Slave Taquin – Distance Control Journal – By The Balls!

This entry doesn’t need much of an introduction, I will just leave you with this so you can all join in with the mindset that I put Slave Taquin in, this week!

This week I had a session with Mistress that deserves a separate blog. The blog below covers the days either side of it. Having said this I do feel that I have to take this opportunity to point out three significant things that I have learned(been taught) as a result of everything that has happened this week.

1) I have been taught that my sessions are part and parcel of my distance control. I can no longer view sessions and distance control as two separate things. Any failings on my part that happen whilst I am away from the HOD will be remembered and Miss Deelight will punish me for them in what ever way she chooses, when ever she chooses.

2) As a submissive man it is ok for me to be made to cry by Miss Deelight. It is not easy for me to say this having lived a very stereotypical male life thus far but I can now accept it, and even embrace it, as part of my development as a slave to Miss Deelight.

3) I had relaxed too much in the comfort of a familiar relationship.

This weeks blog.

On Sunday I submitted my blog as normal (not knowing the trouble I was about to be in!). I was still free from the chastity device and the novelty of being out of chastity had worn off. I had begun to feel less controlled as a result.

Mistress responded to my morning text by telling me that I was to provide her with a list of the most psychologically challenging tasks ever set by her. I started to try to remember all of the tasks that Mistress had set me during the time that I had known her. In doing so I realised that there were also many times when Mistress has done something too me, rather than set me a task, that have had a major impact on me psychologically (like taking over my Facebook account). We therefore agreed that I should list these occasions as well as the tasks. This was a very difficult task and resulted in me spending a lot of time looking back on old blogs to remind me of all of the things that I had been made to do. Mistress had kindly told me that I was allowed a couple of days to complete it. I therefore went to bed that night with too many thoughts of previous torments to allow much settled sleep.

On Monday I continued to work on task. Mistress instructed me to lock myself back up again. I did as I was told and sent Mistress the photograph to prove it. I then completed my task and sent it to Mistress. These two things combined to ensure that I returned to my rightful submissive state. And then I saw the tweet that was the first indication of the troubles that lay ahead of me. It said ‘Taquin is in trouble for copying humiliation tasks from internet!’ If Mistress tweets that you are in trouble, you had better believe it. Next she tweeted an online questionnaire with 3 choices. All 3 would lead to me having to complete one of the humiliation tasks I had submitted. (Apparently 51 people voted during the next 24 hours. I like to believe that this must be 51 other dommes. I cant believe that any of my fellow subs would take part in such a thing!).

But when Mistress had set this task a couple of weeks earlier I was certain that she had told me to look for ideas on the internet. This was really unfair! I sent a respectful text to Mistress telling her that she had told me to look on the internet. Her response? ‘you have 10 minutes to prove it’. Panic!! 10 minutes! How did she tell me that it was ok to look for ideas on the internet? Was it e mail or text? It was text. When was it? Time was running out on me. Had I kept the text (I periodically delete all such texts)? I started to frantically scroll back on my texts. I was running out of time. Pages and pages flew across the screen. Had I gone past the text in question? What was the date I was looking for? Should I go to my emails and check what date I submitted the completed task? No I didn’t have time to do that. I kept scrolling. And then I found it! ‘you can search the net for ideas’ followed by ‘if I need to allow access let me know’. Both texts dated 16th April. I copied them and sent them to Mistress with a minute to spare, and held my breath for her response. A minute later it came through. It read ‘well aren’t you a lucky boy!!!!’.  I was sooo relieved. That was until she sent me another text a few minutes later. Ominously it said ‘but I didn’t say that you were allowed to copy and paste’. Another restless night ensued. I got up at 03.45 and realised that Mistress had sent me a text after I had gone to bed it said ‘I have just written a full plan for Wednesdays session’. Now I know that Mistress normally goes into a session with lots of ideas but she normally allows the flow of the session to define what eventually takes place. I wondered why a full session plan was needed this week.

On Tuesday morning Mistress sent me a video through WhatsApp. When I opened it up on my phone I was greeted by the sight of Mistress dressed in wonderful black lingerie. She took the opportunity to tell me how much she was looking forward to my session. Apparently she was going to increase her grip on me and would have me by the balls. She said that she had been making lots of notes over the last few weeks and that I should be be very afraid. She then blew a kiss and laughed. I recognised the happy look on her face. It told me that my session was going to be ‘challenging’. I watched the video over and over again. Mistress was at her gorgeous, powerful and menacing best. I have watched it many times since then. It acts as a powerful reminder to me when I consider my current predicament.

My session, that took place on Wednesday, has been covered in a separate blog. All I will disclose here is the fact that, by the time I left the HOD Mistress had taken control of my I Phone. She had loaded on a piece of software called NetSanity. I believed that this would allow Mistress to stop me accessing porn sites (rather like the controls she had already placed on my home PC). I have subsequently found out that she has taken full control of my phone and is able to do so much more than this.

On Thursday I found myself still reeling from the effects of my session the day before. As a handy reference Mistress kindly sent me a video of one of the more amusing segments from my session. Apart from that and a couple of texts about how well Mistress had recovered from her Marathon I was just left to consider what the future now held for me.

On Friday I found myself at a customers house for the day. It was quite early when I saw a tweet from Mistress that said that she had disabled the internet access on my phone until 2pm that day. And within 5 minutes of seeing it my phone refused to allow any access to Twitter, E mails, I Messaging or anything else that required connection to the web. It is only at times like these that you realise how much you rely on it. Mistress had, in what I imagined was one easy click of a button at her end, made my phone virtually useless to me. The result, Mistresses property tried to burst through the bars of its cage, and failed miserably and painfully in its attempt. I sent Mistress a text to thank her for allowing me to focus more clearly on my work and telling her of the effect it had had on me. All I got back was a wink. The strange thing was that, although I couldn’t access my personal emails each time one was received I did receive a notification with the subject of the email on my phones screen. I could see Mistress was posting things on Twitter about me, and I could see several ‘likes’ coming through, but I had no way of seeing the content of those emails. It was absolute torture! Of course if I had been in my workshop I would have been able to look at what was going on through my laptop, but I wasn’t and I couldn’t. My internet connection was indeed reconnected as promised at 2pm and I quickly sent Mistress a text to thank her. Just as quickly she sent one back telling me that she had turned it off again and was not going to tell me when I would be able to access it again! I had been plunged straight back into what was now turning into purgatory. I returned to my work whilst Mistresses property dribbled uncontrollably from its cage. A few minutes later my phone beeped and I looked at it only to realise that Mistress was asking it for my location. She was checking up to ensure that I really was away from my workshop. And then a few minutes later my phone started making the loudest alarm noise I had ever heard! I quickly grabbed it and turned the button on the side of it to mute, and the noise continued. I couldn’t silence it. My customer asked what the noise was and I told him that I must have set an alarm incorrectly. I was very flustered. And then the noise stopped and the message ‘you are being watched’ flashed 3 times on my screen. I was in bits by this point. I had no idea that Mistress would be able to do such things.

As I write this blog today I find myself locked in my chastity device with a steel padlock, with a phone that allows internet access but which has had the internet browser Safari removed from it. I know now that Mistress can reach out a grab me by the proverbial balls when ever she wishes. And following my session earlier in the week I know that my behaviour when I am away from the HOD had better live up to all of Mistresses expectations or that I will suffer in some way as a result.

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