Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – All Control Reinstated

As mentioned in his previous blog, Slave Taquin had messed up his computer a bit so there were currently no parental controls running on his computer, which had left him feeling down in the dumps.  All systems have now been restored and my slave is back where he belongs.. totally at my mercy! I also decided to put my slave to use fixing some electrics that I had broken with the over use of my whip! So now Taquin wears the honorary badge of being my new DIY slave (not that he knows it yet!)


By the time I had submitted my blog on Sunday morning Mistress had reinstated most of the controls that she uses to ensure my obedience. She had been making me wear the wooden chastity device, that I had made, to ensure control of her property for the previous couple of days. This was the one that caused me such a difficult night a couple of weeks earlier. I had found that I could cope with it during the day time but night time was something different altogether. Up until today Mistress had been kind enough to allow me remove it before going to bed. Today was different. In the morning text that I received from Mistress she informed me that I was to keep it on that night. This created one of those disturbing situations where my brain told me that this was really bad news and yet her property reacted with huge enthusiasm. I did fear the prospect of another really difficult night but the fact that Mistress had got tough with me again  was so exciting. The result was that by the end of the day I was walking around as if I had ridden a horse for far too long. I am not sure if my balls had ever ached this much before. It wasn’t helped by the fact that I had received some teasing and probing texts from Mistress throughout the day. I was correct about it ensuring a difficult night for me. At one point I found myself in the bathroom trying to pee. My problem was that Mistresses property was so hard, and the device was gripping it so tightly that it was impossible to pee. It took several minutes under the cold tap before I could relieve myself and return to bed. And by the time I had returned to bed things had kicked off once again.

On Monday morning I was instructed to remove the device to give myself a short rest before my session the next day, and the fitting of the new metal device. It was a pleasant break in advance of what turned out to be one of the most exceptional sessions of my slave life. The session itself has been covered in a separate blog and so I will move on to what happened afterwards….

The first thing that happened was that within 4 hours of Mistress locking me into the new device I was having to text her to ask her let me out of it! Whilst the corners were not sharp they were very ‘square’. Several of the square edges were digging in to me and I realised that I would not be able to cope with it without taking some damage down below. Mistress can be relied upon to be a strict and uncompromising key holder when it is necessary, but she wont ever wish damage to be done due to a poorly suited device. She sent me the code for the key safe that contained the spare key and I removed the device. It was such a relief as it had been digging in to me quite badly. And so for reasons beyond my control I was able to enjoy a lovely relaxed night still benefiting from the warm afterglow of a fabulous session.

The next morning Mistress instructed me put on my old device whilst I tried to resolve the problems with the new one. Soon afterwards Mistress sent me a text that asked how I was with electrics. I am pleased to say that what I lack academically I tend to make up for with practical skills and so I told Mistress that I was ok with electrics. It transpired that Mistress had been over enthusiastic with a whip in the dungeon room of the HOD and the main central light had stopped working altogether. This was actually a rather urgent issue as both Miss Deelight and Mistress R’eal had videos to produce over the next few days. I was pleased to be able to help out and so arranged to get to the HOD at 9am on Thursday morning to see if I could either mend the fitting or replace it with a new one. Miss Deelight was unable to be there but Mistress R’eal agreed that she would let me in, on the proviso that I made her coffee!

Mistress had sent me one last text on the subject of fixing the lighting at the HOD. Firstly she told me that I was to remember all of my training  as I was representing her in front of Mistress R’eal, and secondly that if I didn’t mend the lighting to her satisfaction that I would never cum again. This brought matters into sharp focus! I duly arrived at the HOD at 9am and entered the front door once Mistress R’eal had told me it was unlocked. I had with me a box of tools, and from the nearest Costa, a large white coffee and a bottle of fresh orange juice. Mistress R’eal called for me to bring them upstairs as she was preparing herself for the day ahead. This was to be the first time that I had actually met Mistress R’eal. I have followed her on twitter for some time but never actually met her. I have to say that she is even more beautiful in real life than she is in her photo’s. I also have to report that she oozes superiority and dominance in the same way that Miss Deelight does. A very formidable woman indeed!

Mistress R’eal seemed pleased with her coffee and juice and I went downstairs again happy that I was making a good impression as one of Miss Deelight’s slaves. I moved the whipping bench to the middle of the floor and used it to stand on to inspect the light that was hanging at an alarming angle from the ceiling. It had obviously been given a really good clout! Luckily for me the problem was obvious and simple to resolve. There was a bare wire hanging from the ceiling that needed to be secured back into the correct block, all three bulbs had been broken by the impact of the whip and then the whole unit needed to be screwed back onto the ceiling. Having sorted that out and having replaced 4 bulbs on the light at the top of the stairs Mistress R’eal came down the stairs to inspect my work. Everything worked as it should, which came as a huge relief to me. I then had the tantalising pleasure of a brief discussion with Mistress R’eal about the wooden restraints that I had made before being allowed to kiss her respectfully on each cheek and going on my way. I left the HOD happy with my mornings work and sent Miss Deelight a text to give her the good news. Kindly she responded straight away and told me that I had done very well. I glowed with pride as I drove home.

For the rest of that day I felt as horny as I think I ever had before. This feeling persisted right through that night when eventually I got up at 5am to write my session blog. I worked on it off and on throughout the day and finally sent it to Mistress that evening.

On Saturday morning I woke to find that Mistress had sent me a text of a picture of a Stealth Bomber. This suggested just one thing, Mistress had been on my computer using TeamViewer. I hurried out to the workshop to see if I was correct. As soon as I opened the lid of my laptop I could see that Mistress had indeed been busy. I felt my balls tighten against the steel ring that was securing the chastity device in place.  I had made a mess up of my Microsoft accounts the previous week and Mistress had applied a temporary solution to ensure that I couldn’t access anything that I shouldn’t. It appeared that she had now made that solution permanent. I could see two sign-in options on the front screen. One I recognised as Mistresses admin account (only she knows the password for this) and the other was a new account name that I hadn’t seen before. This was to be my new ‘guest’ account. I should say at this point that Mistress knows that I am not the only person who might see his screen. Because of this she ensures that anything she puts on it is logical and vanilla. This is one of the many things that I appreciate about her. She keeps a firm control of me at all times without jeopardising my normal non Fetish life. Mistress had actually set up a pin code for me to access my guest account. My problem was that I had no idea what it was. I sent Mistress a text to ask her for it There was no response. This gave me time to think, and in a flash of brilliance (well I thought it was) I scrolled back through my texts to find the 4 digit code that she had given me to open my key safe earlier in the week. I tried it on my computer and it worked! I quickly looked around the pc to see what might have changed. I tried to access a porn site only to be met with the now familiar ‘you will need to ask an adult in your family to give you access to this site’ message. I then noticed that there were a couple of files saved to my laptop. They were the recordings of the time that Mistress hsd spent on it to remove any remaining hope that I had of ever getting it back. I watched as Mistress navigated around my pc and realised that her property was dribbling away in its cage. It is not just the time that the arrow moves swiftly around searching out the next level of control that gets me. It is the time when it stops and doesn’t move for some time that also gets me. Today I suspected that each time it stopped that Mistress was probably looking something up on her own PC or, if not that, had signed into my private email through her computer to manage the ‘access permission’ emails that would need verifying. I suspect this because I couldn’t see any of them when I subsequently opened it up. The fact that Mistress had been in my email account, responded on my behalf and then deleted all trace of her presence was most disturbing (hence the stealth bomber reference).

By the end of the week, and after much grinding and polishing, it begins to feel like I might have made the new chastity device wearable. I have now changed to a smaller ring to try to ensure that I don’t fall out of it in the cold weather (as I had been) and have rounded off and polished all of the offending corners. I will discover over the next few days whether or not I have been successful.

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