instead she was enjoying herself with the creation of a promotional video. And then I was away for a few days.

It was whilst I was returning home following my long weekend away that I first noticed I couldn’t access anything on my phone. I sent Mistress a text enquiring if it was as a result of her work. The response that I received a few minutes later was a short video clip of the comedian Bill Bailey exclaiming ‘oh no’! Mistress had locked me out of the internet once again. As soon as I got home I looked at my pc in the workshop. It too was locked. One of the things that I had been really looking forward to on my return was catching up on all the twitter activity that had happened over the weekend. Mistress was denying me this, and as happens when Mistress denies me anything, I started to feel owned once again, and the dribbling commenced. I sent Mistress a text requesting access to my PC. My greatest concern was the fact that I hadn’t written this blog, and was unable to do so without it. Mistress ignored my requests for access and left me to suffer in silence.

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