Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – A Disjointed Week


It has been a rather disjointed week this week, and so this will be an inevitably shorter blog.
On Sunday I exchanged texts with Mistress to find her beginning to feel decidedly unwell. She was very unhappy about it, and therefore so was I! It is at times like this that you would love the power of healing but alas it is a power reserved for a divine few and that doesn’t include me! Despite (or maybe because of) her illness it didn’t prevent her from threatening to make me take a Viagra whilst wearing my device.
On Monday I discovered that I had been locked out of my PC. On enquiring about it Mistress disclosed to me that she had set it to lock and unlock at random times. This would probably have got me dribbling in my cage in normal circumstances, but knowing that Mistress was feeling ‘dreadful’ (her word not mine) I just felt concerned for her.
On Tuesday, and whilst feeling no better, Mistress took the time to send me a picture of her on the new sun lounger that I had bought for her a couple of weeks earlier. She kindly made the time to thank me for it which was very kind. At some point during this exchange I told Mistress that I was meeting up with my vanilla lady friend, who knows all about love of femdom, for lunch the following day. I knew that in telling Mistress of my lunch date that I risked some sort of intervention. It is not something that I wanted to happen, but I knew that Mistress would be angry with me if I only told her of my date after the event.
On Wednesday I awoke and sent my early morning text to Mistress. It was met with an unusual silence. Mistress is normally kind enough to respond pretty quickly, even if it is to tell me that she is too busy to communicate with me until later in the day. Today there was nothing. As the morning progressed with still no response from Mistress I began to fear that she might be focussing on my lunch date. I became convinced that at approximately 11.30/11.45 I would receive a text from Mistress that would in some way interfere with a lovely relaxed lunch with a very good friend. At 11.45 my phone pinged, and I feared the worst. I picked up my phone to see that I had indeed received a text from Mistress. I nervously opened it, and then breathed a sigh of relief as I realised that it was relatively ‘harmless’ and was just telling me that she would be in contact later that day. I set off for the pub looking forward very much to catching up with my friend. But I really wasn’t comfortable about the whole situation. As I drove down the country lanes I began to fear another possibility. Could Mistress be sitting there with my friend in the beer garden of the pub? Mistress certainly had my friends’ phone number. My friend was certainly wonderfully mischievous enough to conspire with Mistress to make it happen without my knowledge. I could see them, in my mind’s eye, laughing at what was about to happen to me. I arrived at the pub and walked through into the garden, scanning for my friend and fearing the worst. But there she was sitting on her own, as pretty as a picture, in a discreet area of the garden. We said hello and within a couple of moments chat I was pretty certain that there was no conspiracy in place. Within a few minutes my friend and I were chatting and laughing about my adventures. She seems to particularly like the fact that that she is now known in the fetish world as my ‘vanilla friend’. She laughed a lot about that, although she claims to be rather more ‘raspberry ripple’ than vanilla, which is most probably true. Anyway following what turned out to be a lovely lunch I returned home to my everyday life. Later that day I included a reference to my lunch in a text to Mistress. She was not pleased! Apparently she had ‘made plans’ and then totally forgotten about it all. I think it is a measure of how ill she has been this week!
On Thursday I received a text asking what I was doing on Saturday. I replied that I was going to be stuck at home doing dull vanilla stuff. I didn’t see any response until shortly after lunch time when I looked at my phone to find 5 missed texts from Mistress. I had missed them as I tend to turn off the little switch on the side of my phone when sitting down with my other half. I quickly scanned through them to realise that I was now in some trouble. In summary they said:
1) That’s a shame, I had wanted to do a mini session with you
2) You are not responding quickly enough to my texts.
3) Why did you not ask permission to meet with another woman?
4) Prove you are locked in chastity – you have 3 minutes
5) That’s 11 minutes. Tick Tock…
(at this point of writing this blog on Sunday afternoon Mistress has just opened up team viewer on my PC, opened the camera and talked to me through the speakers on my PC! This has never happened before and it has totally thrown me off balance for writing this blog. It has also brought everything to life down below. How wonderful.)
I rushed to the bathroom and took a picture of the device still securely in place, and sent it to Mistress. I nervously awaited her response. Apparently it had taken over 30 minutes for me to respond to her final text. Mistress was not impressed. I sent another text and apologised for not asking her permission to meet with my friend. I knew that I had told her about the lunch date, but realise that that is a world apart from asking the permission of my Mistress. I told her that in future I would always ask to be allowed to meet with another woman. (It appears that Mistress had just taken control of yet another part of my life). Mistress really had me dribbling away at this point. But then she obviously decided to bring me back down with a bump! I received a text that informed me that my poor behaviour was going to lead to much pain. The threat of pain always has the same effect on me. Mistress’s property ran and hid.
On Friday I had to take a quick trip to an A&E with a possible broken wrist. Thankfully all was ok and it was just bruised and swollen. It did rather interfere with my day however.
On Saturday I found myself with a large group of friends on a campsite on the Somerset levels. It was at some point in the early evening when I received a text from Mistress asking where I was. I replied truthfully and awaited her response (there would never be any point in lying, even if I wanted to, as Mistress can just access my location through my phone if she wants to). But no response was forthcoming. Again Mistresses silence got me fretting. Now that she had confirmed that I was more than an hour and a half from my home I convinced myself that she was about to carry out her threat made a week earlier. The threat was to walk up the drive of my house to inquire of my other half if she had seen Mistresses missing cat. Later that evening when I arrived home I waited to see if my other half mentioned any unusual callers to the house. Fortunately not.
And so another eventful week is over. How I am looking forward to next week! I am looking forward to Mistress being back to good health, but most of all I am looking forward to seeing Mistress again at my next session. A month seems such a long time without her wonderful touch.

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