Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – A Catalogue of Errors

In this weeks edition of Slave Taquin’s distance control journal you will read a variety of errors on his part. Errors that were duly noted by myself, especially the almighty boo boo of failing to inform me of his second ball escape. These errors were dealt with in his session this week and the write up to that will follow in due course! Slave Taquin of all slaves should know by now that even if I am being nice, or if I am engaged in life elsewhere that there is no excuse for my slaves to relax, let their guard down or fail to live up to my high expectations.


On Sunday I sent my morning text to Mistress and let her know that I was going to be late submitting my blog for the previous week. I received a swift slap in reply reminding me that I should be asking her permission to be late with my blog. I apologised and got on with it. I did submit it that evening and Mistress seemed pleased with it.

On Monday I sent Mistress my morning text and told her that I was going to continue with my task that day. Without thinking I had committed the same basic error two days on the trot. I received a swift slap in reply reminding me that I should ask her permission to continue with the task. Suitably chastised I asked for Mistresses permission. Her response was to say that I was allowed to carry on with the task but that I was to ensure that I was wearing my butt plug whilst doing it. The task in question was one given to me the previous week. I was to come up with a list of 50 slave humiliations. I had worked on the task twice so far and was struggling to get past a list of 30. Any hope of being selective in my choices had long since been abandoned. I just needed to complete the task to Mistresses satisfaction and stop fearing what might happen as a result of it.

Before getting on with the task I decided to take the dog for her morning walk. On my return disaster struck. For some reason I still don’t fully understand one ball decided to escape from the device. This was one day in advance of my scheduled release for a ruin. I sent Mistress a text to tell her of my accident and to request the code to remove the device. Following some questioning, Mistress provided the code and told me that I might as well have my ruin a day early. I was instructed to watch one of Mistresses videos that she had sent me, whilst doing it. I was also instructed to video myself throughout. This of course removed any opportunity for me to cheat and provide myself with a proper orgasm. This increased degree of control just made me even more desperate. After two weeks of chastity, and having watched a wonderful video of Mistress, bringing myself to the point of orgasm took no time at all. The video capture recorded every moment. I had no choice but to remove my hand at the precise moment that I was most desperate to continue. The cum exploded forth and the terrible burning sensation grew with every pulse. Mistress had achieved her objective. My balls had been emptied and I had suffered pain and humiliation. I sent the video to Mistress knowing that my next opportunity for an orgasm would be when I next visited the HOD in a fortnights time.

Tuesday was a somewhat quieter day as Mistress was busy getting on with life. I had previously been warned by Mistress that if she ever found that I had been watching porn without her permission that I would receive a beating. Knowing that Mistress was busy with other things left me feeling rather needy and therefore I decided to watch a couple of the videos that she had allowed me access to the previous week. I felt sure that this would be ok with her. Apparently not! I clicked on the historic links on my PC only to find that Mistress had changed my settings once a again and all access had been denied. My neediness increased further. When a page is denied by the parental controls that Mistress has installed via TeamViewer it does give me the option to ‘request access from the adults in my family’. Knowing that Mistress was busy with other things I did not wish to bombard her with requests for access and so I submitted to my isolation and got on with my day. My day improved later when Mistress started to post pictures of lingerie purchased for her by one of her slaves. Thank you @NameIsAsecret24. You have impeccable taste! One particular image kindly posted by Mistress stayed with me as I endured another restless nights sleep without the device. Mistresses property was enjoying its unusual degree of freedom.

Wednesday proved to be one of those days I would rather forget. The day started well enough with Mistress telling me to lock myself up in the device again. I did as I was told and sent Mistress a photograph as proof. It got better still when Mistress told me that I was to meet her later in the day so that she could take more control of my phone.

But then I suffered

  1. a) a major work problem, followed by
  2. b) a significant family issue, followed by
  3. c) Mistress telling me she wasn’t going to meet with me after all followed by
  4. d) me falling out of the device again!

I didn’t even text this time I just cut off the numbered plastic lock removed the device and through it in the drawer. I was mightily pissed off! Throughout all of this I had been exchanging the occasional text with Mistress primarily on the subject of the Marathon. This was quite rightly her focus now that race day was quickly approaching and I didn’t want to bother Mistress with my problems.  It wasn’t until the end of the day that I told her of my mood. We agreed that due to logistical reasons I would have to wait until Friday to lock up again and so I went  to bed telling myself that Thursday would be a better day, and it was.

I locked up again on Friday and sent Mistress the required photo. I knew that fetish life would now be on hold until after Marathon day. It was after all what Mistress had been working so hard on for so long. It inevitably and correctly would take centre stage for the next few days. I got on with my vanilla life as best I could whilst feeling my own nerves start to jangle on behalf of Mistress.

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