Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – A Slight Reprieve

This journal entry from Slave Taquin shows a brief period of calm for my loyal chaste pet!

Following the intense teasing of last week Mistress has allowed me a quieter week this week.

Sunday was spent completing my blog and getting on with life in general. I woke on Monday to find that Mistress had now declared that I was her DIY slave. It is always nice to be recognised for being useful in any way and so I am pleased. Later in the day Mistress informed me that the new collar that she had ordered for me from my account had been dispatched.

Tuesday started well with Mistress sending me a link to some very nice looking bondage mitts. They were the type that, when strapped to the hands of the slave in question, would prevent him from undoing the knots or buckles that secured him. It seems that Mistress has found yet another way of ensuring my captivity. Mistresses property went hard in its cage at the thought and my balls swelled once again. This was how I had spent much of the previous week. The unfortunate side effect of the swelling balls however had been to pull the skin taught behind the ring of the device, and eventually it had started to get a little sore. I had managed it successfully with cream until today. Now I was faced with a real dilemma. Mistress had informed me that I would face 6 strokes of the cane if I had to ask her for the combination of the key safe in order to remove the device. Maybe I should just grin and bear the soreness until the device was removed at my next session? I discounted this fairly quickly. I knew that if Mistress removed the device to find that I had allowed myself to be damaged by it that she would ensure that I would endure far worse pain as a result. It would also result in Mistress not trusting my feedback any longer and probably result in her refusing to be my keyholder. I sent Mistress a text requesting the code. Her response? The code, evil emoticons and ‘that’s 6 of the best for you then’! I retrieved the key from the key safe, unlocked the padlock and removed the device. I had worn it this time for 10 days. It seemed that my alterations to it were working out. It was disappointing to have to remove it now but it did allow me the opportunity to smooth off the edges just a little more where it was rubbing. The soreness I had experienced was minor. It would have got worse if I had not requested its removal but I am still hopeful that this device will be the long term solution that I, and Mistress, wish for.

On Wednesday I received the intriguing, and slightly concerning, question – ‘How long can you stay on your hands and knees for?’. My answer was to say that I could stay on my hands and knees for quite a long time. When I asked Mistress why she needed to know this she said that she was ‘just plotting away’. I think Mistress does a lot of ‘plotting’.

Other events of this week included Mistress tweeting that she was reviewing my internet usage to ensure that I wasn’t breaking any of her rules. It made me nervous for a little while, but on reflection I felt that my time on the laptop had been within the guidelines set down. The parental controls see to that! Mistress did allow me access to 3 new sites this week. They were all to do with Chastity. By this time I was feeling a bit down in the dumps about not being in a chastity device any longer. I told Mistress that allowing me access to these sites was like offering chocolate to someone on an enforced diet. She told me that she was enjoying the suffering that I was experiencing.

The other thing that happened this week was that it was my birthday. I sent Mistress a text to let her know. Maybe I would be allowed a ‘birthday orgasm’. I should have known better after my experience 3 months earlier when I had hoped for a ‘Christmas orgasm’. That never happened either. Mistresses response was to inform me that every time she sent me a text that said ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ I was to stroke her property very slowly. Once for every year of my age. That is quite a lot of stroking on each occasion. And so that is how I spent much of my birthday, receiving birthday greetings from Mistress and becoming more and more frustrated. Mistress is so kind to me.

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