Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – Android Control

Slave Taquin decided to buy himself a shiny new phone, I am convinced it was so that he could evade my clutches.  However, since many of my subs are using android I decided it was time that I did the same so I bought a nice new Galaxy S7 which I promptly set about familiarising myself with before ensuring that my slave knew that I am onto him!

It is now 7.40pm on Saturday night and I am a nervous slave. As always it is Mistress who has the greatest impact on my moods and my feelings. I am happy but also nervous. My nervousness is driven by the fact that Mistress has allowed me to have a quiet week this week. It has been a week free from tasks, activities or significant events. It has felt like the lull before the storm, or maybe Mistress has been giving me enough rope… If she wished to she could leave me for weeks on end like this. I am her slave, she has her property safely locked in a steel device and enough information to keep me in line for as long as she wants. I have had lots of contact with Mistress as always. I value this and enjoy it very much. I think my apprehension is largely due to two things. Firstly that Mistress has allowed me free access to anything I want through my new phone. This includes Mistresses web site. (I haven’t looked at it as I don’t know if I am allowed to look at her website. I have asked a couple of times but not been given an answer). This has led to an unusual situation. I have been freely accessing everything apart from In the past Mistress has locked me out of all external sites whilst ensuring that the only entertainment that I can receive is from her. This week has felt like it is the other way around. The second thing that makes me nervous is the fact that I have a session planned with Mistress for early next week. As much as I am looking forward to that session I am inevitably nervous about what might happen at it. My last session was my first ever ‘punishment’ session. It is not something that I am going to forget in a hurry!
At the beginning of the week Mistress was setting up and getting to know her new phone. It wasn’t long before she was telling me about stuff that she could do on it that I barely understood!
Mistress had very kindly continued to allow me access to Twitter during this time. I do tend to ‘like’ tweets that are particularly appealing to me. I do this for 2 reasons: Firstly that my likes folder is a treasure trove of pleasures! but secondly because I hope that it lets the person who creates the tweet in the first place know how much what they produce is appreciated. (I am probably being slightly naive in that hope but I hold it none the less). It was whilst looking through my likes folder that I realised that I had been enjoying the output of Mistress but also of one particular Domme based in the USA. On Tuesday morning I asked Mistress for permission to send a small gift to the Domme in question to thank her for what she does. Mistress kindly gave her permission and a gift and an email was sent.
Later in the day Mistress told me that she would resolve a minor issue on my phone for me. I am so reliant on Mistress for so many things now. I have to confess that I sent Mistress a slightly sloppy text as a result. It basically said that I like the fact that she has made me rely on her so much. I said that it makes me feel cared for when she does things for me. It feels like the sort of Domme / Sub relationship I have often craved.
On Wednesday I sent my morning text to Mistress as she requires. A little later she responded and told me that she had read my text via Qustodio before actually opening up the text itself. It served to remind me that Mistress has sight of everything that I do through my phone. Much of our communication this week has been to do with setting up our new phones. Mistress has helped me a lot with that and I really appreciate it.
The other thing to report is the fact that the possibility of my vanilla lady friend attending a session has been raised. It is currently ‘under consideration’. To be clear it is being considered by Mistress, I have absolutely no say in the matter whatsoever!