Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – A New Device and Merciless Teasing

Whilst Slave Taquin has been sorting out the rough edges on his new Bon4M chastity device, he had of course been out of it for the most of the week detailed in this diary entry (which is from mid March!).  I naturally took the opportunity to ensure that my property was kept standing to attention and teased mercilessly throughout so that my horny slave would find himself desperate to be locked up and unable to touch it!


I thought that I should start this weeks blog by focusing on the new chastity device that Mistress chose for me. The reason for this is that I have been interested to read the trials and tribulations of Miss Deelights other slaves in terms of finding a device that works for them. Hopefully my experience with this new device will be of interest to those of you considering what might be best for you.

The device that Mistress chose for me is the Bon4m small. The first thing to note about it is that it is one very solid and relatively heavy lump of stainless steel. Stainless steel is essential for those of us who wish to wear it 24/7 and long term. A rusting device would not be good! It appears to be well engineered and I could not find any sharp/abrasive edges. As noted in last weeks blog it has however got a very square profile throughout. This might work for some people but not for me. The inside of the cage has been absolutely fine both day and night. It is the areas around the back ring and between the mouth of the cage and the back ring that have caused me problems. It is an easy but time consuming problem to resolve. I found that I had to invest in a rotary multi tool to enable me to grind off the offending corners and then to polish them to ensure comfort. I did this to both the the mouth of the cage and the back ring. The back ring that I eventually settled on is now almost round in profile and very comfortable. The fact that it is hinged has made it so much easier, than the fixed ring type I had previously used, to put on and take off. I have experimented with two (there are 4 in total) different back ring sizes over this period. I ‘fell out’ of the larger of the two three times before moving to the smaller one. To clarify ‘fell out’ – one testicle would escape between the gap between cage mouth and back ring during cold weather. The smaller ring solved the falling out problem but proved to be too small to fit without causing pressure sores. The solution came by going back to the larger ring but bending it in the workshop vice in order to reduce the gap between the mouth of the cage and the back ring. This ring does not bend easily! But I have managed to do it and it seems to have provided the solution to my problem.

It has taken almost all week to finish this task and to allow some soreness caused by the smaller ring to disappear. But I am hopeful that it is now wearable. My feelings now about the Bon4m? I think it is great! It is a comfortable, formidable and inescapable device. It has taken a lot of time and effort to get it to fit my body. But then we are all different. I would however only invest in it if you are willing and able to make the changes to it that might be required. My subsequent blogs will confirm whether or not it is as resolved as I hope. Apparently I will soon get the opportunity to find out. Mistress has told me that once I am locked in it again then she will meet with me to ensure the spare key is locked out of my reach in the coded key safe.

During all of this work on the device Mistress has of course maintained close contact and control. Twitter has provided very interesting this week. Mistress has posted several blogs and has also tweeted ‘live’ from some of her sessions. I was particularly drawn to her tweets about what she was about to do to a slave who had expressed his desire to suffer. Suffering at the end of Mistresses whip is not a personal fantasy of mine but, the fact that Mistress is capable of dishing out, and enjoys delivering, such a beating is most exciting. This is one powerful, frightening and formidable woman.

I spotted a tweet by Mistress about yours truly on Wednesday night. It seemed that Mistress was working on a new video that was taken during her wonderful teasing of me during a session a couple of weeks earlier. It is an honour to be mentioned by Mistress on Twitter, even if it is with the intention of mocking the way that I squirm! And then, better still, I received a copy of the video into my email account. Unfortunately there was no way that I was going to be able to watch it that evening and so had to wait until Thursday morning to enjoy it. And enjoy it I did. I do love watching Mistress making me squirm. She really does know how to get to me.

On Friday things went a little awry. Mistress said that she didn’t intend to lock me into the device quite yet as she intended to have some fun with me first. The prospect made me happy and anxious all at the same time. A little later I received my instructions. At lunch time I was to watch the video that Mistress had sent me whilst stroking her property very, very, slowly. This, I knew, was going to be very, very, difficult. Firstly because watching Mistress work away on me drives me nuts and secondly because the version she sent me is over 18 minutes long. I thought about when I was going to carry out my task. Now as everyone knows Bargain Hunt starts at 12.15 and finishes at 1pm. I was expected inside as normal to watch it. I decided therefore to commence my task at 11.55 in order to ensure my attendence around the kitchen table. All went very well. I stroked and I stroked for 18 minutes. I dribbled and dribbled with all the excitement but managed to complete the task without cumming (how close it was!). And then rushed inside to watch the team with the little scots man with glasses win as normal. But thats when it all went wrong. I failed to send Mistress a text confirming that I had succesfully completed my task. I finished my lunch and hurried back to my workshop to get on with my work. At 6pm that evening I got a text from Mistress asking if I had carried out my task. I confirmed that I had. She asked why I hadn’t let her know. I replied with a slightly glib response about always doing what I was told. Mistress was not amused. The following texts ensured that I realised that I was in a lot of trouble. I went to bed nervous of what I might face the next day.

I awoke on Saturday to a text that confirmed my fears. I was about to be punished. My task was to slowly stroke Mistresses property on the hour, every hour for the rest of the day. I was to commence this at 11am with 50 strokes, and was to add on an extra 15 strokes every hour during the day. This all sounded pretty easy until I started to think about the numbers involved. I tried to work out how many strokes would be required by the end of the day but my brain couldn’t cope. I sat down and created a spreadsheet (when, later in the day, Mistress heard about my spreadsheet she thought that it was very funny). My spreadsheet confirmed two scary numbers. It told me that if my last stroke of the day was to be at 10pm I would have to stroke Mistresses property 215 times. This would mean that I would have stroked it 1590 times in total throughout the day!!! This was certainly not ‘pretty easy’. And so at 11am I started my task. 11am was a pleasant experience. It was enough to get me going but not so much as to be torturous. As soon as I had completed it I sent Mistress a text confirming the fact. This was after all why I was being punished in the first place. I wasn’t about to make that mistake again. Whilst 50 strokes was not so difficult I did find that having submitted through its completion, and through having had to send Mistress a confirmation text, I was then extra horny for the next hour. 12am came round and I did 65strokes, and sent Mistress a text. And that is how my day progressed. Each time got more and more difficult, and each time I began to fear the rest of my day. After 2pm (95 strokes) Mistress started to taunt me with my predicament. This made matters so much worse. Following 3pm (110 strokes) I began to feel like I couldn’t take any more. I had been on the edge now for over 4 hours and things were starting to get a little sore. Mistress told me to use more lube! After 4pm and a cumulative total of 525 strokes Mistress showed a little compassion. She told me that I could now start reducing the number of strokes per hour by 15. That was such a relief to know. There was no way that her property could have coped with the additional 1065 strokes that would otherwise have been required. Even with this reduction the task proved torturous. Hornyness was eventual replaced with exhaustion. Mistresses property decided it could take no more and ran for cover. And still on the hour every hour I completed the task as best I could and sent Mistress a text to confirm it. At 7pm (80 strokes) I sent Mistress a text telling her that I had learnt my lesson and would never forget to tell her when I had completed a task ever again. I had hoped that she might declare that I could now stop my task and lock her property away. It was not to be. The final text from Mistress after my 10pm stroke (now only 35 uncomfortable strokes thankfully) was to say ‘goodnight sore pet’. I felt exhausted. I actually slept really well until 5.30 this morning when I realised that I was as horny as hell again and decided to get up and write this blog. How quickly things have recovered.

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